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GC V9C274

(274) Centaur comfort ride

Translator: Tseirp


That is Centaur no matter how I look at it? I can’t imagine it to be anybody, no, any other donkey … I’m pretty sure its Centaur.

There was the two-man saddle on its back and Centaur probably ate as it walked as the path I imagine it came from was pretty much devoid of grass and leaves. I can’t imagine there being any other donkey like this.

“Or perhaps all Slow Donkeys are gluttons?”

I took out from my item bag a tomato I harvested from My World.

It immediately sprinted toward me the moment the tomato came out.


I threw the tomato due to shock from the sudden speed. Showing off leaping abilities unlike a donkey, Centaur jumped and caught the tomato in mid-air. I was astonished by its physical ability unexpected of a donkey but I recalled that it mowed down monsters in Ferruit so this donkey was just that way.

“Hey, what happened to Jofre and Elize?”

I knew it wouldn’t reply but as expected, it didn’t respond at all either.

Was it lost?

For now, I should bring it to My World … no, I shouldn’t.

I could easily imagine the farms becoming a wasteland in an instant. If that happened, I don’t know what Pionia would say.

That said, leaving it here … wouldn’t be that bad either.

This guy would probably survive in the wild just fine.

I thought to myself but looking at the path this guy took, I sighed.

I felt that if I left this guy to its own devices, the sparse forest would turn into a wasteland too.

I don’t believe Jofre and Elize (those two idiots) would die after getting caught in the fire so they were probably doing something stupid somewhere else.

Also, I might be able to get information on Miri if I find the two of them.

But I probably can’t look for livestock such as cows with this donkey in tow.

“Goblins, thank you for showing the way. You can go back now.”

After I said that, the goblins lowered their heads and returned from the path they came from.

I returned the Goblin Sword into my item bag and sighed.

Then, I checked the surroundings with Hawk Eye.

It looked like Centaur came from the mountain where the Dwarves live.

I’ll just have to bring him along.

“Centaur, let’s go together. Let’s find your owners.”

I said to it but Centaur immediately began eating grass after finishing the tomato.

… Is it even listening to me?

If I attached a tomato to a wooden stick and hang it in front of Centaur ― knowing it, the moment I take out a tomato, it would come attacking and I don’t wish to ride on it when it is charging after a tomato.

Centaur’s speed had increased even further from the time I met it in Ferruit. Did it eat even more Rare Medals?

If I’m not wrong, I somewhat recall hearing that lesser monsters have a limit to how strong they can become by eating Rare Medals.

“Are you actually originally an incredible monster? You’ll probably sweep the prizes if you participate in a horse race.”

Should I give it a rat teacher to train it? No, the protagonist of that manga is not a donkey but a fully-fledged thoroughbred.

Well, a donkey can’t participate in a horse race in the first place.


Centaur reacted to my voice.

Did it understand me? It may be a donkey but it isn’t completely stupid.

“I’ll give you ten tomatoes so let me ride you and walk slowly.”

After hearing that, Centaur took a step back and stared into my eyes.

There was a saying that the eyes convey as much as words and I could understand what Centaur was implying.


Centaur nodded and sat down in front of me.

It was probably letting me on.

Its gluttony was even greater than the desert runner.

Should I let them have a gluttony match and see who wins?

No, this donkey eats grass while desert runner eats meat so it won’t be a fair competition.

“Well, it’s easier to control compared to Fuyun.”

That women-lover would never let me ride on it.

Centaur kicked off the ground just as I was in thought.

Centaur started running all of a sudden. Moreover, it ran at a tremendous speed.

“Uoo! Oi, stop!”

I was confident in my own speed. However, this speed was not just at the level of a cheetah, it was that of the fastest cheat. And that was coming from me, a person with the Jobless and Growth Cheats.

And in the blink of an eye, Centaur arrived in front of the Dwarf mountain that I was heading toward.

Centaur abruptly came to a stop and I was tossed over it.

I failed in riding it ― I was amazed Jofreli could ride this runaway horse ― runaway donkey, without any issue (although I didn’t know what was their situation at the moment).

There was a fence roughly about 1 meter tall in front of the mountain. Centaur could easily jump over it but it seemed that Centaur was telling me to hand over the tomatoes since it had already carried me out of the forest.

It’s terrifying how I could converse with Centaur through tacit understanding like this … I thought to myself as I passed 20 tomatoes to Centaur.

I threw the first tomato a distance away before placing the remaining 19 down during the time it took to eat the first one. I would never make the mistake of feeding it by hand.

“E-em, is that donkey yours?”

A soldier dressed in Shiraraki Kingdom armor asked.

He was probably patrolling the border.

“Erm, it’s an acquaintance’s donkey … Well, you can take it that I am taking care of it now?”

The moment I said that the man blew into a whistle made of bamboo.

Hearing the whistle, soldier riding on horses rushed over.


“Please submit obediently ― you are under arrest for treason.”


….. Ha?


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GC V9C275


SL Chapter 121


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