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GC V9C285

(285) Is it really back to how it was?

Translator: Tseirp


For some reason, I was unlocking criminal-type jobs one after the other.

It wasn’t going that well at that point but (although Pimp kind of paled in comparison to the others) the bigger problem started after that.


【Job: Commoner has been sealed】

【Job: Farmer has been sealed】

【Job: Hunter has been sealed】

【Job: Lumberjack has been sealed】

【Job: Apprentice Swordsman has been sealed】

【Job: Apprentice Magician has been sealed】

The endless list showed that the jobs I have been unlocking so far were being sealed.

What … what was happening?

I quickly took at look at my own job.

【Thief Lv1‧Mountain Bandit Lv1‧Pirate Lv1‧Death Warrior‧Lv1‧SlasherLv1】

And they had changed to those 5 jobs.

I tried to change Thief to Commoner.

But there was no response.

“No way ― Status Open!”

I checked my status.

All the jobs that could previously be changed to were all marked as sealed and greyed out.

“Haha! It’s our win.”

Said the ‘Monster’-user who was just treated.

“You were hit with our leader’s secret technique, the Curse of Darkness Fall! It was a trump card within all trump cards that would make him lose consciousness once used but the curse will make any target fall into criminal jobs. Lament your pitiful fate after putting so much worry just now about us falling into the thief job! And thinking that I am just an ordinary Monster-user is another reason for your loss! In order to return to be a Commoner, you will have to turn yourself in, become an Atonement-seeker and level it up so you are already done for.”

The ‘Monster’-user said as a snake jumped out from his chest.

I was bothered by how the ‘Monster’-user kindly taught me the way to return to be a Commoner but more importantly, I was more curious about where he kept that huge snake.

“That is a ferocious snake that is native only to the Eastern Continent! Not to mention you who changed into a Lv1 Thief, it can easily defeat small fries like Apprentice Swordsmen and Lumberjacks!”

He said but ― isn’t this a good chance?

First, I changed my first Job and verified my status.

This could work.

I split the snake that attacked me in two with my White Wolf Fang.

It was light.

“Ho … How?”

The ‘Monster’-user said in shock.

“Why? Well, it was a given.”

Death Warrior and Slasher were quick advanced jobs so they had reasonably high status even at Lv1. Mountain Bandit and Pirate were advanced jobs too.

In addition to adding up all their status, I still have my ability correction for skills so I could easily defeat a snake or two.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Mountain Bandit skill: 「Axe Equip」has skilled up to「Axe Equip II」】

【Mountain Bandit skill: 「Equipment Snatch」acquired】

【Pirate skill: 「Sense of Balance UP」acquired】

【Pirate skill: 「Bird’s voice」acquired】

【Death Warrior skill: 「Body Boost」has skilled up to「Body Boost II」】

【Death Warrior skill: 「Body Destruction」acquired】

【Slasher skill: 「Instant Kill」acquired】

【Job: Commoner has been released】

Just like the ‘Monster’-user said, Commoner was released once the Atonement-seeker job leveled up.

I tried changing my first job into Commoner.

【Job: Thief has been sealed】

【Job: Mountain Bandit has been sealed】

【Job: Pirate has been sealed】

【Job: Death Warrior has been sealed】

【Job: Slasher has been sealed】

【Job: Pimp has been sealed】

【Job: Chaos Wizard has been sealed】

【Atonement-seeker level has dropped by one】

【Job: Atonement-seeker has been sealed】

【Job: Farmer has been released】

【Job: Hunter has been released】

【Job: Lumberjack has been released】

【Job: Apprentice Swordsman has been released】

【Job: Apprentice Magician has been released】

The sealed jobs were returning to normal one after another.

Hah, so it was a breeze to switch back to normal from the criminal jobs … but in actual fact, normally it would probably not be possible to become an Atonement-seeker without going through a trial or some specific procedure. It’s for certain that the job can’t be changed into at any regular Church.

In that condition, gaining experience points from defeating monsters would be difficult.

And I verified the status of Atonement-seeker just now and all the status were even lower than that of Jobless, making it the weakest job. Not only will it be impossible to defeat monsters in that condition,

My level remained as high as before.

My second to fifth job had also returned to the jobs I set before they changed to criminal jobs.

In addition, the criminal jobs were excluded from the jobs I could change into.

So it’s back to normal, sheesh, it made me worry for a moment.

“After all, your Cursed Spearman’s skill didn’t activate. My job is the same as before.”

I said before hitting the ‘Monster’-user with my katana kept in its scabbard.

“Hey, brother, are you really okay?”

“Yeah, I’m okay. Everything is back to normal …”

No, wait, is it really back to normal?

I checked my job and realized that there was a difference.

I verified my first job once again.

It was Commoner. Naturally, I changed it to that after all.

In other words, my first job was no longer Jobless.

In the past, before I reached Florence, the status message said this.


【Once Jobless is removed from the first job, you can no longer return to Jobless, are you certain you wish to continue?】


In other words … in other words, I can no longer return to Jobless … ?


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GC V9C286


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        Next story arc will actually be about MC regaining the jobless, among others because he needs it for job hunting, and he will regain it and it will even reach level 110 which will unlock new skill, sadly I am not sure what it does exactly, google translate is pretty unclear, it says something about summoning.

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