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GC V9C279

(279) I can be a sword smith even if I am Jobless (Part 1)

Translator: Tseirp


“Speaking of which, blacksmithing only requires an anvil and hammer and it doesn’t require the furnace though?”


I asked Doxco.

At the very least, my blacksmithing doesn’t require a furnace and firewood.

I felt that it was convenient precisely because I was capable of creating swords without such equipment.


“When you heat the metal in a furnace, the number of times you have to hit it with the hammer when using the blacksmithing skill will decrease. Though the effect will wear off very quickly.”

“I see — but I don’t need it. So, what should I make?”

“What kind of swords are you able to make?”


I’ll take a look.

“Sword Recipe Open.”

I cast. I’ll be able to check my sword recipes with that.

Wood Sword

Stone Sword

Copper Sword

Bronze Sword

Iron Sword

Steel Sword

Silver Sword

Gold Sword

Dragon Sword

Wind Sword

Fire Sword

Water Sword

Earth Sword

Ice Sword


There has been a rather huge increase in the kinds I am capable of making.

I recall my blacksmithing level increasing slightly when I was making the silver accessories in My World.

I told Doxco the types of blades I could craft.

“I see. All right, wait here.”

Doxco said and left me in the hot and humid room as he left to somewhere else.

… It was seriously hot. I possess the fire resistance skill but was it functioning?

” … Petite Ice.”

I suppressed it to the lowest power level and created a small chunk of ice in my palm with Ice Magic. Ahh, that’s cooling.

“Sorry for the wait. Use this.”

I looked at the metal that Doxco passed to me.

It seemed like iron but there was something different.

I investigated it with Metal Appraisal.

” … Tamahagane?”

“You can tell? Ah, with the Metal Appraisal from Apprentice Alchemist huh?”

Doxco asked me and answered the question himself.

He was right but I neither denied or affirmed it.

“You are able to make a katana with this, right?”

“Erm, please wait a moment.”

I checked for the ingredients needed to make a blade.

  • Tachi

Tamahagane, Iron, Wood

  • Katana

Tamahagane, Iron, Wood

  • Wakizashi

Tamahagane, Iron, Wood

  • Sword Cane

Tamahagane, Iron, Wood

I could make four kinds of katana huh? I was perturbed as to why the sword cane was included in the list.

The materials needed were the same but the number of materials consumed seemed to be different.

“I need iron and wood but I’ll supply those myself.”

I said and took out an iron ingot and oak woodblock from my item bag.

“Let me see … hou, this iron ingot is splendid.”

That was a part of the iron ingots made from the iron that Carol got her hands on which was left unsold.

“But the wood won’t do.”


“Because oak wood has poor flexibility. It is good for making ships but it is lackluster if used for sword handles or guards. I have Whitebark Magnolia wood so you can use that.”

“The recipe only indicates wood as the type of material but the product will defer depending on the type of wood used?”

“Of course. Whitebark Magnolia is easy to use but there are other things not listed in the recipe as well, such as using sharkskin for the scabbard would make it an even better katana. Well, this is the middle of a mountain so sharkskin is rarely available.”

“I have sharks though?”

I took out an entire shark from my item bag.

” … This is a splendid shark but the sharkskin I am referring to is leather from rays. Why did you bring this out?”

Guh, I made a fool of myself.

I took out a shark because we were talking about sharkskin but so he meant ray skin?

That’s the downside of the translation skill.

“Ah, I was thinking of having the shark later as a snack with the alcohol. The sea is far away so I’m guessing you rarely have a chance to eat this?”

“I see, so that’s why. But placing it here will damage it so keep it for now.”

“Ah, my bad.”

“Leaving that aside, you could store such a large shark in that. I guess that is Daijiro’s product as well.”

“You can tell?”

“Yup, I received one as well. Ah, you can use this hammer.”

Doxco took out a large hammer that was kept inside the drawstring bag on his waist.

It had a different shape compared to the item box I had but it was certainly a better quality compared to the other item boxes commercially available.

The item box sold in magic tool shops are expensive and apparently only hold several times the amount of a regular bag.

I kept the shark and took hold of the hammer that Doxco retrieved.

I thought it was made of iron but … it was much heavier than iron.

When I tried lifting it, I believe it weighed heavier than a weightlifting barbell?

Isn’t it close to 150 kg?

“Heavy Iron?”

An unfamiliar iron name came out when I used Metal Appraisal.

“It is a magic metal dropped by the monster called gravity golem that controls gravity. It is a metal that weighs five times of regular iron.”

“Magic metal huh …”

So that’s why I never heard of it.

A gravity manipulating golem sounds amazing. It might be a tough opponent for swift and frontal attack swordsmen like Haru.

“All right, I’ll start.”

I placed all the materials on the anvil and raised the hammer.

It’s heavy … but with my current status, I could somewhat wield it.

“Mu, I didn’t think anybody apart from myself could use it but you could actually raise the Heavy Iron hammer.”

“Don’t take it out if you think others can’t hold it.”

I retorted as I swung the hammer to the anvil.

Gu, it’s hard.

“I guess once is not enough.”

I could shape bronze swords and steel swords just by hitting them once but just by looking, I could tell that the katana was far from completion.

At the very least, it seemed that I had to hammer it a couple more times but … it was hot so I wanted to finish it quickly. All right, I’ll end it in one shot.

“Physical body boost!”

I applied boost on my own body.

I’ll finish it at once with this.


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GC V9C278


SL Chapter 128


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