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GC V9C286

(286) D fellows

Translator: Tseirp


In the end, I tied up the former up-and-coming adventurer group and I dragged them to the guard station at the country border near the Great Forest. It was a slight detour but it wasn’t an issue.

At the guard station, I was thanked repeatedly for accepting the task and distributing food to them but I replied that those were trivial matters.

Just as Kikkori said, the bull calmed down after waking up and it obediently pulled the frozen dragon.

At that rate, it seemed like the delay caused by the trouble this time would be minimal.


However, the problem was with my job.

Jobless … I’m no longer jobless.

For now, I left it as Commoner but I could no longer return to Jobless.

The skills I learned while Jobless were still present so I could still have five jobs, I could see other people’s job and there would be no issue with traveling to My World.

I still retained the Job Seeking skill as well.

In that case, the problem was —


There was … no problem?

In the first place, the reason why I continued as Jobless was only to provide information for the Goddess-samas regarding Jobless, in other words, I was something like a guinea pig.

Furthermore, being Jobless ran the risk of giving me incomprehensible skills like the 《xxxx》 previously. In that case, shouldn’t I be happy with this turn of event?

I no longer have to be troubled when people ask what my job is.

That’s right, I’ll go with this.

I might as well level my Commoner job and perhaps aim for Commoner Lv99.

” … Hey, Ichinojo-san. I was thinking you looked depressed just now but now you seem like you are in good spirits, are you truly okay?”

“What do you mean? I’m feeling great.”

I replied Insep truthfully.

Elated to the point that I want to thank the former up-and-coming adventurer group.

Thanks to my Skill Organization ability, I could hide the skills I acquired with the criminal jobs but still retain their use. There were plenty of dangerous skills but there were many useful skills as well.

For example, the skill called Bird’s Voice.

Bird’s Voice: Appraisal Skill 【Pirate Lv5‧Sailor Lv5‧Monster-user Lv5】

Able to identify bird calls and understand their meanings.

The higher the skill level, the better you understand the specific contents of the bird calls.


At a glance, it looked like a fairy tale skill but in actual fact, instead of hearing them speak in actual words, I am only able to understand feelings such as ‘Happy’, ‘Watch Out’, ‘Love’ from the slight differences in the bird calls.

Sailors would listen to the calls from seagulls and predict storms — that would be my guess for the use of this skill.

Nevertheless, it seemed that I would be able to understand more if the level goes up.

Monster-user Lv5 will acquire it so perhaps that guy from the former up-and-coming adventurer group could use it too? That guy was a ‘Monster’-user though so I wasn’t certain.

And also, another skill that sounded dangerous just by the name ‘Instant Kill’.

Instant Kill: Attack Skill 【Slasher Lv5‧Assassin Lv5‧Ninja Lv10】

Double own speed for one second and deal three times damage to the opponent.

Cooldown time 72 hours.


It seemed useable but on the other hand, I will also have to be careful when fighting opponents who have the Instant Kill skill.

In contrast, the skill I don’t need would be this.

Body Destruction: Attack Skill 【Death Warrior Lv5‧Berserker Lv15】

When attacking, have a certain chance to destroy the opponent’s body.

The degree of body destruction is proportional to the damage dealt.


I didn’t know for sure but I imagined the opponent’s body that I’m punching turning into something that comes out in a splatter film so I decided that I would definitely seal it. Since I might lose my appetite for meat sauce spaghetti.

After I finished verifying the skills, I checked our surroundings with Hawk Eye.

We’ve finished descending the mountain and now we were headed east in the vast plains. If we traveled directly east, we would encounter a large herd of cow-like animals moving north.

“Kikkori. There’s a herd of buffalo-like animals to the east, are there such monsters around here?”

“Really? I can’t see them at all but if brother says so. What is the size of the cows?”

“The size of ordinary cows unlike this huge cow here.”

“Their numbers?”

“Quite large. Close to a hundred.”

“Then that is the great migration of the Sugyu. They are buffalos that graze on aquatic plants in large swamps, ponds, and rivers. They are moving from one water spot to the next.”

When the cart moved further forward, the Sugyu herd came into view.

They were still a distance away but it was a masterpiece.

