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GC V9C288

(288) Cow secure!

Translator: Tseirp


I said I would think about it but after that, I didn’t find any monsters worth mentioning.

Nevertheless, perhaps thanks to the 400x experience points blessing, adding up just small number of monsters was enough to raise my levels.

In summary,

【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Dark Magician skill: 「Magic Defense Strengthening (Lord)」has skilled up to「Magic Defense Strengthening (King)」】

【Light Magician skill: 「Magic Defense Strengthening (King)」has skilled up to「Magic Defense Strengthening (Emperor)」】

【Samurai skill: 「Iron cutting」acquired】

【Job: Samurai General is now available】

【Outdoor Chef: Preservation acquired】

【Outdoor Chef: Disinfection acquired】

Using Preservation would make food rot less easily but I have an item bag so it was meaningless. Disinfection was a lower tier of Clean so it was not needed either.

Well, Preservation would be convenient if I wish to sell food so I might have a chance to use it.

Job, Samurai General huh … I have very little information on jobs at the moment.

And then ― earlier than scheduled, on the third day evening.

“I see it! That is Goats Rocky!”

Kikkori voiced out.

I knew since I was checking the surrounding occasionally with Hawk-Eye but it was a joy seeing with my naked eye as well.

It has been a long time since I’ve seen a large town surrounded by a wall. Well, it was a city-state after all.

” … Hn? Are they moving house?”

In a group that seemed like a large family, there were three Sugyu pulling respective carts. The carts were laden with sets of household goods but it seemed that they were having difficulty moving.

“That’s unreasonable. Sugyu meat and milk are delicious but they are not meant for pulling carts. They migrate in search of water but that is their nature and it is difficult to make them move according to orders. They probably gave up.”

“Ooo, I see.”

I guess there were different kinds of cows too.

So Sugyu meat and milk are both delicious.

I wonder if it is sold anywhere? I really want to keep a few as livestock in My World.

It would have been good if I caught two or three of those from the herd a while back.

Moving was a hassle but there was nothing I could do so I sent them off with a sideward glance and continued toward Goats Rocky.

What was probably the last trouble was waiting for us there.

In short, we couldn’t enter.

The cow was too big.

It wasn’t an issue with the size of the door. Letting such a huge cow enter the town would purely cause unease within the residents.

Thankfully, the delivery of the frozen dragon was complete the moment we passed it over to the soldiers at the town entrance.

We received 200 silver coins or 20000 Sense as reward.

We split it equally among the four of us so each of us received 5000 Sense.

That was supposed to be the case.

“Hey, what’s this? Goat’s bill?”

We received a bundle of bills.

Insep looked at the bills suspiciously.

“Insep, you don’t know? These are Goat’s bill, the currency used by this country. The rewards we receive from jobs come in the form of these bills too. Of course, it is possible to exchange it in the town’s exchange. Incidentally, 100 Goats equals to 1 Sense so 5000 Sense will be 50000 Goats.”

“50000!? Wow, I suddenly feel like a rich man.”

Insep joyfully looked at the paper bills just after listening to the amount.

As a Japanese, I was also a little excited to see the 50-odd paper bills.

Well, I have to keep in mind to exchange the bills when I leave this country.

“Fuu, the request is done … but what do we do with this cow?”

“Do you want to roast it?”

“—This cow isn’t among the group of good-tasting cows.”

… That’s right!

“Hey, as a reward for defeating the Roc bird, can I have this metal cart and cow?”

“Ha? Did you not hear me, Ichinojo-san. This cow is not tasty … ah! you saved the Roc bird meat as well, Ichinojo-san, you are a man with strange taste!”

“No no, that’s not the reason why.”

Rather, I don’t wish to eat its meat.

“I’ve enjoyed these few days. I have some business to attend to so I’ll be taking my leave now.”

“So soon!? Ah, I see, so it’s for that. Sheesh, you’re such a good person, brother. Yeah, I don’t mind if you take the cow and cart. If anything happens, contact us through the mercenary guild — well, we will be drinking in this town for some time so drop by if anything happens.”

“Yeah, I’ll do that.”

I thanked them and pulled the huge cow Ushi and cart back the way we came from.

