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SL Chapter 120

Hi guys! Just an update that I will be on holiday for 3 weeks from next week onward so this should be my last release until I am back! Sorry to let you guys hang and I will come back to translating asap! 🙂

Chapter 120: My younger sister is the cutest in the world

Translator: Tseirp

“Ruti. May I enter?”

I knocked on Ruti’s room door.

“Onii-chan … yup.”

Ruti’s voice was hoarse.

Was she crying?

I took a deep breath and opened the door.

The door was made of Gold Scale Tree as well so it was slightly heavy.

After entering, I saw Ruti seated on her bed with the tip of her nose slightly red.

“Can I sit next to you?”


I sat next to Ruti.

Ruti stared downward and was silent.

I still did not know … the reason why Ruti was so depressed.

I could understand if Lit was the one depressed instead since she would probably sympathize with the choice to abandon her identity as a princess.

However, Lit and Mistome-shi’s situations were completely different.

Logavia’s King was fundamentally an excellent and strong king. He was in low spirits after Gaius’ death but he stood back up for the final battle and took command of the front lines with the remaining Royal Guards.

So Lit would likely not fully support Mistome-shi’s act of usurping the throne. Lit sympathized with her but didn’t appear to empathize or feel depressed.

“Ruti, how did you find Mistome-shi’s story?”

“The information matched. By backing and supplementing it with information from the church, we just have to decide on how to settle it.”

“How do you feel personally, Ruti?”

“I …”

Ruti hesitated and fell silent.

Since it felt that she had trouble saying it to me, was she feeling troubled because of me?

Ruti and I, Geyserik and Mistome. The common points … were?

“Am I qualified to receive Onii-chan’s love?”


I unconsciously replied with a strange voice. That was an unexpected question.

“I love Ruti greatly so what is there to talk about qualifications? I loved Ruti since you were young and that love has not changed even now.”

I conveyed my feelings honestly but Ruti remained downcast.

But a shadow hung over Ruti’s expressions when I mentioned ‘Since young’ so I finally understood what Ruti was troubled with.

“Perhaps, this is about my divine protection impulses?”

“Un. Is Onii-chan being forced to love me … after all, the 『Guide’s』 role is to protect and lead the 『Hero』? In that case, the 『Guide』  should have impulses to treasure the『Hero』 …”

I see, so Ruti felt that the talk about Geyserik loving Misufia due to his divine protection impulses applied to herself as well huh?

“The divine protection impulses are greatly decided by the role of the divine protection. The impulse of the 『Guide』  that only exist for one 『Hero』 is probably weaker than even that of a 『Warrior』.”

“But it is not zero, right?”

“Well, of course.”

“In that case, Onii-chan’s current feelings …”

For the people living in this world, it was difficult to distinguish just how far a person’s actions were due to their self-ego or due to their impulses. A 『Magic-User』 would feel a sense of joy accumulating knowledge by reading books but probably even themselves won’t be able to distinguish how much of it was due to their own personality and how much was due to their divine protection impulses.

“So what?”

“Onii-chan … ?”

“Whether my love for Ruti stems from my heart or from my divine protection, what does it matter?”

I continued with emotion.

“No matter how it began, my current love for Ruti is unrelated to the divine protection. I love Ruti greatly. I won’t allow my divine protection or even God to deny this feeling. This is not something from 『Guide』 but my own impulse!”

There was neither negotiation techniques or calculated words. Purely just my feelings.

To me, Ruti was the world cutest younger sister. Everything I did, aiming to become stronger, joining the Knight Order, going on the journey, was all to be Ruti’s strength and to protect her.

“If the 『Hero』 was another person and not Ruti, I would probably not be here.”

“What do you mean?”

“If not for Ruti who I treasure, I would not think of becoming stronger. Being at Lv31 was sufficient to lead the『Hero』 on his journey. There were no hostile creatures where we lived that could rival me, right? I could even defeat officer-class opponents from the Demon Lord Army. Once the 『Hero』 was recognized by the capital, the elites from the Bahamut Knight Order or the Tiamat Knight Order could take my place.”

In actual fact, there were plans for the Tiamat Knight Order to travel with the 『Hero』. Although that would signify that the 『Hero』began her journey under the orders of the Avalonia Kingdom.

“Moreover, after I left Ruti’s side, my divine protection did not cause any impulses. My role had probably ended.”

『Guide』 was an extremely unique divine protection. For the other divine protections, no matter how common they were, they all had roles to play for the world.

However, 『Guide』do not play a role in the world. The 『Guide』exist solely for the 『Hero』. When the 『Hero』no longer required the 『Guide』, the 『Guide』no longer had any role to play.

Because of that, I did not have any sort of impulses. Even though it was natural for any divine protection, my 『Guide』divine protection did not have any impulses to grow itself or any unique skills.

Because God and the world no longer needed me.

“I became this strong and was somehow able to contribute in the battle with Desmond all because of my cute Ruti. I searched for ways to relieve the impulse for 『Hero』in detail also because of Ruti.”

Ruti’s face gradually flushed red after hearing my words.

“I probably would be able to carry on my life even without 『Guide』. But if I did not have Ruti, I am sure that I won’t be able to carry on.”

I took Ruti’s hands.

“Onii-chan …”

“Try removing my impulses.”


“It will all be clear after you do so, right?”

Ruti’s face showed unease and she hesitated a couple of times but under 『Shin’s』 ‘rule’, my impulses were temporarily invalidated.

The sensation when people contact their own divine protection, that sensation of an icy blade piercing into and running up your spine, disappeared in an instant.

“How do you feel?”

” … Ruti.”

I hugged Ruti tightly.

“Ah sheesh, you are seriously cute!”

“Eh, ah, Onii-chan?”

Even while possessing humanity’s greatest strength, my cute younger sister who was feeling uneasy and troubled for my sake.

Even without divine protection and impulses, it is natural to love your younger sister fully as an older brother.

“Listen here Ruti, I love Ruti very much.”

“Un … you have told me many times.”

“I will tell Ruti any number of times you want whenever you are uneasy.”


Ruti wrapped her hands around my back and hugged me back tightly.

“I love Onii-chan greatly too. If Onii-chan wasn’t around, I would have disappeared from this world a long time ago. I did not disappear because Onii-chan said that you love me.”

“I won’t be able to accept it if Ruti disappeared.”

Ruti touched her cheek to my cheek.

“Sorry for doubting you. Myself being here is proof that Onii-chan’s feelings are stronger than your divine protection. Even though I should know it best.”

Ruti’s voice trembled slightly. The warmth from Ruti’s touching cheek and her arms around my back conveyed her wish to cherish this time and her fear of losing this fleeting moment.

Instead of words, this would have been a better way to reply.

Eventually, Ruti seemed to be relieved and leaned on me before exhaling. Her breath on my neck was a little ticklish.

“I am all right now.”

Ruti said as she reluctantly and slowly let go of me.

With red cheeks, Ruti looked me in the eye and smiled.

“Thank you, Onii-chan.”

It was the greatest smile, Ruti was cutest after all.

Author’s note:

What’s there to hide, Red is a siscon.

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