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(267) Greater Spirit versus Greater Spirit

Translator: Tseirp

That was dangerous.

I wonder what would have happened if I remained in there.

“My World!”

I chanted and returned to My World before closing the door.

“Master, you defeated … it doesn’t seem like you did. Did you run away?”

Neete who was waiting there asked.

“Yeah, it’s impossible to defeat it through ordinary means.”

“I figured. Running away is the correct choice. The Dark-Elves have organized themselves into squads but I think it is better if they are not deployed.”

“Well, we should take our time and wait here until the spirit leaves to somewhere and we can just return to our journey. Or we could meet up with Haru and the others by transferring to Florence?”

“No, I have something I want to try so we can do that after.”

I said as I took off my shirt and pants down to only my underwear left.

Upon doing so, Neete’s face turned red and she said shyly.

” … Okay, I am ready any time.”

“No! Don’t misunderstand.”

I said before jumping into the sea.

I dove as deep as I could.

Here — this should be deep enough?

Suddenly, I reached the limits of my breath.

“BoBe BeBurn (Home Return)!”

I cast the magic while I was about to drown and was somehow able to return to land.

That was a little dangerous.

“Eh? Master, what are you doing?”

Even though it only seemed like I dove into the water and returned, Neete must have felt I had done something strange.

What did I do?

“I did something that might make Pionia angry.”

“It might anger Pionia-Oneesan?”

Yeah, the shipyard case was kind of negligence on my part but this time, it was 100% my responsibility.

“Hn? Master, the water level is decreasing?”

“Of course, since I opened a large hole at the bottom of the sea.”

I wiped my body with a towel and used that towel to cover Neete’s eyes before changing my underwear as well.

“I see, you opened a hole — eh?”

“Since I couldn’t get the Salamander into the sea, I figured I’ll try pouring sea water onto the Salamander. What do you think? About this brain play.”

“Uwah, Pionia-Oneesan will definitely be angry. She mentioned that she finally increased the number of good condition seaweed on the floor of the sea so she was preparing to increase the number of fishes.”

“I’ll apologize to Pionia. It was actually Sheena No.3 who planted the seaweed too.”

The water level had reduced to half so I figured it was about time and closed the door to My World before opening it in front of me.

“Wait, master. I will exit first.”

“Ha? Why?”

“Just to be careful. Don’t exit if I do not return, Master.”

I felt that it would be all right though.

In light of Neete’s feelings, I chose to keep my words to myself.

Neete crossed the door after it opened.

Then, Neete returned immediately.

“Master, everything is fine for now.”

For now?

I exited without knowing the meaning behind those words.

“This is amazing — the sea has become lukewarm water.”

Steam was rising here and there.

But I couldn’t sense the presence of the Fire Spirit.

Then, the Salamander was —


“It looks like I did not defeat it.”

However, that should still have had the effect of weakening it.

And one other thing.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

“All right, I leveled up.”

“Did you defeat the Salamander?”

“No, I didn’t defeat the Salamander. The Salamander fell into what seemed to be a Sand Wyrm nest. That ruin apparently had Sand Wyrms in it and they probably suffocated and died.”

【Ice Magician skill: 「Ice Magic III」has ranked up to「Ice Magic IV」】

【Thunder Magician skill: 「Thunder Magic III」has ranked up to「Thunder Magic IV」】

All right, Ice Magic leveled up.

In that case, I guess I’ll push myself to end it.

I leave the rest to you, Setolance-sama!

I checked the magic I learned from the magic list.

“Boost Diamond Dust!”

The maximum strength Ice Magic I cast became a snowstorm that wrapped around the Salamander.

Then — before I knew it, a huge iceberg formed.

In spite of that, the Salamander was still moving its limbs within the ice.

“Hahaha, the Salamander is not bad, it can’t be defeated even with this. I can no longer move.”

Crack gradually formed on the ice.

“Should we run?”

“No, it is doused in water and trapped in an iceberg — Setolance-sama will do something about it.”

Just as I was thinking about it, a strange firebird flew into the iceberg and swallowed the Salamander.

I could somewhat tell.

That was Setolance-sama’s Great Spirit kin.

A Greater Fire Spirit consumed a Greater Fire Spirit — such a miracle happened.

『Thank you, Ichinosuke-kun.』

I heard Setolance-sama’s voice.

“No no, don’t mention it. Will I receive any rewards? Although Marquis Yutings told me I could have any rewards I want.”

『Let me see, what about this? In recognition of your hard work, I will not question your decision to bring the Dark-Elves into My World and subsequently releasing the seal on the Salamander.』

” … Hahaha, thank you very much.”

Perhaps the Goddess-samas would have been incredibly angry if I didn’t do anything about the Salamander.

I’m glad I fought seriously.

“What are you doing, Neete?”

“No well, my Master is seriously cool. I fell in love with you once more.”

“Yeah, falling in love once more is fine but what are you actually doing.”

Neete had stolen my lips as I lay on the ground.

Assaulting me while I’m down — Eh,

” … Eh?”

Strange, the sense of fatigue I felt until just now was gone.

“I returned a little of Master’s magical power. With this, you are able to move a little, right?”

“Ah … yeah, thanks. You could do something like that?”

“About that much. Next time, please return double of that.”

Neete raised two fingers and proposed.

“Ah, all right. Now then, let’s go back.”

Thus, my big adventurer in the Principality of Nicplan came to a close.

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GC V8C268


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