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Site update

Hi everyone!

Some of you might have noticed but my site had been down for the past couple of weeks due to domain and hosting provider migrations. It should be stable now but I had to revert back to a backup so a couple of the chapters were lost. Those chapters have already been re-uploaded.

Thank you everyone for being patient with me, please continue to enjoy my site and translations and have a great day! :D




SL Chapter 124


SL Chapter 125


  1. Croneggy

    nice. i was really surprise that i can’t enter the site. i was gonna reread the slow life novel again cuz i’m reading other novel too. and then when i click the link but the site is gone. thank you very much for this. now i’m gonna read slow life again.

  2. Pendragon05

    Finally, I thought something went wrong because I tried to access the site multiple times this past few weeks. Good to know that it’s back again.

  3. sweed

    Welcome back! Good thing you’re up again, you now have 777 other subscribers! Read you on next Sunday :)

  4. Dawn Seeker (proudtobeabrony)

    ah thats good i was worried and sad at the thought that i might have to abandon reading this story

  5. ChunLing


    Bluehost can go explode!

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