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GC V9C294

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(294) I don’t want to go back to being Jobless

Translator: Tseirp


I surprised myself. I realized that I have been using the fact that I was Jobless as a routine to depreciate myself.

Even though it is Jobless in the system, it actually assisted Carol’s case to let her work as a Peddler and, although it happened through the course of events, I was given the rank of Associate Baron. I could defeat monsters, earn money through blacksmithing and even though I didn’t have a regular job, I could earn sufficient money. To the extent that I can easily provide for Haru and Carol if I marry them both.

So I kept telling myself.

Even if I was Jobless, that Jobless transcended jobless. It was Neo Jobless.

The strongest Jobless which boasts unrivaled strength and skills that transcend humanity.

So even though I felt shame from being Jobless, somewhere in my heart I held a sense of superiority — no, I was trying to hold that sense.

But it was different now that I was no longer Jobless.


As expected, I held a sense of disgust toward being Jobless.

I was anxious when I became a Thief but when Jobless changed to Commoner, it felt as though the locks on my straitjacket came off.

And yet, asking me to return to Jobless is as though asking me to wrap myself in chains, fasten a padlock and swallow the key.

I don’t want that.


“I thought you would say that but there will be extra service for Master?”


Neete whispered to me. Feeling her breath on my ear felt strange.


“I already have what I need if you are refering to night service.”

“It is night service but it is a service Master doesn’t have.”

“Like I said, that —”

“Even if it is a service that concerns Master’s important people —Haurvatat and Carol?”

“I won’t ask to stop using the term Master but stop referring to them by their names. They are both your seniors.”

“If you put it that way, there are no humans who are younger than me but — understood. It concerns Haurvatat-san and Carol-san.”


… If it is a service that concerns both of them, I can’t make a decision on my own.

Well, as long as they are not present, I have to make the decision but I still need to hear the detailed story.

It’s not like I am only connected with Haru through night service. It is fine even if there isn’t any.

But, why does it only concern those two?

Does Marina not qualify to be in my companion?


“So, what is that service?”

“The skill called Kin Conversion.”

“Kin Conversion?”


I didn’t understand. Now that I think about it, I recall Koshmar-sama saying something along the lines of Haru and Carol being my dependents. It happened around the time we were in the Gomaki Village dungeon?

But they were dependents in the sense that they were my companions — or in a negative way, slaves. In this case, that means the dependents she was referring to were a different matter?

I was lost.

“What will happen if I use that skill.”

“People who become Master’s kin will be able to use a certain portion of skills that Master can use in an inferior state.”

“Inferior state?”

“Master can use the spell Copy, right? It is the same.”


The spell Copy — meaning Fake Magic huh?

I see, they will be able to use an inferior copy of the spells I am able to use.

How is that related to night service?


“Koshmar-sama forecast that with the Kin Conversion skill, if Master converts Haurvatat-san into your kin, she should be able to use an inferior version of Hikikomori.”

“That means Haru will be able to create her own world? With My World skill.”

“The inferior version and the real version is different. The kin will not be able to construct their own world with their Hikimori skill. It only means that they will be able to enter and exit from the My World we live in.”


Guh, what a choice.

Isn’t she asking me to choose while dangling a skill that I probably can’t get, just like an itch that can’t be reached?

If that was true, even if Haru and I were in separate locations, we will be able to meet at any time as long as we decide on a time to meet.

We would be able to flirt around.


That certainly ties into night service and it was something I lacked at the moment.

However, I would have to return to Jobless …


“Master, Koshmar-sama isn’t asking you to remain Jobless forever, you know? You only need to reach the peak for Jobless. According to my superior, Torerul-sama’s calculations, if Master’s Jewel Turtle farm goes smoothly in My World, Master should reach the peak of Jobless in another 5 years.”

Has my Jewel Turtle farm been found out?

But it is true that if that farm proceeds smoothly and I expand My World and its scale, I should be able to earn experience points easily.

” … 5 years … 5 years huh.”

I would be 25 years old 5 years later. Right, if a university student fails his entrance exam one year and graduates through university, he would be 25 years old.

In other words, for me, returning to Jobless would be like becoming a student?

If I think about it, being a high school dropout, feeling like a university student would be … hmm but Jobless …


“All ri — no, wait a moment.”

“You’re so indecisive, Master.”

“You can say that but returning to Jobless is —”

“If Haurvatat-san and Carol-san become Master’s kin, they will be able to use just a little of his strength and the probability that they will be injured will decrease, right?”

” … All right. Tell me the way to return to Jobless.”


