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GC V9C284

(284) Vain struggle by the Cursed Spearman

Translator: Tseirp


We finished our introductions.

First, the names, occupations, and experience of the three are as below.


Middle-aged Lumberjack-san, Kikkori‧Bocco.

His job is Lumberjack. His level increase by one to 18.

This was actually his second time becoming a mercenary and he was originally an Axe Warrior but he returned to being a Lumberjack for work. I originally thought his single attack damage was higher than Interrupt-kun and Veteran-san because his weapon was an axe but it might actually because he had skills from being an Axe Warrior.


Next was Interrupt-kun, Inse‧Puto.

His job was Apprentice Swordsman. His level was the same as before, 27.

He came from a small country at the southeast of the South Continent and apparently came to the Principality of Nicplan to make a name for himself. He was apparently the strongest person in this village.


Lastly, Veteran-san Chutou.

His job had changed from before into Swordsman. His level was 2.

His status was the lowest among the three of them.

He told me a lot of stories but when I used the Thought Trace skill, I found that they were all made up by Chutou so I paid no attention to them.

As such, he had the least experience among the three of them.

However, his fighting technique was excellent and seem to be able to fight at a level beyond his status.


Incidentally, they had family names like Kikkori and Inse but both of them were not nobles.

Kikkori’s family manages a trading business for seafood and his entire family was bestowed a family name by a noble for their achievements.

For Insep’s case, his is not a family name but the name of his village. In a portion of villages and towns in the Southern Continent, they use the names of their village in place of theirs to more easily differentiate which village they come from.

Then, for my introduction.

“I believe you know my name but I am Ichinojo. My job is … well, I have all kinds so I can’t say for certain but I believe I can do most tasks. I came from Florence but I found out that my benefactor is in Mallegory so I am traveling there while taking various detours.”

I didn’t lie but I didn’t talk about anything concrete either.

Well, we were companions for a short period of no more than a week so anything more was probably not required even if there is a possibility that bandits or monsters will appear.

Incidentally, there was one more companion that we must include.

A giant elephant-like bull that was pulling the cart.

When they mentioned beasts with horsepower I was thinking of draft horses that were specially bred to carry goods but it was actually a bull.

I took a look at its horns and noticed that just the top of the huge horns was cut. It was probably so that it won’t injure the people around it.

Eh? But I could somewhat imagine the shape of the tip of the bull’s horns … or rather, I recall seeing it somewhere before.

I wouldn’t know even if I ponder on it and just as I decided to ask someone.

“Ichinojo, are you departing already?”

Doxco called out to me.

Then I knew where the horns were.

“Thanks for the hospitality, Doxco. I said yesterday but I will be back. More importantly, the horns on your helmet, are they from the horns of this bull?”

“Ah, you’re right. This bull was originally a monster kept by the Monster-user companion of these people. When they were drunk, it went on a rampage and stormed into the tavern so I cut off its horns. It would be a waste to throw them so I kept them and made them into a helmet.”

“I see, I understand now. But is it okay to use this bull when the Monster-user isn’t around?”

“It is a race that is attached to humans so there shouldn’t be any problems — I think … but there might be some issues apart from the bull.”


“Yeah. Well, I don’t think it will matter to Ichinojo —”




“Ha, foreshadowing flags are really a thing.”

It commonly happens, being told it doesn’t matter but it actually matters.

Thinking back, there was already foreshadowing ever since I was told.

“Now isn’t the time to be calm, brother!”

Kikkori said but there was no way I would panic anymore.

I was already tired of retorting.

“Gyahahaha! We will be taking that cargo!”

The one who shouted that wasn’t bandits.

It was the (former) up-and-coming adventurer group that was supposed to be restrained in the dwarf village.


As we were leaving the dwarf village,

“I don’t think it will matter to Ichinojo but the adventurer group that was restrained in the jail had escaped. Apparently, it was because yesterday the prison guard left his job to drink refined sake at the tavern. Sorry but please keep a lookout.”

When I was told, I somewhat foresaw that this would happen.

It was troublesome that they took back all their equipment and everything.


If they were going to be restrained as criminals, they might as well rob this frozen dragon and sell it to some noble or rich man for their freedom — that was apparently their plan so they ambushed us.

“Drinking alcohol doesn’t change your personality so becoming violent when drinking, does that mean drinking made your true personalities surface?”

“As I said, this isn’t the situation to say such things! They are really strong!”

Insep shouted.

Yeah, I know their strength.


I understood clearly after seeing their jobs.

【Cursed Spearman: Lv43】

【Hunter: Lv26】

【’Monster’-user: Lv6】

【Apprentice Magician: Lv23】

It was a balanced party. Incidentally, they were all young men.

Around their teens?

Cursed Spearman rather than Spearman.

‘Monster’-user rather than Monster-user, which I was curious about.

Somehow they gave a similar vibe as Julio and Sutchino which I met at Dakyat.

Although they didn’t have anybody capable of using recovery magic, the party was a long way better than a party with a Lumberjack and two Apprentice Swordsmen.

“Even if we stole alcohol, we didn’t fall into any criminal jobs.”

“Anybody apart from dwarves who drinks the dwarves’ secret wine would collapse so it wasn’t anything precious. There were almost injuries from the fight but Doxco prevented it. A situation like that probably won’t make us gain criminal jobs”

That was the situation.

Not all criminals will have criminal jobs. Now that I think about it, didn’t I come across a small villain blackmailing people while barely not gaining a criminal job in the town of Belasra?

Even Kanon was a Con Man when I first met her but she didn’t gain a criminal job.

Furthermore, when wars break out, soldiers who kill innocent people will not gain criminal jobs either.

