Chapter 122: Knights troubled in the Imperial Capital

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At the coast of southern Avalon Continent.

Cargo sailboat Wallwake.

Even though it was a ship carrying supplies to the coalition forces fighting against the Demon Lord army in the western part of the continent, it was currently standing still.

The deck was covered in arrows and strewn with the corpses of sailors lying in pools of blood. Among them, men with cutlass hanging on their waists were peeling off items from the corpses of the sailors that could be sold.

There were three galleys surrounding the Wallwake.

The ship was attacked.


In order to protect the ship hold, Captain Sir Horace stood in front of the raiders with his long sword ready.


“Wastes of the sea. You know no shame, aiming for cargo meant for the soldiers fighting against the Demon Lord army!”


The raiding men laughed nastily after hearing his words.


“Ha~ As expected, Avalonian Knights are different. On that side, they would be begging for their life.”

“Prideless Pirates! Face your judgment! Draw swords!”


Sir Horace brandished his sword and shouted. The man touched the handle of his cutlass as though it was troublesome and drew his sword while acting like a fool.


“You bastard!!”


As Sir Horace pounced with rage, countless arrows were released from behind the raider.

The narrow pathway meant that Sir Horace was unable to avoid the arrow as their pierced his entire body and he fell with blood spurting out.


“Fufun, there’s no way I would fight a proper fight in a situation like this.”


The raider snorted as he stepped over the dying Sir Horace.


“Ve-veronia scum …”


Hearing Sir Horace’s hoarse voice, the Veronia Kingdom Navy Admiral raider laughed out loud.


“If I admit to that, won’t you guys face even more problems? It’s been a joy doing business with you.”


The Veronian man said to Sir Horace to gauge his reaction. But,


“Arya, he’s already dead.”


He shrug his shoulders.


“Ya, scums! Hurry up and carry the cargoes!”


The Veronia navy sailors recruited from former pirates shouted in vulgar tones as they carried away the goods supposed to protect the people from the Demon Lord army one after the other.




Imperial Capital of Avalonia. In a certain room in the Royal Palace.


“No way.”


The white-haired man sighed after reading the report that the ship carrying supplies to the front lines was no longer in contact.


“Sir Horace is probably no longer alive.”


The old man shook his head in regret as he recalled Sir Horace’s face.

The old man’s name was Beagnoth‧of‧Clovis‧Swordmaster.

The Divine Protection that resided in him was 『Wood Raider』.

He was the leader of the Elite Bahamut Knights that protected the Imperial Capital and the knight who taught Red his swordsmanship. And the third strongest warrior in the Kingdom of Avalonia.

Hearing Beagnoth’s words, a man leaning against the wall muttered hatefully.

“Veronia, right?”

“Oi Bardol, don’t speak that name lightly.”


The man called Bardol was only a small man about 150cm in height. He wore armor even though they were indoors and the black eyes peeking out from behind his helmet were sharp.

He was a knight charged with the very protection of the Imperial Capital, with the unconditional right to be armed in all places in the Royal Palace and given the permission to kill anyone unconditionally.

He was Bardol‧of‧Guardian, the leader of the Tiamat Knights, trump card of the Imperial Army alongside the Bahamut Knights.

He was the Avalonia Kingdom’s strongest warrior and among one of the   13 people comprising 4 teams recognized as S-rank adventurers.

The Divine Protection residing in him was 『Cavalry』. It was by no means a special Divine Protection but he was a master who had never lost once, even against veterans such as Beagnoth and Gideon.


Bardol clicked his tongue in displeasure behind his helmet.


“What’s wrong with calling pirate names.”

“They are not pirates but a kingdom. We already have our hands full dealing with the Demon Lord Army. The feats of the 『Hero』 have certainly turned the losing battle around and allowed us to gain superiority. The Royal Palace actively broadcast the Hero’s deeds to raise morale as well and that’s fine. However, the Imperial Capital citizens and even the people in the Royal Palace continue to believe we are winning the war.”

“The truth is that the Hero throwing the Demon Lord Army’s frontlines into disarray at various locations were only temporary advantages.”

“Although, decimating the Wyvern Cavalry was a great feat.”

“And they restored our diplomatic relationship with the Kingdom of Cataphract.”


Beagnoth sighed after listing the activities of the 『Hero』.


“In short, the Imperial Army is not stronger than the Demon Lord Army. Despite that fact, the Kingdom’s citizens, as well as the people in the Royal Palace, are continuing to have their misunderstanding. It is a headache-inducing problem. Returning to the talk on pirates, let’s say we report the identity of the pirates. Both the Royal Palace and the citizens will demand that the army subjugate the Kingdom of Veronia. To display superiority as well as punish the upstart pirates. However, we already have our hands tied with the Demon Lord Army so giving the pretext for war with the Kingdom of Veronia will destroy the Empire.”


Bardol’s armor ground against itself as he listened to Beagnoth’s words.


“I don’t like it. If I went out to attack, I would stomp out the Demon Lord Army and the likes.”

“The cornerstone of the Imperial Capital’s defense naturally can’t leave the Imperial Capital empty. And so, for the matter with the pirates, let’s watch and wait.”

“Even if we just watch and wait, do you have any plan to do something about it?”


Beagnoth combed his snow-like white beard as he pondered.


“According to the intelligence, the Prince is a pro-Demon Lord Army faction. It is good that King Geyserik still controls the army while he is on the sickbed but the piracy acts toward us were most likely under the orders of the Prince.”

“Prince Ugusu? But I’ve heard that he is obedient to his mother, that old hag Leonor?”

“The mastermind is probably Queen Leonor.”

“In that case, it won’t be solved even if we just watch and wait. Can’t we put up a request to the Assassin’s Guild?”

“Talk is easy but we will be ruined if it comes to light. Gambling will bring about ruin.”

“But at this rate, it would be the same as watching Prince Ugusu become King of Veronia.”


In the war between the Continental Allied Forces and the Demon Lord Army, the Kingdom of Veronia proclaimed neutrality. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the movements of that country that have their sights on the continent’s southwest region would affect the fate of the entire continent.


“It is Prince Sarius who recommends active participation in the war. Won’t everything be solved if we help him succeed the throne?”

“Is there any room for me to intervene?”


Beagnoth frowned at Bardol’s words. Since ancient times, interfering with another country’s succession of the throne has never ended well.


“In that case, what do you plan to do?”


Bardol asked in a peevish manner after having guessed something from the look on Beagnoth’s face.


“Like I said. We watch and wait.”

“How many more knights do you plan to sacrifice?”


Bardol complained with dissatisfaction after hearing Beagnoth’s reply.

Beagnoth sighed once more.

If his excellent deputy officer who left with the Hero was present, just how many strategies would he have been able to think up?

There was no use wishing for what he didn’t have so Beagnoth cleared his mind and began reading the report once again.


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