I nodded and asked Neete.

Now then, how do I return to Jobless?


“By using the Job Stealing Gem.”


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GC V9C293


SL Chapter 134


  1. Isaac

    Just find a jobless baby and steal its joblessness lol

    • will

      Now i have an image of him in tears, standing over a sleeping baby yelling at it to get a job. lol

    • pokeperson1000

      babies change from jobless to commoner at the moment of birth. That’s why Jobless was a job that wasn’t supposed to exist up until our resident forever Jobless man appeared.

      Well, alongside every person that transmigrated to this world. But all the other losers never leveled up Jobless, and immediately went to town and changed to a normal job, or was granted a special job from the beginning by a goddess.

      • terror100

        a pregnant woman then (baby in the womb) 😛

      • CloudyMeatballs

        Actually, on a whim, Demon Lord Famiris once took a jobless baby and power-leveled it in a dungeon up to level 60 and found nothing.

        This was during Miri’s reincarnation when she was talking to Torerul.

        OP’s Jobless cheat is probably a bug done by a certain “someone” that is being investigated by the Goddesses.

      • Hawke

        As I recall it doesnt happen at the moment they are born, rather not long after they are born they are taken to a priest who changes their job for them. So he would find a baby who hasnt had that happen yet and then use the gem.

        • pokeperson1000

          I just went back and checked a bit. For commoners, it’s never specified, actually. Unique Jobs are acquired from birth, and the job of noble is passed down at birth as well. But all it says for commoners over the course of multiple chapters is that people change from jobless when they are born.

          So I suppose you’re right. My mistake, I guess. Whoops.

      • Cursed Lich

        “babies change from jobless to commoner at the moment of birth”
        Nope. Everyone start jobless and they get commoner or other jobs when they reach jobless level 5. It was explained in the first chapters.

        • pokeperson1000

          Yeah, I already replied to Hawke on the issue. Please don’t rub my mistake in my face anymore.

    • Sylfa

      I think the gem would steal *his* job, making him jobless again.

      For a normal person that would drop all their stats down to basically newborn and would be stuck until they can reach a church, so quite a dangerous weapon/curse in that sense.

      After all, how can he still the null / nil / N/A job of someone, it doesn’t exist so it couldn’t be stolen (in my opinion anyways).

  2. SFcipher

    Thanks for the treat.

  3. Marv

    oh yes more haru flirting please

  4. Carmeops

    i keep thinking, it’s a really shitty system made by the gods, if mortals can keep messing with it with cursed stuff, while some jobs are directly evil, the creator of that system doesn’t seems to be really good intentioned

  5. Filip Dinca

    Hah, getting laid more easily is too strong a bait. And of course, and item to steal jobs, not something “simple” like conquering an advanced dungeon, or killing a world destroying monster.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation as always! May God bless you!

  6. DRAGO

    The gods truly are evil. After finally losing his jobless title, they want him to be unemployed again.

    • Hevensdragon

      Such a contradiction, they are paying him to be jobless and investigate it. In other words a job. Honestly he is to hung up on the word jobless, it has abilities, it’s literally his job to have it. If it was called anything else he would love it, the only thing about it he hates is its name.

    • Ryhonn

      I wouldn’t say they’re evil, they only look at the bigger picture. Someone messed with „Jobless“ giving it powers which are usually reserved for the gods. They need to know what powers there might still be hidden, hoping for a hint towards the perpetrator. But due to the immense power, they don’t want any more people to know about that. So they can only ask MC. And the reward is reasonable.

      • Cipher

        But the only reason the MC is able to level it up is due to his 2 blessings giving him mad exp gains so most people shouldn’t be able to do what he does. Even Miri tried to level it up by bringing a baby into a dungeon and sharing exp with it but nothing happened.

        • Ryhonn

          The blessings had nothing to do with the skills. Miri actually said that she had raised the jobless baby to quite a high level. The only explanations left are that either the MC is special or that someone messed with „Jobless“ only AFTER Miri ran that experiment.

  7. Bertorion

    Finally he is being jobless…
    Since he going back being jobless I wonder when he is going to be forced to choice female only job in job hunting skill it’s going to be fun to see his reaction..

    • spare

      “What the where did these come from?(poke poke squeeze) Huh (looks in pants) NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”

      24 hrs later Ichinojo in the fetal position rocking back and forth in a corner being comforted and cheered by the girls “Huh (grabs chest) there gone (looks in pants) WWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it’s back” grabs Haru and rushes to the bedroom

  8. rooislangwtf


  9. MR.Kag

    it is not as much jobless as job bless pun intended :p

  10. pokeperson1000

    So will he lose the job that gets stolen?