Thinking about it that way, the conditions to fall into criminal jobs had quite a lot of loopholes.

Be that as it may —

“If you guys continue to do this, won’t you all become bandits? After escaping from falling into criminal jobs, you should be doing your best to rehabilitate!”

“We’re prepared for that! Either way, we will become criminal slaves if we return to town because we can’t pay the compensation! If we’re going to become slaves, we might as well become bandits!”

The leader-like Cursed Spearman shouted.

“Don’t say as if becoming a slave is the end of life. Some can live happily even as slaves.”

“That is extremely rare!”

“There may be masters who will release you even if become criminal slaves?”

“Something as good as that will never come true.”

Well, I guess.

I made arrangements to release Haru because I trust her and more importantly, I love her.

If these guys became criminal slaves, I probably won’t think of helping them. The same would go for the person who buys them. Daily activities are important after all.

“Prepare yourself! We’ll be taking everything, your lives and your cargo.”

“Countless arrows will pierce through you!”

“Go, Ushi! Trample on those small fries with your huge frame!”

“My fireball will swallow all of you whole!”

And so the battle started but the result was a complete victory.


Although they were called an up-and-coming group, their levels were not high apart from the Cursed Spearman. They were not opponents on my level, given I could annihilate a large squad with just Pico Pico Hammer and Tornado Slash.

Well, there was a possibility that I’ll reveal myself to be the criminal that caused the Pico Pico Hammer Tornado Slash in the war so I’ll seal that this time. I wanted to avoid letting others hear the sound of Pico Pico Hammer as well.

First, I’ll have to defeat the Apprentice Magician.

He seemed to be using Petite Fire but it was taking a long long time for him to form the fire. He wasn’t channeling magical power into it. Using my throwing skill, I tossed an oil pot at his flame before it could form and the magic spell exploded, but not to the extent of killing him, and he collapsed on the ground in a ball of flame.

While Kikkori and the others were surprised as they looked at the burning fireball that is the Apprentice Magician, I activated Silent Room around their surroundings. This way, the sound of the Pico Pico Hammer won’t reach their ears anymore.

I lightly stunned the bull that was charging me with a light strike of the Pico Pico Hammer.

The bowman’s aim was good and I figured it would be bad if countless arrows all fell on Kikkori and the others so I was about to cast Petite Shield but even when the arrows hit them, they failed to pierce their bodies. Incidentally, I deflected all the arrows that flew to my direction with my katana. It would be troublesome to leave the bowman unhindered so after the cooldown time was up for Pico Pico Hammer, I combined Slash and Pico Pico Hammer and knocked him out with it.

The Cursed Spearman challenged me to close combat but that was even more reckless.

My White Wolf Fang easily sliced the Cursed Spearman’s spear in two and the Cursed Spearman lost his will to fight and crumbled to his knees on the spot. Seeing his companions getting defeating one after the other caused the feeling of fear to exceed his feeling of anger. The ‘Monster’-user tried to escape as fast as his legs could carry him but after the cooldown time was up for Slash and Pico Pico Hammer, I made him sleep with the same technique.

As such, it was a complete victory.

Kikkori and the others were so shocked that their mouths were opening and closing wordlessly … ah, I just couldn’t hear their voices because of Silent Room. I dispelled the Silent Room spell.

” — ing! Amazing! As expected of Ichinojo-san.”

“Brother, I knew you were strong but you are truly astounding.”

“As expected of my eternal rival (formidable foe).”

Insep looked at me with eyes of respect while Kikkori was surprised to the point of cold sweats.

Also, I don’t intend to be a rival to Chutou. I don’t remember having a rivalry with Chutou, especially one that’s written as ‘formidable foe’.

“But what was that spell just now? We suddenly couldn’t hear anything from around us.”

“Ah, it’s kind of a protection spell. Don’t worry about it.”

I’ll keep quiet about it being a spell to make sure they don’t hear the sound of the Pico Pico Hammer.


“Please treat these guys.”

While I was treating the Apprentice Magician who suffered burns throughout his body, Chutou dragged the dying ‘Monster’-user and bowman over.

… Eh? Not only did I use Pico Pico Hammer, I even held back quite a bit but these guys looked to be in even more serious condition.

Oh that’s right, I held back with the memory of using a steel sword but the katana specializes in cutting. The power of my Slash probably increased remarkably.

In that case, as long as I am using the White Wolf Fang and my aim is to render someone unconscious, I will have to hold myself back even more.

“You are even capable of using Recovery Magic … as expected of a Quasi-noble.”

“Just to a modest degree.”

I said humbly but I did believe it was only modest.

“What should we do? If we do not cancel the order by the ‘Monster’-user, the bull would attack us the moment it wakes up … right?”

“Don’t worry. Normally, when a Monster-user loses consciousness, the order will be canceled.”

“This guy isn’t a regular Monster-user though?”

“He’s not?”

… Eh? Perhaps Kikkori and the other didn’t know that this guy wasn’t a Monster-user but a ‘Monster’-user?

” … No way, my spear could not connect.”

The Cursed Spearman muttered to himself and suddenly stood up.

Then —

“It’s a lie!”

The Cursed Spearman suddenly screamed.

His spear shot toward me like a black arrow.


I clicked my tongue and attempted to cut the black arrow-like spear — but the cut black arrow split into two and pierced me.

” … It’s … my win.”

The Cursed Spearman collapsed on the spot.

On the other hand, I, after getting hit —


【Job: Bandit is now available】

【Job: Mountain Bandit is now available】

【Job: Pirate is now available】

【Job: Death Warrior is now available】

【Job: Slasher is now available】

【Job: Thug is now available】

【Job: Chaos Wizard is now available】

【Job: Atonement-seeker is now available】


……… Eh?


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