“Should we have steak tonight?”

If there were so many, I guess there will be no problem if I thinned the herd a little.

“The entire herd will attack if you touch a single one. Brother may be able to defeat them easily but without the Sugyu around, there’s a risk of the river flooding due to overgrowth of aquatic plants. Please leave them as they are.”

“True, there’s no need for unnecessary combat.”

I respected Kikkori’s opinion.

“Then, let’s set up camp here. The herd should be gone somewhere else by tomorrow.”

“That should be the case — All right, I’ll gather some kindlings.”

“Then, I’ll gather some edible wild grass around there.”

“I’ll prepare the snake we defeated just now.”

Kikkori, Insep, and Chutou started preparing for camp.

I had a large quantity of firewood and food in my item bag but … making our meals like this wasn’t bad either.

“Then I’ll go hunt some small animals that fled from the Sugyu.”

“No, brother please remain where you are. We can’t neglect our task to protect the cargo. Chutou won’t be able to deal with anything that occurs on his own.”

“That’s true — All right, then I’ll make water or something.”

There was an empty pot in the cart so I created water with Petite Water.

“Amazing. That eliminates the hassle to fetch water in an instant.”

“It’s convenient, right?”

“Yeah — Right, can’t you use it to bathe as well?”

“Bathe? It will certainly feel good but I can use the Clean spell to wash my body so I use that instead.”

“Lifestyle Magic!? Now that I think about it, you created oil yesterday so that was probably Oil Create from Lifestyle Magic III.”

“Oh, Kikkori is so knowledgeable. Incidentally, do you know about Lifestyle Magic IV?”

“I’m not that knowledgeable so I don’t know about that.”

It looked like he didn’t know about Home Return.

In that case, he probably doesn’t know about Lifestyle Magic V.

“I read about it about five years ago in a book written by Big Second.”

“Big Second-sensei’s book. Are you referring to these type of books?”

I said and took out a cherished book from my item bag.

A book illustrated with a cat-eared girl.

“Wha! That’s the phantom works from Nyantenda-sensei, 『Cat Cat campus』! And you even have the full three volumes!”

“You know about it? Or rather, that guy is actually famous?”

“By any chance do you actually know Nyantenda-sensei?”

“I can’t say we are acquainted but I did meet him once before.”

At the border town of Dakyat.

Cat-user — or rather, Cat Manga-user.

He said that he hated the Cat Sith for turning him into the Cat-user job so he drew that book to raise the popularity of Cat people to rival the Cat Sith.

“What kind of person was he? He only illustrates Cat People and never draws anything else. I’m guessing he draws with amazing conviction.”

” … I think it’s better if you don’t ask. Your dream will be shattered.”

“I see … that’s true.”

Kikkori replied and took out a tattered D from his luggage in the cart. (TLN: D = Doujinshi = Self-published works, usually 18+)

That was a fairy-theme D.

I see, so Kikkori was a person who likes D too. Just as I had that thought, Insep and Chutou took out their respective D.

“We didn’t tell brother but actually when we went to celebrate after protesting for your failed examinations, we found out that we all had the same interest.”

“I didn’t know you guys were so united. Well, it’s completely impossible to get rowdy over such books when there are girls in the party.”

I and DT Hero Suzuki have a hard time with that.

“He-hey. Could you let me take a look at that book?”

“Sure. In exchange, let me see your book too.”

As such, we abandoned our dinner preparations and started a D appreciation party.

“Looking at these, I could clearly tell everyone’s taste. It’s surprising to see that Kikkori likes younger sister characters but Chutou likes mysterious girls as expected.”

“Not mysterious girls. According to Big Second-sensei’s works, these characters are called Chunibyou characters.”

“What? They are ill?”

“I heard that — they are far more mentally superior compared to ordinary people to the point that they are not socially accepted and are portrayed as having an illness. It’s more appropriate to express them as the new human race.”

Insep and Chutou started an awful discussion.

Chunibyou isn’t something so great.

In other words, Chutou’s taste was something like Malina.

Just that his interest is within books.

“In that case, Insep’s interest is in succubus?”

“Isn’t it fine! Succubi are dreamy. Ahh, why wasn’t I born in the age when there were succubi.”