    … on another note, inb4 returning to Jobless resets the job level to 1 because the job was straight up lost and not locked.

    Also, if that was an official method to return to jobless, why does Goddess not know anything about raising Jobless levels in the first place?

    • RioghanDer2te

      He hasn’t lost the job, it’s still in his available jobs list, it just can’t replace any other job once it’s been pushed away from the active jobs. Not even his job changing skill can do that, that’s why it told him to remain Jobless when he tried changing it.

  11. RioghanDer2te

    Thanks for the chapter^^

    I’m curious as to
    1. how he’s going to get that item?
    2. how long he’ll take to return to being jobless?
    and 3. does he has to be physically close to them to use his new skill or can he use it from afar?

  12. “Does Marina not qualify to be in my companion?” eeeh.

    “Has my Jewel Turtle farm been found out?” well I mean, they can freely enter your pocket dimension.

  13. Ghalaghor

    5 years of grinding and farming exp in order to get Jobless to its peak/max level…try to imagine how much longer it would take without his cheat skills.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  14. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Haru will be a hikimori?

  15. Keikeii

    tbh… i dont understand why he’s so worked up about being jobless when he can mix and match his collection of jobs up to a total of 5 (including jobless). At this point, jobless in itself is already a job.. an amazing one at that…

    • Sleet

      He explains pretty thoroughly in this chapter that he understands that the “jobless” job is actually really good, but being called jobless is basically a traumatic trigger for him. I mean, I thought he was really clear about it, anyways, for like the first few paragraphs of this chapter.

    • JonasStormPaladin

      So, the ‘jobless’ job. In this novel, jobs are things which you practice generally for your whole life. He is a part-timer ‘job’ er, generally not having a specific task he is searching to practice. This has a relation to the premise of the novel.

  16. JayVlad Dark Heart

    Thank you for this chapter! 🙂

  17. J.R.

    I still can’t believe this idiot gave up the jobless class to start with. This whole mentality that being the class jobless is the same as actually being a jobless good-for-nothing is really getting stale.
    Especially if he knows its a subconscious thing, he needs to man up and just deal with it.

  18. Seregosa

    I would be 25 years old 5 years later. Right, if a university student fails his entrance exam one year and graduates through university, he would be 25 years old.

    I’m 25 this year and I plan on starting to attend university from august. Tried to enter twice before but failed due to bad luck and few places(only 1-2 places each year for my selection group) even though my grades are very good. Should be able to enter this year though. Then there’s around 3 years of study, so I’ll be done when I’m 28, perhaps older if I choose higher studies afterwards, but I don’t think I will. I often feel kinda out of place though, most students will be 5-7 years younger than me. I probably won’t be the oldest as university is different from high school where almost only people of the same age enter. Had a few years of a gap because of circumstances at home, but I do want to reach for higher studies and get a job I actually like a little. However, thanks to this gap, I always feel so damn old, as if I’m too old for university already. As if I might as well just give up and go for whatever ordinary job I can find. I mean, I was 5 years old when my parents were my age, yet I haven’t even finished my own studies yet, I am already at the age of where people tend to become parents, thinking of it like that it feels a bit wrong. Honestly I’m not even sure if I have the energy and willpower to study for years anymore. I lose more and more will to care each year, maybe I’ll just drop out after several months even if I enter. Well, in my country university is free, you even get money while studying and the possibility to get some extra cash each month with a very beneficial student-specific loan so that you can live alone wherever the university is located at. In a way, it’s also a good way to move to the place I want to live at in the future and get settled down, I can just look for a job while studying a little and then drop out when I find one. The place I want to live is on a big island with far less people than usual yet all the conveniences of mainland, luckily the course and university I wanted to go to happened to be there as well. Moving there would be very difficult without a lot of saved money as a job is practically impossible to get there until you actually live there, but with school it’d be easy.

    Sigh. I wish I could’ve just entered university at 18 when I finished high school, but some family circumstances made me have to wait and also screwed up a bit of my high school education so had to study several courses on my own, which also took a while. Only finished when I was 23 but had extremely bad luck as my grades are actually really high and the statistics over the last 10 years said I would’ve been able to enter easily every single year, but only these last two years, as there are only 1-2 spots, had some people with insanely good grades. But this year I’m not taking any chances, even applied for another program I wasn’t as interested in just so I can break out of this vicious cycle before I give up altogether.

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