I quickly chased up to the large family that I was looking for.


“Hn? What is it?”

“You’re moving, right? You won’t reach your destination anytime soon by relying on Sugyu. Use this cow instead!”

” … Sorry but we don’t have money.”

“I don’t need money. This cart should be able to hold the luggage from all three of your carts?”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, in exchange, could I have those Sugyu? At this rate, you’re probably planning to leave them here, right? Of course, I will pay you.”

“N-no! You don’t need to! With such a large cow and cart, I can start a different business even if I return to the countryside! Moreover, just like you guessed, at this rate I would have no choice but to kill these Sugyu. Although they are monsters but they have been with me all this time so I treat them as family and can’t bear to kill them.”

“All right, the deal is settled then!”

“Yeah, I’m really thankful. Be at ease, these Sugyu do not suffer from any diseases.”

Disease? I didn’t really understand but he probably meant that they were healthy.

I helped with the transfer of the luggage to the metal cart.

“Now, Ushi. Although you tried to attack me, I hope you have an enjoyable journey.”

I gently stroked Ushi’s chin and said my goodbye.

Then, I received three Sugyu in exchange and saw the large family off.

“Fuu, I’m finally back.”

I returned to My World bringing the three Sugyu with me.

My own home is the best after all.

Just as I thought to myself, Neete came to greet me while wearing a maid uniform.

“Welcome home, Master! Did you change job from Jobless to Cowkeeper?”

“I did not. Is there actually a job called Cowkeeper?”

“Shall I make them into steaks? For sukiyaki? Or me‧at‧st‧ew?” (TL: Her sentence is a play with the stereotypical maid phrase: Do you want to have dinner? bath? Or me?)

“I’m not eating them — well, I am going to eat them eventually but I plan to keep them as livestock here.”

After I said that, suddenly Pionia in a nurse attire appeared — nurses no longer wear nurse caps nowadays, I retorted in my head — and started examining the Sugyu.

Pionia’s cosplay repertoire was seriously large. It was all the more surprising given her hikikomori personality.

“No disease infection detected. Master, please give permission to create a barn and marsh that Sugyu likes.”

“Ah, sure.”

“Then, please prepare some aquatic seeds.”

“All right … It feels troublesome to go out to gather them so maybe I’ll put in a request at the Adventurers Guild. For now, please let them eat the vegetables we have been growing.”


We headed to the pasture for Fuyun.

New cows would be devastating his territory soon but Fuyun only drank water gracefully without any particular concern.

The Sugyu walked toward the nearby spring instead of going for the grass.

“Pionia, have anything changed while I was not around?”

“Wh-why don’t you ask me, master?”

Neete asked with a sidelong glance but Pionia with her secretary-like tone was the better person for a report.

“I have three matters to report.”

“Please tell me in sequence.”

“First, the black chicken that master prepared have laid 50 eggs in total. Among them, there were 8 that were non-inseminated and have already been consumed. We plan to allow the remaining 42 inseminated eggs to hatch and become the second generation of chickens.”

“50? They laid so many?”

“Because I fed them the best feed.”

“Hoo, good job, Neete.”

“Ou! They pecked at my prided ponytail countless times though.”

“Are you all right then?”

“Master, look at my status! I am unbeatable! If you want to defeat me, you’ll have to bring a rocket launcher … ah, but I’ll probably die if master uses Boost Ancient Nova.”

Relax, I don’t plan to use such a spell.

” … Well, that’s quite an extraordinary magic after all. I don’t want to use it if possible.”

“I agree, if you can spare magic to use it then I would prefer if you replenish our magical power instead.”

“Agreed. I request for magical power replenishment. It is possible for the Dark-Elves to provide magical power but it tastes completely different. This ties into the second report, I do not have enough magical power for the renovation of My World. Master, please replenish my magical power.”

“Ah, all right. Do you want the replenishment through a massage?”

“No, in order for an efficient magical power transfer, I would like master to convert your magical power into body fluids for my replenishment.”

“Wha! Body fluids? What do you plan to do!?”

Don’t tell me this Pionia wants to do something strange to me.


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GC V9C289


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