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GC V9C287

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(287) Roc attack

Translator: Tseirp


The next morning, the Sugyu herd was completely gone.

We settled breakfast with bread and milk.

Freshly squeezed milk from the huge cow. (TLN: So it was a cow instead, not a bull.)

Insep milked the cow while I used Clean to disinfect it.

It was quite smelly.

If Miri didn’t condition me to eat grotesque food, I probably wouldn’t have been able to finish drinking it.

“I wonder where the Sugyu went.”

Where did the Sugyu come from and where are they going?

I thought of it philosophically (?).

“Isn’t the Lando Lake located in Lando Mountain in that direction?”

Insep looked at the map and commented.

“That’s unlikely. The Lando Lake is said to be the home to an Ancient Dragon. It has not been seen for a long time but even now wild monsters do not approach there.”

“Ancient Dragon? Isn’t it just Chutou’s delusions?”

“I’ve heard of that too. It isn’t his delusions.”

It’s probably true if Kikkori says so.

“But there are no other water-like features noted in the map?”

“There are probably lakes and rivers not recorded on the map. You’ve never experienced that?”

I have used maps before but I guess these were not like the maps I know of in Japan.

It was actually a rough map and not everything was recorded.

There were indeed some lakes and rivers we passed by that were not found on the map.

“That’s true … then, it’s about time we set off. Otherwise, Ushi would finish eating all the grass around here.”

It was not as much as Centaur but it probably needed quite an amount of grass to maintain its size.

Now that I think about it, Centaur ran in this direction as well.

I wonder which feeding ground was he terrorizing now?

For now, I verified my current jobs before we set off.

【Commoner: Lv82, Dark Magician: Lv24, Light Magician: Lv24, Samurai: Lv32, Outdoor Chef: Lv4】

I switched to Outdoor Chef to prepare breakfast but I guess I’ll just leave it as that.

Outdoor Chef learns interesting skills such as Filtration that purified muddy water after all.

Our preparations were ready so we set off.

The frozen dragon was on the cart so our speed was slow.

However, due to its combination with the huge cow, not many monsters approached us.

Nevertheless, it didn’t mean nothing approached us at all.

“It’s a Roc bird!”

Kikkori noticed it. A humongous bird of about 10 meters in length was in the sky.

It’s even bigger than a wyvern?

“Damn, at a time like this — my Slash probably can’t reach if it flies so high.”

“Even if it can reach, the Roc bird has amazing agility and speed so long-range attacks won’t hit it. If we can bring it down to the range of my sword, then that will be its last moments.”

Insep and Chutou drew their swords and were on alert.

Since it was a bird-type monster, I have to go with that after all.

“Boost Thunder.”

A huge lightning attack boosted with magical power directly shot down the Roc bird.

The Roc bird fell to the ground and breathed its last.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Commoner skill: 「Ail II」has skilled up to「Ail III」】

【Dark Magician skill: 「Dark resistance (Minor)」acquired】

【Light Magician skill: 「Light resistance (Minor)」acquired】

【Samurai skill: 「Special Attack Probability UP (Minor)」acquired】

【Outdoor Chef skill: 「Dry」acquired】

I received various level ups.

“All right, it’s over. Bird-types are weak to lightning as expected.”

Also, the Outdoor Chef skills were interesting after all.

The Dry skill was a skill that could efficiently dry plants and such.

It consumed MP as well so I don’t understand how it differed from magic but it was convenient to be able to dry tea leaves and medicinal grass.

It would be convenient to make dried meat as well so I definitely wanted to use it for Haru.

Now then, I guess we should disassemble the Roc bird that I shot down?

I was about to say that when I noticed Kikkori and Insep looking at me with their mouths ajar.

Only Chutou was looking at me with a bold smile, showing that he expected it but his feet were trembling.

“Hn? What’s wrong? You guys know that I can use magic.”

“The power is strange! How can you defeat a Roc bird with a single lightning strike!”

“Kikkori, you don’t know? Bird-types are weak to lightning-type magic.”

“You are the one who doesn’t know! The Roc bird is a monstrous bird that can fly even into thunderclouds and their body is made of rock as their name implies so their lightning resistance is high!”

He told me that regular Lightning Magic would not hurt it.

Ah … so that’s the reason.

So my Lightning Magic was irregular.

“All right, please keep this a secret. More importantly, disassemble! Is the flesh of a Roc bird delicious?”

“The feathers are materials for art but the meat is tough and not really tasty.”

“I see … then the meat will become pet food.”

Such a huge body should be sufficient for the desert runner’s meal.

I plucked out the feathers and cut the meat into appropriate sizes before storing them in my bag.

If it is for the desert runner’s consumption, there was no need to drain the blood.

“Kikkori please sell the feathers.”

“Ah, I can do that much. You saved our lives twice now after all. Should I transfer it to brother’s account?”

“What are you saying? I took the meat so the feather can be split between the three of you.”

“Wha!? That’s too much. This much Roc bird feathers can net two gold coins!”

“I see, then I’ll think of what I want in exchange later.”

I was seeking information more than gold.


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GC V9C286


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