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GC V9C271

(271) To the mountain where Dwarves live

Translator: Tseirp


“In that case, Rurina, are you able to transfer party settings?”

“Yes, it is possible. However, I will need the notes created by Magic Journalist so as long as I have those but … sorry, there is no Magic Journalist among us.”

“Magic Journalist? By the way, at what level are they able to create those notes?”

“Level 10.”

My Magic Journalist level was currently 7.

My level was a little short.

“Oh right, to create the note, you will need the specialized ink used by Herbalists.”

“Ririana should be able to make the ink notes? She’s a Herbalist after all.”

Rurina put up the name of a Dark Elf.

“Ooo, Ririana huh?”

I got to hear something good.

“Incidentally, what are the raw materials needed for the ink?”

“Gallnuts and Iron Sulfate. Both of them should be relatively easy to purchase in a Herbalist’s store.”

Gallnut? I have never heard of that but I’ll make a mental note.

Leaving that aside, they use Iron Sulfate too huh?

I was sure it was only used for something like oil.

Either way, I’ll have to raise my Magic Journalist level.

“Ah, em, Ichinojo-sama. I have a request.”

“Request? Well, if it’s something I can do ―”

“Could I please have your signature!”

Rurina said and offered her quiver with a dagger.

… Through carving?

I said that I would do it if I could so I was hesitant to refuse.

However, even though I have not even given my signature using a pen before, carving my name using a dagger was …  the carving … went surprisingly well. I was able to carve my signature quickly like an entertainer.

I don’t believe I carved this beautifully even with a chisel. Was it a gift from skills such as Dexterity UP which doesn’t affect my status?

I could now make fine accessories with my Blacksmithing skill as well.

“Thank you very much! I will make it a family heirloom!”

Making it a family heirloom will be too exaggerated. Please keep it to a single generation.

The design of my signature was something I created with my middle school friend as a joke. I treated it as a dark past but it was surprisingly useful.

Hn? Crafting?

“Now that I think about it, the Dark-Elves are all dextrous right? You guys made the Mithril arrowhead and such on your own?”

“No, there is nobody among us capable of working with Mithril. We request the Dwarves for that.”


Dwarves are a famous race on par with Elves. They have a strong image of having thick beards and strong love for alcohol and blacksmithing. In addition, in the guidebook I read when I first came to this world, which was written by Daijiro-san, the Dwarf race was also listed as one of the race that established the Goddess Church together with the Hume, Giants and Mini-Humes.

“Do you know where the Dwarves live?”

“There is a mountain to the north of the Great Forest where the Dwarves live.”

After that, Rurina drew a simple map detailing the specific location where the Dwarves lived and explained to me.

“We wholesale the fruit wine we make in the Great Forest and in return, request for Mithril processing.”

When I first met Rarael, I passed her the Mithril I had. They were originally stolen by the Mountain Bandit and my Blacksmithing skill still could not process Mithril so I readily gave it to her.

“Then, did you convert all the Mithril you guys obtained into arrowheads?”

“Only a portion. Most of it was used in order to create Isildin.”


Another word I never heard of appeared.

The translation function would automatically convert the word spoken to its equivalent on Earth if it exists so that should be an Otherworld item after all. Although it might be possible that I just don’t know about it.

“Isildin is a type of ink created from Mithril. It will be faster if you took a look at the real thing. Please wait for a moment.”

Rurina said and ran to the tree house before returning after a few minutes.

She was carrying a small bottle.

“This is Isildin.”

“So this … is Isildin huh …”

I replied to indicate I looked but I could not see anything inside the small bottle.

“Is there actually Isildin in there?”

“Yes, there is.”

“By any chance is it ink that idiots can’t see?”

“No, nobody can see it now. Isildin can only be seen under the moonlight after casting a spell.”

Thank goodness it wasn’t something only I couldn’t see.

I had no idea how Mithril could be converted into a liquid and I couldn’t comprehend how it couldn’t be seen unless a spell was cast.

However, I finally understood its use.

“I see, so you use Isildin to transcribe secret text that the other races must never know.”

“Ufufu, it isn’t used for something so grand. The light from Isildin is extremely beautiful when seen. For that reason, we draw pictures with Isildin on the cave wall where the Golden Tree was and once a year, we cast the spell and admire it when the moon passes directly above the Golden Tree. In addition, Isildin is extremely valuable so not even a fifth of the wall has drawings on it. I wanted Ichinojo-sama to see it too.”

“I truly wish to see it too.”

Setolance-sama requested Rarael to destroy the cave where the Golden Tree was planted after the Salamander was defeated. So that nobody would know that the Golden Tree was transported away.

If I knew there were such wall drawings, I would have hesitated when destroying it.

Furthermore, the light from Ishildin will likely never appear in this world ever again.

Apart from the world of My World where we were standing on at the moment, there were no moon or stars. In fact, there was no day or night either. In such an environment, Ishildin which only shines under the moonlight will probably not emit any light.

“By the way, the Dwarves might be able to obtain some information on Daijiro which Ichinojo-sama is looking for.”


I had shared information on Daijiro and Miri with the Dark-Elves.

I didn’t get much information then.

“Dwarves are known to have the best processing techniques in the world, especially in Alchemy and Blacksmithing, they are second to none. For that reason, many craftsmen gather there.”

“I see ― certainly if Daijiro-san is not a lone wolf, she will definitely have craftsmen acquaintances.”

Rather, I find it hard to believe Daijiro-san constructed that huge Flying Ship on her own.

If I could find the craftsmen who worked with Daijiro-san, I might be able to gather information on where she is at the moment.


I aimed for the mountain where the Dwarves lived.


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