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GC V9C290

(290) Ginger and green onion

Translator: Tseirp


I left My World and walked back to Goats Rocky.

Kikkori and the others had probably already entered the town, there was nobody in front of the door.

As for the town entry tax — or rather the country entry tax, this time we were transporting goods by request so we were exempted from the tax once. I wanted to pay in order to earn experience points as a Commoner but I earned quite a bit from the monster exterminations and once Commoner level reached close to 100, paying small amounts of tax won’t raise it by much.

This time I obediently accepted the tax waiver.

At the town entrance, in place of the NPC character, there was a sign hung up with the words ‘Welcome to Goats Rocky, the Mercenary Country.’ written on it.

“This is the town of Goats Rocky.”

There wasn’t even a townsman to tell me that. Well, I don’t think there would be such townsman either.

Are there actually such people?

Travelers who enter a town without knowing the name of the town?

Normally people would at least find out the name of the town they are traveling to.

A person must be quite dumb to travel without knowing the name of the town.

“This is the town of Goats Rocky.”

Yes yes, I’m sure I will never have the opportunity to hear that phrase in an entire lifetime.

… Eh?

“Oo!? It’s called Goats Rocky!?”

“Goats Rocky is the name! You’re so knowledgeable! Then, do you know Centaur?”

“Centaur? What’s Centaur?”

“Why are you knowledgeable in the name of the town but not know about Centaur.”

“Uwa, I tangled with somebody strange.”

… An idiot duo that I knew was talking with an ordinary person.

That was definitely Jofre and Elize.

Why are they here?

What’s this feeling, even though they are my best clue to find Daijiro-san, I absolutely do not want to get involved with them.

Or rather, I didn’t feel that I would get any proper information even if I got involved with them.

” …… ”

All right, let’s flee.

I thought to myself and turned heel but,

“Oh! Jo! Isn’t that Jo!”

“Jo! It’s Jo, hey~ Jo!”

I was one step too late. They saw me.

” … Ha … it’s been some time, Jofre, Elize … you guys seem to have gotten stronger.”

I tried looking at their jobs and levels.

【Swordsman: Lv32】

【Monster-user: Lv23】

They had both changed jobs and even trained it to a reasonably high level.

They were now competent enough to be called adventurers.

Did they perhaps level up when they were together with Daijiro-san?

Or do they actually have the growth cheat divine blessing?

“Oo, you can tell, Jo? Elize changed job to Monster-user and officially formed a party with Centaur.”

“Yup and when we adventured with Centaur, our level somehow increased.”

“Ah … I can somewhat understand.”

Since Centaur was significantly stronger than the monsters around this area.

“But why are you two traveling separately from Centaur? That donkey ate up all the food in a guard station meant for the guards near a Dwarf village.”

“Really? Where was that?”

“I didn’t hear anything about it after it was seen leaving eastward from the Dwarf village and I didn’t see it along the road here.”

The grass growing along the road was still complete and untouched.

In other words, Centaur didn’t pass by that road.

“East huh … a place that Centaur will likely go to …”

“Jofre, isn’t that the green onion farm here?”

“Elize, the ginger farm here is a suspect.”

“Then the place we should go is ―”

“Then the place we should go is ―”

“The ginger farm!”

“The green onion farm!”

“Why? I want to go to the potato farm because Jofre said the ginger farm is suspicious.”

“Me too, I chose to go to the carrot farm because Elize mentioned the green onion farm.”

“Jofre! The place I want to go to is the place Jofre wants to go to!”

“Elize! The place I want to go to is the place Elize wants to go to!”

” … Jofre.”

” … Elize.”


I threw a Slash that hit the ground hard between the two who were about to hug.

It has been a long time since I experienced this exchange.

“Let’s look at the map for now … hey, aren’t the ginger farm and green onion farm in the same location? We can go to either farm.”

Where did they get such a detailed map?

The map was far more detailed compared to the map I have seen.

“It looks like the place we want to go to is the same.”

“It looks like the place we want to go to is the same.”

“After all, Jofre and I will always be together!”

“After all, Elize and I will always be together!”


I shouted but it didn’t activate as it was still under cooldown … tch.

“What’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?”

“What’s wrong? Is your stomach hurting?”

“Talking to you guys makes my head hurt!”

“”That’s a cold!””

No, it’s just a headache from talking to idiots.

