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GC V8C268

(268) Epilogue

Translator: Tseirp

The war ended.

We were heading to the town near the Great Forest where Shumei used to live.

Thankfully, the fire did not reach that area and news that the war had ended reached the town as well so the town was tranquil.

The house she used to live in was currently the town mayor’s residence for his family so Shumei and I spent a night in the town inn.

Even though we spent the night in the same room, contrary to Neete’s imagination, nothing happened. We rambled on about her memories of the town, how she met Rarael there and the horror stories of the mansion servants.

Then, I told Shumei the secret I was keeping.

“I see, so Ichinojo-sama was actually a quasi-noble from the Shiraraki Kingdom.”

“Yeah. Sorry for keeping quiet about it.”

“It’s okay, I kept a lot of secrets as well.”

We were able to come to an agreement as both of us kept secrets from each other.

“And so, will this be okay? The Great Forest has been burnt down so in terms of food …”

“The war with the Shiraraki Kingdom has ended so trade should reach here as well. Furthermore, the army has sent a notice that a large plantation would be set up in the former site of the Great Forest. This country’s food situation would probably take a turn for the better from now on.”

“ … Is that so — That’s ironic.”

Speaking of irony, the inland sea that suddenly appeared in the desert was treated as the curse of the Dark-Elves. Even though rather than a curse, it was a miraculous sea that defeated the Greater Spirit.

“Yes — um, Ichinojo-sama. Please take care of the Dark-Elves. I wish you the fortune of war in your journeys.”

“Yeah, you take care too, Shumei.”

We said our parting words fairly quickly.

However, that was a given.

The communications from this town’s Adventurers Guild informed His Highness The Prince that Shumei was located in this town. The army escort would arrive soon to protect her.

She betrayed this country and helped the Dark-Elves.

But there was no longer any evidence that she betrayed this country.

She would remain in this country as a princess.

“Don’t lose to adversity.”

“Yes, no matter what happens, I will be able to do my best whenever I recall the events that transpired this time.”

“Yes, after all, you protected what you wished to protect with your own strength.”

My advice to her to have confidence in herself caused Shumei to smile and nod.

The next day, I left the town alone and ran through the desert to chase after Marquis Yutings.

Naturally, I could not catch up in just one day so I returned to My World.

“Master, do you have anything to say?”

Pionia was waiting there with an imposing pose.

A large portion of the sea that she was maintaining was ruined. It was a given that she would be angry.

“I am reflecting on it but I do not regret it. Sorry.”

“Are you truly reflecting?”

Of course, I should have obtained her permission before doing so.

But I probably would have done the same thing even if she did not give her approval.

“Pionia-dono, please forgive Ichinojo-sama. Ichinojo-sama’s act was a noble one.”

Rarael’s help came in a timely manner.

I guess I’ll be able to get through this … or so I thought but my arm was firmly locked by Rarael.

My upper arm was firmly fixed in between Rarael’s breast.

Eh? What’s going on?

“And so, Ichinojo-sama, let’s visit the hot spring together.”


“Today, I am not the Dark Elf Chieftain. I have been officially chosen to be Ichinojo-sama’s caretaker. Please let me take care of everything. According to Neete-dono, Ichinojo-sama immensely enjoys having your back washed with breast.”

“Wa-wait, eh!?”

No way, if Rarael washed my back with her full breast, my mental reasoning might collapse.

In fact, my upper arm was already screaming in joy.

That was when I noticed Neete looking at me in amusement.

“Hey, Neete, what kind of things have you been corrupting Rarael with!”

“Nothing, Master is too virtuous so I thought master should spend a night with a girl you like.”

“What the hell are you thinking!”

“Well then, let’s go, Ichinojo-sama.”

Rarael took my hand and walked toward the hot spring.

This woman as well, after hearing the exchange between Neete and me, she should have understood that she was deceived.

How inflexible.

Shit, my heart has already decided that Haru, Haurvatat would be my partner! Come back, Haurvatat —


In the end, although the enjoyable experience of having my back washed with breast was not put into practice, I realized that including Rarael, numerous Dark Elf names were added to my Home Return list so I was even more troubled.


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