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(276) Natural food storage

Translator: Tseirp


The Dwarf village was located in the heart of a rocky mountain.

As such, I borrowed a room at the guard station, changed into the climbing shoes I bought in Gomaki village and changed out of my desert attire into regular clothes.

And then, I took out one steel sword.

Steel sword No.4.

The first I received from Margaret-san, the second I bought in Belasra, the third I made myself.

The first broke when I defeated the mountain bandit, the second broke when I used it as a jamming rod to protect myself from the enclosing walls in the south island.

And the third broke just recently when it could not endure my serious Tornado Slash.

To be honest, the third sword was of a much higher performance sword compared to those sold in shops but it still could not withstand my attacks.

It wasn’t really that difficult crafting another steel sword and I could just use Sword Creation when I want to attack seriously but as a self-proclaimed Swordsman of the Adventurer Guild, I would prefer to hold a proper sword. One that is capable of withstanding my attacks.

I did not know what plans Daijiro-san had but she is a Hero companion. When I bring Miri back, I have to prepare proper equipment in case she puts up serious resistance.

The Dwarves might have a good way to strengthen my weapons.

Centaur? I can’t be bothered anymore. Getting involved with it feels tedious.

I have a feeling that incarnation of gluttony donkey could survive in a wilderness with only Shepherd’s Purse grass growing or even in places with scarce vegetations such as a desert with only cacti.

Although the surrounding flora and fauna ecosystem would definitely be thrown into chaos ― with greater influence than that of invasive species in Japan.

Well then, I guess I’ll make a move.

After entering the mountain, I entered the shadows of the rocks and moved to My World.

I stumbled across Ririana just as I was looking for her.

“Ichinojo-sama, welcome back. We have secured the chickens that Ichinojo-sama prepared.”

“I see … are those black chickens actually edible?”

“Yes, they are very delicious. I have not tasted any other chickens but village leader ― Rarael mentioned that they taste the same as other chickens.”

“I see ― Ah, these are the eggs I picked up when I was securing the chickens. I believe Pionia will be able to detect if they have been fertilized or not so please let her take a look.”

I passed the white eggs to her and a thought suddenly came to mind.

“I wonder if these eggs can be used to make raw egg over rice?”

“Raw egg over rice?”

Ririana tilted her head.

“Ah, it’s a mainstay dish in my hometown. A dish made with raw egg and soy sauce over rice. Incidentally, the debate on the eating style, whether the egg is mixed before adding to the rice or directly added to the rice without breaking, adding soy sauce first or adding soy sauce in after mixing, is endless.”

“Raw egg? I have never eaten that.”

As I expected.

Well, not because this is an alternate world but because many other countries on Earth said the same thing.

In the West, eggs meant for cooking and for raw consumption were sold separately and eating raw eggs run the risk of Salmonella infection.

“Ah, but Ichinojo-sama will be fine.”

“Because my stomach is strong?”

“No. Because Ichinojo-sama has Lifestyle Magic, using Clean on the raw egg before eating will eliminate the risk of food poisoning. I heard that nobles have servants who can use Life Magic that apply Clean on all food.”

“What ― that Sexual Life Magic … no, Lifestyle Magic had such uses?”

That actually might be the correct way to utilize Lifestyle Magic. Using it as Sexual Life Magic was probably the abnormal way of using it.

All right, I will apply Clean on my food from now on … wait, I could use magic to treat myself even if I get food poisoning so I don’t have to apply so much caution either.

In the first place, the food materials that I use for cooking are either vegetables that went through Pionia and Neete’s quality management or food ingredients that Miri brought from Japan.

“By the way, Ririana. I have a request.”

“Yes, I will answer to as many of Ichinojo-sama’s requests as you wish ― ah but there are many eyes here so if we move to my house ―”

“It isn’t such an important request. I want you to teach me about Dwarves.”

I had a deep-seeded image of Dwarves.

However, just like how the Dark-Elves are fine with eating meat, the Dwarves might differ from my common knowledge.

“Dwarves? Male Dwarves have beards but female Dwarves don’t.”

“Yup yup, I have that image.”

“They are short but they do not hold a complex on their height. But they will be angered if you mistake them or compare them to Mini Hume or Half Mini Hume.”

“Ah, so they have racial pride. That’s important to note.”

If I didn’t ask, I might unknowingly compare them to Carol’s height.

It was good I asked.

“Also, they love alcohol and blacksmithing.”

“The image I have matches on that point.”

Goddess-sama mentioned that the games in my world were based on this world so the image I have shouldn’t differ by much.

In that case, I should bring the wine I made in My World and the Japanese sake. No, just the Japanese sake is enough.

The wine in this world is precious ― after all, the wine was made by the three girls, Haru, Carol and Malina, stepping on grapes with their feet.

Right, maybe I could ask the Dark-Elves to cooperate in the making of wine too.

That way, it might be possible to mass-produce wine.

” … This really became a natural food storehouse.”

Thanks to the seedlings Miri brought, I have already started rice production and there were wheat fields and vegetable fields in place. The Dark-Elf forest trees were laden with fruits and there were small fishes swimming in the sea.

Furthermore, I started rearing chickens.

I probably will have no trouble eating for the rest of my life.


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