Chapter 121: How about some medicine?

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Now then, I have one task left.

I took the packet of medicine and left.

I knocked on the target door while listening to the cries of frogs.


“Yes yes.”


It was the elderly man who fought with Tise in the afternoon who opened the door.


“Oya you’re the visitor. Sorry for what happened in the afternoon.”

“It’s okay. Leaving that aside, do you have poor vision with your left eye?”


The elderly man laughed bitterly and brushed his head.


“So you noticed. Well, I’m not young anymore.”

“Actually, I am an apothecary. I have medicine for that eye on hand.”

“Hou … I am grateful but even young lady’s magic could not treat this eye. I am skeptical if medicine can treat it?”

“It is called medicine precisely because it is able to treat.”


Treatment using magic is convenient but it only has the effect of removing the cause of the illness. In other words, even if the disease causing bacteria is removed, it will not treat the tissue that was destroyed by that disease causing bacteria.

In the past, I was in a rush to treat Tanta’s White Eye disease because the treatment for the loss of vision due to the disease, even after the disease has been cured, would require regeneration magic instead of regular healing. However, healers capable of using that magic was extremely rare.

Even if an 『Archmage』 can remove the disease, they shouldn’t be able to use regeneration magic.

However, medicine was different. Even if the disease damaged the body to the point of rending the body part dysfunctional, medicine made through the combination of medicinal grass and ‘Alchemy’ could allow recovery to a certain extent with time.

In order to recover from the loss of vision due to the White Eye disease, the medicine would require valuable herbs that can’t be obtained in Zoltan as well as ‘Advanced Alchemy’ …


“I believe the nerves in your eye has been injured. Your field of view has gotten smaller, am I correct?”

“Yes, that is correct.”


I took out a small bottle with medicine in it.


“If you use this eye medicine, it should improve the symptoms to a certain degree and delay the progression of the symptoms in the future. Although complete recovery is impossible, you should be able to see just like an ordinary person for another 10 years.”


A soft whisper of awe leaked from the elderly man’s lips.


“Why are we talking while standing, come on in.”


The elderly man said and invited me in.




“Okay I understand, I’ll purchase it.”


After the elderly man received a detailed explanation on the medicine, he nodded and took the medicine I passed to him and paid 40 Quarter Peryl silver coins.

Just to be sure, I explained the method to use the medicine in detail once again.


“I will bring more over if you finish using it so please consider purchasing it again.”

“Well thank you. Peddlers don’t even come here so we usually have to trouble the young lady to purchase for us.”


Mistome-shi was a major figure in Zoltan. She had considerable assets too.

And she mentioned that she used to make a living by processing the meat and pelt obtained from hunting the animals and monsters in this forest.


“By the way, does the person there have anything ailing you?”



The elderly man was surprised and bashfully rubbed the tip of his nose with his finger.


“You saw through us huh? Sorry, we were at each other’s throats in the afternoon so it was just a precaution.”


An elderly man holding a knife appeared from the shadows of the pillar and hung his head down dejectedly.


“You know, I was quite feared as a pirate in the past?”

“It seems more of the case that your opponent is a bad matchup … Hey youngster, why do you offer medicine to us?”

“Naturally, if I see people who need medicine, I would try to sell. I’m an apothecary after all.”

“But we tried to kill your companion … ah, I see.”


The elderly man sighed.

“That wasn’t significant enough to be considered a threat to your lives huh?”


Neither the elderly man speaking or the hidden elderly man would be a threat to Tise or me.

If Tise was injured in any way, I would probably not come to sell medicine like this, I was not a person with such noble virtue.



“I’m glad it didn’t become a relationship of mutual hate.”

“Fuu, I agree. I benefited from being weak.”


The elderly man burst into laughter.


“Good gracious, I didn’t expect experts such as yourselves in Zoltan. I feel a greater peace of mind for the young lady now.”


Well, this was as far as I helped, I planned to leave the remainder up to Ruti and Tise. Ruti would probably resolve the issue without any problems.


“Since you’re here, want to take a look at the others too? They’re all old men and women so they’ll have some damages here and there.”

“Ah, sure. In the future, I will come by once a month with medicine for sale.”


After that, I examined the residents who gathered, sold the medicine I had on hand and compiled orders for the medicine to bring the next time I came over.




There were residents who could not move due to the condition of their bodies so I did some house visits as well and it ended up taking quite a bit of time.

Well, thanks to that, I sold quite a considerable number of medicine including the orders I have. Although the population was small, it was for an entire settlement so it was quite a substantial amount for a single apothecary.

I left beaming after completing a good deal.


“Thank you for your hard work.”

“Bishop Cien.”


Outside the home,  Bishop Cien dressed in his monk attire was waiting for me with a gentle smile.


“You’re a savior. Considering Mistome’s secret, we could not reveal the presence of the people here so I felt sorry for the great deal of inconvenience these people who were once heroes who saved Zoltan. I am truly grateful.”


Bishop Cien said and bowed to me.


“It was just a business deal. Are the people in this settlement, Geyserik’s?”

“Yes. They were pirates that were Mistome’s subordinates or those who simply adored her.”


Companions from when Mistome-shi was a pirate alongside Geyserik huh? Even though they likely had some standing in Veronia, they chose to abandon all that after Mistome-shi could no longer remain in Veronia and have remained with Mistome-shi until today.”


“She’s loved dearly.”

“Of course. After seeing the environment with terrible hygiene with moss and fungus growing, she kicked the butts of Geyserik and the crew to clean up the place, studied on various materials about nutrition needed for long voyages, cooked with the cook, and seemed to have played a very active role. Although I’ve only heard about it from the others.”


I remembered the strong will reflected in Misufia’s eyes on her elegant face within the illusion and nodded.


“However, I have once studied at the Great Sage Fort in the Holy Land, the Last Wall, fought as an adventurer, and was quite skilled but … that Ruru and yourself, you all are surprisingly close to heroes. Just who are you people?”

“We are just a small apothecary owner in Zoltan with an upstart medicinal grass farmer younger sister.”

“It was boorish to ask. My apologies.”


Bishop Cien placed his hands together and closed his eyes.


“Nevertheless, I can only see your presence in Zoltan during our predicament as God Demis’ divine protection. Thank you.”


God Demis’ divine protection huh …

If that was God’s intention, God must be inconceivably twisted. I secretly smiled wryly to myself.

However, I knew. That it was not God’s will.

Ruti, Lit, Tise, Mistome-shi, Leonor and myself.

We stand here today because of our human will.


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