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GC V8C269

(269) Interlude Laughing Daijiro

Translator: Tseirp


At the same time Neete stole Ichinojo’s lips.

Inside the flying ship, Miri sensed something changed.

And it seemed that Daijiro felt it too.

“The Salamander revived and was subsequently consumed by the Phoenix – – with that, Goddess Setolance’s power will become even greater … huh.”

Daijiro said as she opened the window of the flying ship. Due to the difference in pressure, the air was sucked out fiercely from within. The hat she had on flew out of the room.

The wind didn’t faze her as she pointed her muzzle outside the window and pulled the trigger.

There was a flash of light and the ring of a gunshot but that was all. She usually only had blank rounds in her pistol. The reason was unknown, perhaps she was afraid Miri would snatch her gun and shoot her with it, or she used it as a warning, or she was cautious of the idiot couple Jofre and Elize playing with it and firing it accidentally.

Maybe it was so that she could play around with it when she felt like it such as now.

“You look like you are enjoying yourself, Daijiro.”

Miri said and closed the window.

The wind was getting irritating.

Daijiro shook her head side to side in an exaggerated manner in response to Miri’s words.

“No way – – I am sad because I didn’t have the chance to use the secret weapon I prepared to defeat the Salamander. What about you, Miri-chan? You made the effort to ask me to fly to the Principality of Nickplan but it has all gone to waste.”

“It wasn’t a waste. Onii was able to deal with it because of my warning.”

Miri said before turning away.

Ignoring Miri’s gesture that she found talking troublesome, Daijiro asked with narrowed eyes.

“ … Miri-chan, do you believe your Onii-san defeated the Salamander?”

“It is up to me what I want to believe.”

“That’s correct. But I find myself wondering perhaps he actually did. In addition, he created a strange dimension on his own. Miri-chan, just who is your Onii-san?”

“Onii has nothing to do with you. Have you forgotten? I followed you obediently on the condition that you won’t touch Onii.”

Miri scowled.

The white bracelets that sealed her magical power began creaking and groaning, as they started vibrating little by little.

“Scary scary, all right, I won’t ask about your Onii-san.”

Daijiro smiled wryly as she flapped her hands.

Miri couldn’t stomach the complacent look on her face.

She gave off the air that perhaps she asked despite already knowing everything.

And yet, it also felt as though she actually didn’t know anything so that made it even more infuriating.

“And so, what did you come here to do exactly?”

“Oh right, I was angry that Salamander was defeated so I came to invite you to dispel the seal on Gnome and defeat it with me but I lost the drive to do that now so I came thinking to borrow some manga. In my case, although I have lived in this world longer, I still find myself to be more Japanese whenever I read the Japanese language.”

“If that is the case then I have light novels too? What about reading those? There would be a ton of Japanese words.”

“Ahaha, I’ll do that next time.”

Daijiro replied before choosing on her own accord about three young female genre manga from the bookcase in Miri’s room.

They were all brother love manga.

“I heard from a boy that boys with actual younger sisters don’t really read many novels on cute younger sisters. They don’t want to hold pointless fantasies on younger sisters after knowing actual younger sisters but what does Miri-chan think?”

“Daijiro doesn’t have an older brother?”

“I didn’t. I had one younger brother but he was a spoiled child so I worry if he cries because I’m no longer there.”

“Don’t worry. After all, the people on that side do not remember the people who transfer to this Otherworld.”

“I know. Ah, that saddens me as an older sister.”

Daijiro sobbed unnaturally but Miri did not say anything to her.

Even though she was making fun, Miri did, in fact, feel that it was saddening if family does not remember you.

“ … I would be happy if I had an older brother. Although it would be tiring as well.”

“I see – -”

Irritated by the grinning Daijiro, Miri stuffed a French bread she took out from her alternate space into Daijiro’s mouth.

Daijiro happily tore into the French bread and used the remaining half to tap her shoulder.

“Thank you for the bread. Tonight, I’ll make a soup that goes well with French bread.”

“Hmph – – so, where will we fly toward now?”

“Ah, I didn’t tell you.”

Daijiro grinned and held the French bread like a mike.

“Attention please. Everyone, thank you for enduring the long journey. This plane will soon arrive at Mallegory airport in 30 minutes. The air at the destination is cloudy and the temperature is at 28 degrees Celcius. Please fasten your seatbelts in your seats when the seatbelt sign is on.”

“There aren’t any seatbelts in this room.”

Daijiro simply ignored Miri’s quip and left the room.

Then, the flying ship they were on landed in an open square in the city of Mallegory after 30 minutes plus a seven-minute delay.


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