“Hn? Succubi are no longer around?”

“I heard that they were destroyed a long time ago in the past. Or rather, I heard that succubi were not beautiful sisters like these but only seem like beauties in their illusions.”

“It’s fine as long as they seem beautiful in the illusions. It’s a lot better than loving mini-humes.”

” … Is it that strange? Loving mini-humes.”

The three of them went silent for some reason after I said that.

“Of course. Ichinojo, have you seen the mini-hume race?”

“I have seen half-mini-hume.”

“What was your impression?”

“Well, she looks around ten-years-old but was actually seventeen-years-old. She’s a cute girl.”

“That’s because she is a half-mini-hume. Mini-humes are even smaller than them. There’s this saying. 『When playing with a child you met for the first time, absolutely do not promise to marry them. After all, there is a possibility that they are an adult mini-hume.』 A fourty-year-old lady would look like a five to six-year-old girl.”

“That is … an amazing saying.”

If I remember correctly, Carol’s mother was a mini-hume while her father was a hume.

Not only does their height resemble a child, even their looks resemble one?

“Now that I think about it, my acquaintance is the same. A hume that loves mini-hume.”


“Yeah. A timid bastard by the name of File. He was encouraged by a mini-hume lady when he was depressed after failing his business and ended up falling in love with her. He confessed three times but was rejected all three times but he was finally accepted when he confessed the fourth time. He became a peddler in the Western Continent after his marriage and sent me letters a couple of times but it has been many years since then.”

Kikkori talked about that guy called File with nostalgia.

We continued with silly talks like how File’s actual home is at Goats Rocky which was where we were headed but he didn’t know his actual address or like he could drink a barrel of ale and be fine but have a hangover if he drinks just a cup of wine.

I stopped reading D so I was listening to Kikkori’s story.

But at that moment, my stomach growled for food.

“It’s about time we prepare — Petite Light! With Petite Fire added to it.”

A ball of light floated in front of my eyes.

“Oo, it’s bright!”

“Don’t touch it!”

I shouted at him loudly as Insep was about to touch the ball of light with the tip of his finger.

Insep involuntarily retracted his finger after he heard my shout.

“So-sorry. But you didn’t have so shout so loud.”

“Well, this is quite dangerous after all.”

I said and poured a tiny bit of water from the flask to the ball of light.

The water made a noise and turned into steam before rising to the air.

“I combined it with Petite Fire so it’s quite hot.”

“Combining with Petite Fire, you can do something like that? I have never heard of spell combining but if brother is doing it then I can only accept it.”

Kikkori said with amazement.

I’ve actually been secretly researching about this Magic Fusion.

I could make hot water by combining Petite Water and Petite Fire in Belasra.

Up until now, I have only experimented with beginner magic but my completed spells are as follow.

‧Petite Water + Petite Fire = Hot Water

‧Petite Light + Petite Fire = Miniature Sun (Hot ball of light)

‧Petite Light + Petite Sand = Flash Lightning (Light attribute Lightning that can bounce)

‧Petite Ice + Petite Water = Freezing water (Cold water)

‧Petite Wind + Petite Fire = Fire Wind Blade (High attack flame blades)

However, this Magic Fusion not only takes some time to activate, but a second job is also required to cast magic in succession so only I can use it.

I wanted to teach Malina after she becomes an Apprentice Magician but with her Street Performer job, she might be able to compound even more amazing Fusion Magic.

“Is it possible to lower this? About just above the surface of the ground?”

“Ah, I can.”

I lowered the ball of light.

After I did that, Chutou brought potatoes from the cart.

“Ah, roasted potatoes? That will certainly be good. Oh right, I’ll make roasted onigiri as well.”

“Roasted onigiri? What’s that?”

“Well, you’ll know once you see it.”

I took out freshly cooked rice from my item bag.

I switched my second job to Outdoor Chef.

Then, after cleaning my hand with Clean, I made the rice into triangular rice balls and arranged them.

“What are you putting now? Black … sauce? Is that paste-like sauce tasty?”

“It is soy sauce and miso. Seasonings from my hometown.”

“Brother, is this paper?”

“It’s aluminium foil. This is made by spreading a thin layer of metal called aluminum.”

