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GC V9C273

(273) What do you find after searching for a cow?

Translator: Tseirp


Under the goblins’ guidance, I entered the depths of the forest searching for my target.

I couldn’t understand Goblin language so I didn’t know how much longer it would be before they found one. However, the path seemed to be one that the goblins thread regularly as the earth was firm from repeated stepping and looked like a beast trail.


The goblin pointed forward and raised its voice.

Looking over, I saw two chickens(?). The silhouettes resembled the chickens I knew very well but it was hard to call them chickens at the same time.

After all, the chickens were pitch black. Even the normally bright red cockscomb was black.

I heard that there were black chickens from Rurina but I imagined slightly sun-tanned chickens, not something to this extent. Were these two special?

Just as I had that thought, I saw another two chickens at the back. They were pitch black as well.

“I heard they taste like regular chicken meat but … are they actually tasty?”

I asked quietly and the goblins nodded with smiles.

They were apparently tasty to goblins.

I didn’t know if there were differences in taste perception between humans and goblins so I couldn’t know if they were actually tasty.

Now then, I guess I’ll catch them.

Knocking them unconscious with Pico Pico Hammer would be the easiest but the Pico Pico Hammer does not capture them unharmed but was a skill that actually damages them almost to the point of death. If possible, I wanted to capture the chickens unharmed.

Even with the Hiding and Remain Hidden skill, I would still be noticed once I got close to them.

If Carol was around, I could just use her Charm ability though.

Well, I guessed using force was the best option?

I took out four stickers from my item bag.

“Now then, let’s begin ― My World.”

Upon casting the spell, the door to My World appeared in front of me.

At the same time, the chickens also noticed the hole that suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

But ―

“Don’t underestimate my speed.”

Chickens were fast. It is surprisingly difficult for amateurs to catch chickens. Even though it sounds inconceivable.

Not only are they able to move around at high speeds, but they are also capable of moving up and down by flying and jumping, and would go wild when caught.

However ―

After I caught one of the chickens, I pasted the sticker on it and tossed it into the door to My World.

At the same time, I grabbed the feet of another one and continued running.

The remaining two were quite a distance away but,


I cast Ice Magic and turned the bushes that those chickens were trying to escape to into solid ice. The chickens leaped into the air in order to avoid a collision but,

“My World.”

I pasted the sticker on the chicken in my hand and tossed it before capturing the remaining two chickens.

They moved quickly but their movements were easier to predict compared to the Fire Spirit.

I tossed the two captured chickens through the door of My World.

I did tell Rurina in advance that I would toss chickens into My World if I caught any so she would probably round them up safely.

I would like to believe ― that the Desert Runner wouldn’t eat all of them.

At the same time, I collected the eggs that seemed to belong to those chickens as well.

“The eggs are white huh?”

Since the chickens were black, I imagined the egg color to resemble century eggs but I seemed to be wrong.

“Thinking about it, crow eggs are white too.”

I’ll collect the eggs for the time being.

With this, the meat situation in My World should improve considerably.

“That helped, goblins. It would be great if there are cows as well but do you know about it?”


The goblins nodded once again.

It was the right choice to subjugate and not kill them.

Not only can cows provide meat, but their milk would also increase our cooking repertoire by a significant amount.

I still have a large volume of cow milk that Miri brought from Earth but it was a little precarious considering the number of Dark-Elves we have now. If possible, I would want to capture a couple of pairs of bulls and cows and bring them to My World.

Although I have a mental image of finding cows in grass plains, there were apparently brown-furred cows inhabiting the Great Forest.

Following my goblin guide, I delved even deeper into the forest in search of cows. Or rather, since more than half the forest has been destroyed, it might be more accurate to say I was heading toward the northern entrance to the forest rather than the depths of the forest.


It seemed that we have arrived at our destination.

The goblin pointed at a four-legged animal.

But that was ―

“Are they unable to distinguish between cows and other animals? That doesn’t look like a cow at all …”

There was a single donkey there.

Or rather, that clearly goofy face, that obsession with eating grass without showing any signs of fleeing even as I approach. It’s clearly that?

“What are you doing, Centaur?”

That’s right, that was the donkey Jofre and Elize kept as a pet. Evident from the saddle for two on its back.

It was a race of monsters called a Slow Donkey but this one has no interest in attacking humans and was clearly only interested in eating.

Jofre and Elize should have been hired by Daijiro-san so this donkey should be my best clue to search for Miri and I should be happy but … I wonder, I have a bad feeling about this.


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  1. Jambon

    All Black Chicken ? isn’t that Cemani from Indonesia ?

  2. Hawgnes

    Oh, its been a while since we last saw Jofre and Elize

  3. oy oy, there’s a big chance that the dark-elves, unaccustomed to it, are lactose intolerant.

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