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(293) Request from Koshmar

Translator: Tseirp

I chose to read the books I just bought at the fountain in the square until Neete came out of the store.

I first took a look at the list of occupations that could be acquired through examinations.

As expected, there were many that were production jobs.

Apprentice production jobs such as Apprentice Cook and Apprentice Tailor could be acquired through training and examinations.

In the last chapter of the book, there was a list of instructions who live in the Shiraraki Kingdom and its neighboring countries according to their race.

However, the publishing date was Otherworld year 350. It was now Otherworld year 391 so the book was over 40 years old.

I didn’t know the average life expectancy of the inhabitants of this world but probably can’t rely on the names of the instructors.

“Hn? On closer inspection, I see Dwarf and Dark-Elf names as well.”

Among the Dwarves, I only knew Doxco and I didn’t know if he was an instructor or not but his life expectancy is significantly longer than human life expectancy. There’s a high chance that those instructors were still alive.

And Dark-Elf — there was only one.

But I recall hearing that name before.


The girl who has the skill called Manager. She appeared to be younger than me but was actually quite a bit older than me.

Incidentally, according to the book the jobs that can be acquired through tests administered by her were Apprentice Cook, Jeweler and Mushroom Appraiser.

I was a little interested in Apprentice Cook and Jeweler but what was with Mushroom Appraiser?

The Plant Appraisal skill by the Harvester can already appraise mushrooms so I couldn’t tell if it was truly necessary.

Next, I looked into the book on Inheritance Bosses.

The book did not focus only on the Shiraraki Kingdom and its neighboring countries but had information on the Inheritance Bosses in various dungeons.

It didn’t have information on Roo‧Kanga in the secret dungeon of the Cat‧Sith so it didn’t cover all Inheritance bosses either.

Well, there were probably unexplored dungeons as well.

“There was an Inheritance Boss in Florence as well?”

I muttered to myself.

On the 76th floor of the Advanced dungeon, there was a cheetah named Cheater Cheetah. One would be able to acquire the Runner job if they could beat it in a race around the floor.

However, that Cheater Cheetah would cheat by passing through walls using holes that were too small for humans to pass through so it was extremely difficult to win against it.

I see so that’s why it was called the Cheater Cheetah. Was it a coincidence that it became a bad pun?

Or was it the Goddess-sama’s playful naming.

“Dear, I’m done shopping.”

“Ou, good job — that’s an amazing amount.”

She looked like Hotei. (TL: God of contentment, depicted as a pot-bellied monk who carries a large cloth bag on his back)

There were so many bags that even Neete’s face was hidden.

“It’s really heavy. Please store them in your item bag.”

“All right.”

I opened my item bag and kept the items within.


Next, what should we buy … I thought to myself but it seemed that our time for shopping had ended.

“Master, there was a message from Torerul-sama — or to be correct, it is a message from Koshmar-sama — or rather she made a request through Torerul-sama.”

” … Erm, message? Is it truly from them?”

“Yes because we are homunculus made by Torerul-sama. We are able to listen to something simple such as a message even while trying on underwear.”

I didn’t have to know it was while you were trying on underwear.

But a request from Koshmar-sama …

When I came to this world, Koshmar-sama told me to live freely.

If Koshmar-sama is telling me to do something in the form of a request, I would like to take action.

Of course, I would refuse if they were to be criminal requests such as stealing an object or killing somebody.

Although I did misstep and killed a Thief, I don’t intend to become a criminal.

However, if they were to be requests such as to defeat a dragon or tame a griffon which I would normally struggle to do, I intend to accept them.

Koshmar-sama has taken care of me quite a bit. I will happily accept any request if it means I will be able to repay her slightly.

“Erm, she hopes that Dear will return to Jobless.”


I answered so immediately that I surprised myself.


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  1. Uhh, I think it’s more of whether he can return to Jobless or not rather than wanting to be Jobless again or not.


  2. Felipe

    Ahahah looks like he’s still traumatized from his jobless life on earth and answered without thinking

    • Sylfa

      lol, most likely so.

      After all, jobless has given him so many wonderful abilities with only one weird one, it’s nearly certainly worth maxing it out further. Especially with My World being a good template for what’s to come.

  3. MR.Kag

    their is all the benefit from it. what a moron there is literally not reason not to return to jobless

    • StealthAria

      Jobless gives no stat bonuses, so he is slightly weaker when he has Jobless equipped.

      • Seregosa

        He is slightly weaker, sure, but he can use the job hunting skill to get a super OP random job when necessary and level it up in no time.

  4. Filip Dinca

    “did misstep and kill a Thief” -> {did misstep and killed a Thief}

    Oh, lol, already has to get back to jobless, in other words, to get fired 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  5. Adam

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  7. Aleksander Naumenok

    He’ll be back to jobless in 20 chapters, give or take.

  8. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Koshmar: “You’re fired.”

  9. pokeperson1000

    Is that even possible? I mean, I hope it is, but… is it? Is goddess sama going to overwrite the rules of the world in order to have someone(Ichinojo) complete her request?

    On a side note, accept your fate, Ichinojo. The job hunting skill needs to be put to use.

  10. RioghanDer2te

    Thanks for the chapter^^

    Hopefully he’ll return to Jobless to further get more skills from it (which will hopefully do more good than harm) and get more unique jobs which he’d have a hard time getting otherwise

    Koshmar would probably reset his job to Jobless if he agrees, ’cause I can’t think about another possibility to return to Jobless

  11. SFcipher

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  12. Pannath

    Hopefully if he can regain jobless there will be a skill at a higher level to allow auto aquired jobs to be defaulted to a job slot besides the first one. That way he could pick up noble, exam jobs, and other criminal jobs while locking the first slot as jobless.

  13. talkinghorsehead

    This feels a bit strange, Ichinojo refusing the ‘jobless’ class. Didn’t he just lament losing it just a few chapters ago?

  14. His Jobless trauma runs deep.

    But we can expect Cauchemar-sama to have contacted him about that.

  15. ChunLing

    It’s important to remember that he could have gotten a job in his previous life if Miri had been willing to let him actually find one. Of course she talked him out of overtly relying on her help to find a job, but he never seems to have realized that she was secretly using her connections to make sure nobody would ever hire him.

  16. JayVlad Dark Heart

    Its like not being a jobless anymore has returned his “humility” in calling a goddess an ORC in the previous job. Trauma really runs deep when it follows you on Another World. Ehem!

    Well, thank you for this chapter and the previous one too! 🙂

  17. Seregosa

    What a moron, just return to that job. It’s still a job even if the name sucks. You also lose giant perks by not being able to use the job seeker skill, so many awesome skills lost. The only perk you get is the stats from an extra combat job if you avoid the jobless job, but even that can be solved when necessary with the job seeker skill.

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