I said as I applied soy sauce and miso on the onigiri and wrapped them in the aluminum foil, along with the potatoes as well, and placed them in the ball of light with tongs.

“Hey, brother. Just who exactly are you?”

“Ou, Kikkori, that’s a good question.”

Until now, I was always conscious of the question because my actual job was Jobless and I really hated it.

But, now I could say this.

“I am myself. With the possibility to become anything I want.”

” … Ichinojo-san. That sounds like Chutou, you know?”

” … Really?”

Okay, that was a little clumsy.

In order to hide that clumsy attempt, I took out the aluminum foil.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

My Outdoor Chef leveled up.

Of course, it would still be hot so I let it cool for a moment.

“It should be about done — hot!”

Should I say it was expected, Insep couldn’t wait so he was the first to attempt to touch it.

“Are you all right?”

“I-I’m fine. Ouch.”

Even though he just got burned, the moment he peeled out the roasted onigiri, he took a huge bite and burned his tongue as well.

“I told you not to rush … well, but it can’t be helped with this delicious smell.”

“Ah, I can’t wait any longer!”

“Me too.”

The three of them tried the roasted onigiri first, rather than the roasted potato.

I was worried if the combination of soy sauce and miso would suit the taste buds of the Otherworld residents but,

“Brother, what’s this, it’s super delicious!”

“Amazing! It’s seriously tasty!”

“This might be the best food given by God!”

It looked like it was needless worry on my part.

I ate it as well.

“Yup, eating roasted onigiri outdoors is certainly interesting unlike eating it at home.”

“I suddenly recall File saying something similar in his letters. That there are three conditions for drinking delicious alcohol.”

“Three conditions? Ah, that’s right. Ingredient, manufacturing method and management, those three right?”

“Brother, those are the conditions for brewers to make delicious alcohol. What File was talking about was the conditions to drink it.”

… I misunderstood.

But, conditions when drinking?

Like the side dishes to go with delicious alcohol?

“『The first is the environment. You could look at beautiful sceneries as well. Even just placing a single flower on the table would make the alcohol tastier』.”

The environment is certainly important when eating.

Eating while watching the stars would make the food more delicious. It was probably the same for alcohol.

“『Another would be to drink with a treasured friend. No matter how delicious the alcohol is, it is meaningless if you do not have another person to describe it to』.”

I can understand if it is for meals but for alcohol … hmm.

Haru is weak to alcohol while I can’t get myself to have Carol drink alcohol.

Malina can’t drink alcohol either.

“『Lastly, the alcohol taste the best when celebrating something』.”

“Well, I kind of understand most of it. I have not spoken to people with the same interest for a long time and eating with you guys when I don’t have to mind a lot of things makes the food tastier.”
“Me too — but there’s a continuation to the letter. I was wondering why File started talking about that but then he went on to brag unendingly about his child that was just born. Like how she is like an angel, she looked like his wife or will be a scholar in the future. Even though she was just born.”

“I guess he’s a doting parent. But all parents behave that way. My parents made a huge fuss when my younger sister was born … well, my younger sister is certainly a genius though.”

“Ou, Ichinojo-san has a younger sister? Why not introduce her to Kikkori?”

“Idiot, I only like younger sister characters in the comics. Ichinojo as well, don’t take it seriously.”

“I understand, well, I will introduce her if there’s a chance.”

I said not only to be polite but actually meant it as well.

“Nevertheless, I wonder if that File bastard is doing well?”

Kikkori said while he drank water after he finished eating his roasted potato as well.

“『I’ll come to visit someday.』” Even though he sent such a letter. 『I’ll bring my daughter — along』.”

I dropped the potato that I was holding in my hand at Kikkori’s words.

“Eh? What did you say?”

“Brother, you dropped your potato.”

“Don’t worry about the potato, what did you say?”

“Hn? About the letter saying 『I’ll come to visit someday.』?”

“No, after that!”

“I said 『I’ll bring my daughter Carol along』… but what’s wrong with that?”

Ah, so that’s it.

The File guy we were talking about all along.

Was actually Carol’s father?


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          Return to unemployed after 24 hours of skill use. After returning to work,

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