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GC V9C280

(280) I can be a sword smith even if I am Jobless (Part 2)

Translator: Tseirp


My physical status doubled temporarily thanks to the physical body boost.

And one more.

“Fighting Spirit Injection!”

The effect was limited to Blacksmithing skills but it will increase the strength according to the amount of MP consumed.

As Blacksmiths are physical-type jobs, their MP are not that high but consuming half would swell their physical attack value by a factor of three.

“Here I go!”

I swung the hammer down with all my might.

Immediately after — the floor trembled as though a huge earthquake.

“Wha!? When using Blacksmithing skill, all the shock should be absorbed by the sword but the shock actually spilled out!? Just how much strength did you put into it to cause such an effect!?”

Doxco shouted in agitation.

Thank you for the commentary — leaving that aside, I was surprised that it shook that much as well.

Nevertheless, it seemed to be complete.

When I raised the hammer, there was an Uchigatana with a white sheath beneath.

I picked up the Uchigatana and looked at the workmanship.

The temper pattern shone clearly on the white blade. I was an amateur at appraising but it seemed quite beautiful?

Or rather, I somewhat remember this feeling. What was it?

“Doxco, how is it?”

I passed Doxco the completed katana.

” … This is one of the best works among all the katana I have seen. Ichinojo, who are you? Perhaps you are the one they call the Godsmith?”

“No, nothing like that.”

I’m just Jobless — but there was no way I could say that.

“I just do mercenary-like tasks. In the first place, I came here to help as a mercenary.”

“Really? Never mind — all that is left is to inscribe your name.”

“Inscribe? To carve my name onto the sword? It’s okay, I’ll leave it as an unnamed sword.”

I knew very well that my naming sense couldn’t be called good.

“That won’t do. Inscribing will increase the quality of the weapon. You’re able to perform Fighting Spirit Injection so you should be able to do Inscription?”

” … It will be better to perform Inscription?”

“It will certainly increase the sharpness and make it harder to break.”

Is that so?

In that case, if I inscribed on the steel sword, perhaps it would not break when I use Tornado Slash.

“Any name is fine?”

“From my experience, any name is fine but the intention behind the name will affect the sword.”

“The intention put into the name — something like the power of words huh?”

In that vein, I recall Miri telling me that while my name was Ichinosuke, my real name is Ichinojo.

So there is power within the name …?

I looked at the white katana.

A white snow-like katana.

I was going in circles just like when I was thinking of a name for Fuyun.

Now that I think about it, looking at this katana reminds me of something?

What was it?

White, pure and beautiful.

” … Ah!”

I realized.

The sensation I felt when I saw the katana. It was the same sensation as when I first met Haru.

“I’ve decided. This katana will be called White Wolf Fang (Hakurouga)!”

The instant I declared that, my katana — White Wolf Fang shone.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

Oh, Blacksmith seemed to have leveled up.

The katana will respond if a fantastic name is given. That was how it felt to me.

Well, this world was a fantasy story-like world after all.

Thinking about it that way, the sensation of the sword responding might not be illusionary but an actual fantasy novel-like effect from this earth.

“Doxco. I’ll pass this White Wolf Fang to you then.”

“Why? That is your katana. You use it.”

“Eh? Doxco provided most of the ingredients though?”

“Because the katana wants to be used by you.”

The sword’s desire … huh?

I thanked Doxco and kept the katana in the sheath before equipping it to my waist.

It felt different from when I had a sword but it strangely fitted nicely.

“Can I try it out?”

“Well, you need to be a Samurai to acquire the Katana equip skill so ordinary people will not be able to draw it from its sheath —”

Doxco said something but I took out the oak wood block that I didn’t use just now and tossed it.

“Iaikiri!” (Sword draw slash!)

The super god-speed sword draw technique from the sheath split the piece of wood into two.

It felt light — but what amazing cutting edge.

” … Seriously surprising. Ichinojo is not only a Blacksmith but also a Samurai.”

“Ah. I’m a jack of all trades and master of none so I take all kinds of jobs and change jobs (I’m actually just Jobless)”

The voice in my heart almost leaked out.

“Doxco, so could you tell me where Daijiro-san is?”

“Ah, I’ll tell you what I know.”

Doxco said and opened the door to the reception room.

“Well, that kind of story has to be told while drinking. Let’s go to the first reception room!”

… So we still end up drinking?


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GC V9C281


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