I didn’t have the energy to retort.

“Green onion is the best to fight a cold.”

“Ginger is the best to fight a cold.”

“Well then, let’s go to the ginger farm, Elize!”

“Yup, let’s go to the green onion farm, Jofre!”

The two of them exclaimed and ran out of the town at full speed.

Seriously … those two are idiots no matter where they go.

” … Wait, I didn’t get to ask about Daijiro-san.”

Well, I won’t get a decent answer even if I asked.

I realized that the map that Jofre was holding was now in my hands.

Those guys … I could no longer see them.

“Oh well.”

Let’s forget that we even encountered them.

Getting involved with idiots is the number one route to becoming an idiot.

As such, I cast those two out of my thoughts and headed to an inn.

Along the way, I passed by a plaza and there were a Goddess statue and an offertory box placed in the center of the plaza.

I imagined it would be Goddess Setolance-sama since it was a mercenary town but I was wrong.

Surprisingly it was Minerva-sama’s Goddess statue.

“I wonder why is it Minerva-sama instead of Setolance-sama.”

Are all the members of this country suicidal?

I mumbled the thoughts in my head when,

“It’s because Goddess Minerva is the Goddess of Medicine.”

An old man told me.

“There are certainly many believers of Setolance, the Goddess of War, among the guards and knights. However, mercenaries are different from knights. Knights risk their lives to fight for their country but to mercenaries, their own lives are the most important. Because of that, they place emphasis on medicine to protect their own lives. The moment a mercenary fall sick and can’t fight is the day they must retire.”

“I see. Thank you very much.”

That said, I don’t think it is possible to benefit from believing in Minerva-sama.

I recalled the Minerva-sama that I met in the past and muttered to myself.

“Is there a dungeon nearby with Minerva-sama’s Goddess status?”

“Yes, there is. It is not nearby but it is located to the south of this town. However, it is an Advanced dungeon so it is not recommended to get close to it unless you wish to test your skill.”

Advanced dungeon huh … I’ll remember it.

“Well, do your best to keep that in mind.”

The old man commented and entered a nearby bookstore with his cane.

Bookstore … It might be a good idea to come back with everyone to buy some books later.

There was a clothing store next door but women’s underwear was displayed at the storefront so I didn’t feel like entering that shop.


Somebody was selling grilled skewers for 100 Goats in front of the inn so I was debating whether to purchase them but I just parted with Ushi so I resisted for today and entered the inn.

“Welcome to Mill’s inn, Goats Rocky branch.”

An innocent-looking girl came to greet me at the inn. She looked to be about 17-years-old but there was a wedding ring on her finger.

Looks like she was already married.

“I wish to stay in a private room but how much does it cost?”

“It will be 3500 Goats. 4500 Goats if including dinner, 4000 if including breakfast, and 5000 if including both dinner and breakfast. Candle stands can be loaned for free but each candle cost 100 Goats. The well can be found directly outside the back door and you may use it freely during your stay. Otherwise, it will be 100 Goats for a bottle of well water.”

She explained fluently just like the Belasra receptionist.

I don’t need candles or water. Dinner … I was a little interested.

“Then, I’ll take both breakfast and dinner. Ah, there might be others coming to the room later so will I need to pay an additional charge?”

“There’s no additional charge if it is a private room. If you require additional meals, dinner will be 1200 Goats and breakfast will be 700 Goats.”

“Okay, thanks.”

Unlike sleeping in a large common room, the private room wasn’t charged by the number of occupants but by a room price.

After I passed the girl a 10000 Goats bill and received 5000 Goats as change, I wanted to pass her some tips but was refused.

The inn was apparently a tip-free inn.

“Ah, also, I don’t really like to be woken up when I am asleep so please do not open the door after dinner.”

I lied as I might return to My World.


The receptionist girl nodded.

“Mina, we’re almost out of firewood.”

At that time, I heard another girl’s voice from behind the reception table.

“Ah, sorry. Onee-chan, please wait, there is a customer.”

“Oh. Sorry. Then, I’ll ask Ta … To to go buy some.”

I couldn’t really hear the further latter part of the sentence. Well, I didn’t want to use my listening skill.

Incidentally, the food at the inn was delicious, especially the dish using rabbit meat, it was exquisite.

I ate my dinner while remembering the time when I first hunted rabbits when I came to this Otherworld.


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