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SL Chapter 126

Chapter 126: Let’s oversleep once in a while

Translator: Tseirp


The next day. I could hear the cry of a bird singing the arrival of dawn through the window.

When I opened my eyes, I could see Lit’s sleeping face in front of me.

I was the only one in the world able to monopolize the defenseless and peaceful sleeping face of the girl they called Hero Lit.

Such thoughts came to me while I was half-asleep as I was filled with happiness and I gently placed my forehead on Lit’s forehead.

The welled-up sense of happiness spread like a gentle emotion in my heart.




Lit smiled in her sleep, perhaps she was having an enjoyable dream.

Feeling that the emotions spreading within me were transmitted to Lit, I broke into a smile as well. It was good that nobody saw it.


Let’s sleep a little more.


I closed my eyes.

As my vision closed, I felt that I could feel Lit’s presence through skin contact even stronger.

I was enjoying this peace during my morning slumber.

I eventually fell asleep again.






I heard a whisper into my ear while I was sleeping.

It was ticklish yet comfortable and I stirred a little.

Then, a soft touch wrapped around my head.

It felt extremely comfortable so my arms hugged in front of me, seeking the warmth of touch as my consciousness melted into slumber once again.


” … Let me sleep a little longer.”


My voice sounded very distant.




I heard a knock. It was coming from the entrance to the store.

Lit and I opened our eyes at the same time.


“Go-good morning.”

“Good morning…”


In front of my eyes were Lit’s large breasts in her pajamas.

Somehow I seemed to have slept while burying my face between those soft peaks.

Lit was hugging my head in that posture and stroking the back of my neck.

We stared at each other and our faces turned red.

Lit shut her eyes in an attempt to conceal her embarrassment and pecked my forehead before moving away.


“We-well, it is probably Ruti and Tise!”

“Ye-yeah, we totally overslept! I’ll quickly prepare breakfast!”


I left the room in a hurry.

I’ll have to welcome Ruti and Tise in first.


“I’m coming!”


I moved to the shop entrance while calling out.

I touched my forehead with my finger as I walked.


“All right, I’ll work hard today.”


I felt a smile on my face once again as I was about to start my day.




“Now then, what should I make in a short period of time.”


I thought with arms crossed as I stood in the kitchen.

The oven wasn’t heated so it would take time to bake bread. I didn’t have the time to make soup as well.


“Hmm, in that case.”


I started the fire and prepared bread, onion, tomato, cheese, ham, and butter.

Cutting the bread in the same way as when making sandwiches, I placed sliced tomato, onions, cheese, and ham. Perhaps I’ll season it with pepper.

I sandwiched them between the bread and placed it on a frying pan with melted butter. Then, I pressed on it from above with a small pot.

The aroma from the grilled bread made my sleepy body even hungrier but I endured for a little longer.


“This should be enough.”


After I grilled the bread to a golden brown, I cut it diagonally with a kitchen knife and the hot sandwich was complete.

I poured a little bit of melted cheese on the cut portions.


“Now then, I’ll grill the remaining sandwiches.”


I kept cooking quickly for the sake of everyone’s hungry stomachs, including my own.




“”””Thank you for the meal!””””


I, Lit, Ruti, and Tise, surrounding the table, said before we started eating the hot sandwich.

Ugeuge-san placed its front legs together with a moth it captured in front of it and performed the same ‘thank you for the meal’ act.

A spider with proper manners.




Lit pulled and extended the cheese from the hot sandwich she was eating.

She wrapped the hot sandwich in the cheese and took another bite.

She was consuming it in such a delicious manner.

Tise seemed to have portioned the hot sandwich with a knife and was eating it with a fork.

There was no change in her expression but judging by the speed she was eating, she seemed to have liked it.


Ruti looked at the two of them and tilted her head lost in thought.



“Em, Onii-chan, how do I eat this?”

“I’ll be happy if Ruti eats it in whatever manner Ruti likes.”

“I see.”


Ruti stared at the hot sandwich intently.




She chose to eat it with her hand like Lit.

Ruti’s face brightened the instant the hot sandwich touched her mouth.



Ruti, Tise, and Ugeuge-san returned to their medicinal grass plantation while Lit and I started preparing the store.


“Hurry hurry, we won’t make it in time to open the store.”

“Oh right, today is the day to deliver medicine to Newman’s place!”

“Then I’ll take care of the storefront so Red please settle that side!”



I was in the storage with a memo in one hand as I packed the ordered medicine with my other hand.


“We’re out of Henbane Grass in the storage with this. I wonder if we still have some in the garden.”


I’ll think about it once I return.

Due to the recent rise in sales, the stock of medicine was quickly disappearing.


“The last will be antipyretic medicine for night soil fever. All right, that’s all.”


I reconfirmed the packed medicine one last time. There were no errors.


“All right, Lit! I’m done here, I’ll help you out!”

“Then please help to check the change!”

“All right.”


We were already used to the store opening preparations.

The hectic tasks were completed immediately and we somehow finished by our usual opening timing.


“Well then, today as well.”

“We’ll do our best~”


The two of us said with our fists raised and we laughed together.

It was the usual routine.




Before noon, Red and Lit Apothecary.


“I’m setting off.”

“Take care.”


After Red exchanged words with Lit, he left the shop carrying a bag with medicine.

He was on his way to deliver medicine to Newman.

Lit was now alone and was feeling lonely so she decided to wash the teacup they used to drink tea together just now.






The sound came from Red’s teacup. On closer examination, there was a crack in the wooden teacup.

It was there even though it was not dropped. Lit picked up Red’s teacup and examined it.


“It cracked even though it was just sitting there.”


A large crack ran through the teacup so it was probably impossible to hold tea like before.




Lit recalled Red’s figure as he left and frowned.

Then, she closed her eyes.


“Wood Repair.”


Lit made a magic seal while having a mental image of the original shape and the wooden teacup on her hand was completely restored.


“It’s fine now!”


Lit was in a good mood as she hummed and walked to the kitchen with the cup in hand.


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