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GC V9C291

(291) Pitfalls of the Job Search Skill

Translator: Tseirp


After entering the room, I transfered to My World and spent a night in the Log house.

I could relax a lot better there.

Then, the next morning.

“Oo, it became big.”

There was still time until it was breakfast at the inn so I looked at the ocean from a cliff near the coast together with Neete.

The Emerald Turtles and Ruby Turtles had grown to a size that they could be called adults.

A portion of the ocean was enclosed by an iron net such that they can’t escape so they seemed somewhat cramped and were at a loss as to where to swim.

“We used an iron net to prevent them from escaping but it looked like they could chew through them and escape. Now there are three layers of nets in place. Also, they have already given birth to young.”

“Really!? As you’d expect from monsters … that’s fast.”

When I looked closely, tiny turtles were crawling on the sandy beach.

“Eh? Why is the color different for those two over there?”

“Emerald Turtles give birth to subspecies very often. Those are Sapphire Turtles and Pink Diamond Turtles. Pink Diamond Turtles give high experience points, you know.”

“I’ll look forward to that.”

I thought about it. How should I use those turtles?

I could use them regularly to level up but I felt that it was better to combine them with the Job Seeking skill.

The Job Seeking skill was a skill that would convert the first job into another job for 24 hours. Leveling must be done in that short 24 hour time frame.

Although it could help me find Miri or give me all kinds of convenient jobs, having to level them up in 24 hours makes it a surprisingly difficult task. Some jobs would be harder to level, especially unique jobs such as Copy Cat. That was if we don’t utilize Carol’s Tempress skill.

However, I could level up efficiently in a short period of time if I used these turtles.

All right, I plan to take it easy in Goats Rocky today so I’ll just use it then.

I used the Job Seeking skill.

I’ll use it … use it … use it?


“What’s wrong, master?”

“I can’t use my Job Seeking skill.”

In the past, using the skill would make 5 job choices appear in my head but today nothing happened.


“I don’t know. The cool down shouldn’t last that long.”

In the first place, I haven’t used the skill recently.

I verified the skill description.


Job Seeking: Other skill 【Jobless Lv101】

Only useable when the first job is Jobless.

Upon using the skill, five jobs will be displayed and choosing one from the five will change the first job to the selected job at Lv1. However, status will not change.

24 hours after using the skill, the job will switch back to Jobless. After returning to Jobless,

The Job Seeking skill can’t be used for 24 hours.

Jobless level will be the same as before using the skill.

Skills acquired through level up can still be used but already acquired skills can’t be acquired again.

In addition, when the skill is in effect, only the first job can level up.

Only useable when the first job is Jobless?

… It could only be used when Jobless.

I thought about the meaning of those words slowly.

“Ahhhh! Shit!”

I didn’t expect there to be such a pitfall.

“I see, I am no longer jobless after all.”

The wording that it could only be used when jobless made me realize a fact that I didn’t think about when I stopped being Jobless.

I see, so I can’t use Job Seeking any longer.

“Eh? Master, you are no longer Jobless?”

“Yeah, I was cursed by some Cursed Spearman and my job became Thief. I was able to return to being a Commoner but I can’t switch back to Jobless.”

“I see. That’s terrible.”

No, well, until now, I felt that it was quite all right.

Shit, not able to use Job Seeking was a loss.

So I can only unlock jobs the regular way.

On that note, although jobs are unlocked through level ups, it is also possible to switch jobs though Inheritance Bosses and Training Institutes.

“Maybe I should investigate a little … there’s no internet so I guess I can visit a bookstore?”

“Ah, Master. Isn’t it about time, about time you forgive me?”

Neete was holding on to two large buckets filled with seawater as she sought my forgiveness.

There was a piece of paper pasted on her forehead with the notice ‘I am receiving punishment for implanting strange knowledge in the Dark Elves’.

“You can stop after another 30 minutes. I’m returning to town.”

“Ah, let me come along if you are going to town. Ririana asked me to buy some things.”

“I told you to reflect. I’ll buy the items.”

I brought the Dark Elves into My World. I’ll at least take that responsibility.

I thought to myself but,

“Then, first will be frilly underwear from the lingerie shop —”

“Carrying buckets or shopping bags is the same in terms of continuing your punishment. All right, Neete, come along with me.”

I knew I was dancing along to Neete’s tune but I did a 180-degree flip on my order.


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GC V9C290


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  1. Felipe

    See I told you guys that he needed to be jobless to use the job seeking skill! (I told that not being able to use the job seeking skill and losing the opportunity to max the criminal jobs we’re his greatests loss a few chapters ago but people didn’t believe me!)

    • Stranger

      Maybe when he regains his jobless job and level it up he can switch to criminal jobs too.. ( spoiler : he will get the jobless job back i read the raws)

      • Felipe

        I imagined as much, I mean it’s even in the title: “I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless”

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    Thanks for the chapter XD

    • Med1um

      He said that he is waiting for Carol, and he feel guilty about “making her wait, but make out with someone else”.
      When he officially accept Carol probably be the start of much larger force 🙂

  5. Filip Dinca

    Maybe some other skill he got from the Jobless class might help him regain it. Well, he could just try to farm up exp for magic based jobs, to have even better mana pool and mana regeneration.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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    I am almost certain that the Dark Elves were not in the habit of buying frilly lingerie to wear when they were all living in the forest, which makes such items being on the list evidence of more “strange knowledge” that Neete has been teaching them.

    Ichinojou can be dumber than he realizes he’s being even when he realizes he’s being dumb.

  11. Maou Satan

    I just can’t understand why he hates being jobless all this much… his problem was he couldn’t just become an adventurer or peddler or the stuff.. but I’m pretty sure his sister fixed that (if I recall correctly).. also being called “jobless”,, well just say you have a unique job but got trolled by one of the goddesses in the name of the job and you can’t say the name or not allowed something like that.. seriously he spent a year?? or what in otherworld and couldn’t think of such simple reasons… and don’t go bringing that it’s trauma for him or shit like that, he’s just an idiot…

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