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GC V9C275

(275) Japanese who can’t say NO

Translator: Tseirp


“I am terribly sorry for not recognizing Quasi-Baron-sama!”

The soldier that took me away apologized to me.

Even as a quasi-noble, holding the authority of the rank of a Baron was quite useful.

“We enquired Earl Paul and Marquis Yutings and received reports that Quasi Baron Ichinojo-sama is very capable and is a trustworthy adventurer.”

“Ah, I see. Eh, don’t worry about it. Either way, the fault lies on me ― or rather my acquaintance.”

Treason ― I was wondering how exactly did Centaur commit such a serious crime. It apparently gobbled up a large quantity of food that was stored in the border guard’s station.

Because of it, the border guard was having a food crisis.

Even though it was remote, there were more than ten people stationed there. That donkey ate one month worth of food supplies.

“Don’t worry, that matter is all right now. Quasi-Baron-sama has given us plenty of food.”

Well, my item bag was lined with wheat and vegetables cultivated in My World, as well as rice and tea and even fermented food such as miso, soy sauce, sake, mirin, vinegar, and wine.

I replenished the food the soldiers lost by providing a very small portion of what I had.

In exchange, they divided the smoked meat that Centaur did not eat and pass it to me.

“More importantly, as expected of a Quasi-Baron-sama’s item bag. Just how much do you have stored inside?”

“Well, just a reasonable amount.”

The capacity of the item bag made by Daijiro-san could be said to be close to infinite.

Incidentally, there are item bags created by people other than Daijiro-sama but they have capacity limits. At best, it would be able to fit a large suitcase worth of the items I have inside my item bag.

Daijiro-san’s item bag was abnormal.

Carol was amazed too. Initially she used it as inconspicuously as possible but lately, she started using it quite normally.

Well, not only is it configured such that only I could use it due to the magic Daijiro-san placed on it, I have gathered enough authority and power to allow myself a route of escape if anybody aims for it.

“So do you know the whereabouts of that idiot donkey?”

Ten minutes after I was captured, that ungrateful Centaur escaped like it was natural. Even though it was chained, it very easily tore it off and ran off somewhere.

Well, even I had trouble with it. It was probably impossible for ordinary soldiers to hold it down.

“I am terribly sorry, we only know that it ran off toward the east.”

“East huh … by the way, was there anyone who recognized those two people?”

Compared to Centaur, I believed Jofre and Elize’s whereabouts were more important so I drew caricatures of Jofre and Elize using the Portrait Painting skill of the Artist.

Incidentally, caricatures are intentionally drawn with strong deformations because if they are drawn exactly like photos, it would be hard to identify the person if they just change their hairstyle slightly or wear a cap. I felt that it would be easier to gather information by emphasizing their unique features.

“Sorry, I asked all the soldiers but they have not seen those travelers.”

“I see. Then, did you hear of any tremendously idiotic travelers?”

“No ― or rather, this border has been completely closed off for the past month so nobody crossed it.”

“I see …”

Because of the war between the Shiraraki Kingdom and the Principality of Nicplan.

Well then, should I travel east and chase after Centaur or should I climb the mountain and meet the dwarves?

Which would be better …

“Ah, um. I heard Quasi-Baron-sama is an adventurer with valor?”


“I am sorry for the impolite request but if you are heading east, could we trouble you with a request to escort some cargos?”

Cargo escort?

While I was finding it odd, the soldier listening pulled the soldier who was talking to me aside.

“(He-hey, that’s rude to Quasi-Baron-sama.)”

“(But Marquis Yutings-sama said that it would be most suitable for Quasi-Baron-sama.)”

“(Most suitable? Although he is actually a Quasi-Baron, he doesn’t seem strong to me at all?)”

I am aware that I don’t look strong.

Also, if you plan on whispering, please do it in a way that I can’t hear. I could hear everything.

All right, I’ll decline.

“Sorry but I have an appointment with the Dwarf village.”

“Great, that’s even better. The carriage with the cargo is currently waiting in the Dwarf village. You may ask the mercenaries guarding that cargo for more information ― would that be all right?”

I brought unnecessary trouble upon myself once again.

Well, east was the direction to Mallegory so I didn’t mind but I still had to stick to the time to meet up with Haru.

I would prefer to avoid being constrained for a long time.

“All right. I’ll ask them.”

I sighed. In the end, I didn’t decline.

I want to become a Japanese capable of saying NO.


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GC V9C273


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