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GC V9C295

I’m back!

(295) Jeweller examination

Translator: Tseirp


As the talk seemed like it would become complicated, we returned to our room at Mill’s inn for now.

The Job Stealing Gem was a type of magic tool capable of snatching the job of its target.

Originally it was a magic tool meant to seal the jobs of thugs who have mastered their criminal jobs or have jobs that are hard to deal with and using it will transform them into Jobless.

“Then can’t the Goddess-samas just give us one? Should we go into a dungeon? Or will the Goddess-samas come to My World directly?”

“No, Goddess-samas are forbidden from bestowing magic tools apart from the dungeon clear bonus. They can only pass specific skills.”


That means there is an existence above the Goddesses in this world. Well, I figured there will be one, such as the Creation God.

“Wait? Isn’t that strange?”

“What is?”

Neete made a puzzled face but I pointed at her.

This ponytail beauty that at a glance can be seen anywhere and the bob-cut beauty that was locking herself in My World.

They both were not regular humans but homunculus.

And I received them from Torerul-sama.

I was hesitant to treat homunculus as magic tools but they were definitely outside the principles of ‘Only able to bestow specific skills’.

“Ah, you mean that? We are certainly working for Master’s sake but in the end, we still take Torerul-sama’s order as highest priority and are dolls who serve gods. We have not truly been given to Master. We prioritize Torerul-sama’s orders. In the worst-case scenario, we might have to kill Master.”

“Are you serious …”

“Don’t make such a face. We don’t like it either. Regardless of what is said, I still like Master.”

” … I see.”

“Because I like to tease Master.”

” ……… I see.”

She made an effort to rephrase herself so I don’t know if she was embarrassed or that she actually liked to tease me.

Well, I can’t really imagine Torerul-sama giving Neete the order to kill.

“Master, can we return to the topic?”

“Ah, sorry. So how do we get a Job Stealing Gem?”

“From an old dragon’s nest.”

According to Pionia, dragons like anything that sparkles, including gems, gold, and treasures. They would attack human carriages, take the treasures and bring them back to their nest.

The chance of a Job Stealing Gem in such nests was apparently high.

Apparently, one was stolen about 20 years ago.

“Where is the old dragon nest?”

“The nearest is in the volcano to the northwest of the town. In the Landau Mountains. There was a confirmed story of the old dragon from that nest snatching the Job Stealing Gem. So I want Master to first unlock the Jeweller job and acquire the Ornament Appraisal skill. Because I don’t know how the Job Stealing Gem looks like as well.”

“Jeweller job?”

Eh? I recall seeing that job somewhere.

Ah … I remember now, I heard about it from Rurina.

As a Manager, she is able to conduct examinations to unlock the Apprentice Cook, Jeweller and Mushroom Appraiser jobs.

What a coincidence ― No, Neete probably made the suggestion after knowing about Rurina.


Returning to My World, I told Rurina that I wanted to become a Jeweller.

When I did, she immediately agreed.

However, I couldn’t just take the examinations on the spot.

“I am honored to be of use to Ichinojo-sama. In order to become a Jeweler, please first prepare raw gems for me.”

Raw gems … I wonder if I have any such gems in my item bag.

No, wait?

“I have that!”

I recalled and immediately gathered everyone in My World at the beach.


I rotated my shoulders and stretched lightly.

Job … I left it as it was.

I walked toward my destination on the beach.

“Sheena No.3, turtle stew is on the menu!”


Sheena No.3 dressed like a female diver replied and tied a metal lifeline around her body before diving into the sea.

Then ―

“Now! Everyone, pull!”

At my signal, all the Dark-Elves pulled the rope together.

The rope was rolled up in the blink of the eye and the Ruby Turtle that seemed to have mistaken Sheena No.3 for bait was caught.

Sheena No.3 claimed that she was proficient at acting as fake bait but she was truly amazing.

Not even 5 seconds had passed from when we started fishing.

Of course, such an absurd way of fishing was impossible in real oceans.

“Now’s the time, Master.”

“Ou, Slash with Pico Pico Hammer added!”

The Slash I released hit the Ruby Turtle’s shell.

There was not much damage but I successfully made it unconscious.

All that was left was to finish the dismantling while it was unconscious.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Samurai skill: 「Barehanded Sword Stop」acquired】

【Outdoor Chef skill: 「Salt Creation」acquired】

All right, I leveled up.

Barehanded Sword Stop huh. That’s a Samurai-like still.

Salt Creation seemed to be a skill capable of making salt from seawater. It seemed to be more efficient as compared to making salt by drying seawater.

The jobs that did not acquire any skills had their levels go up as well.

I switched my second job to Dismantler and dismantled the Ruby Turtle we killed.

Although it didn’t happen in an instant, I was able to dismantle the Ruby Turtle into its shell and turtle meat in less than 10 minutes.

“All right, Sheena No.3! I leave the cooking of this turtle meat to you!

“Leave it to me-desu!”

I picked up the turtle shell and headed to the work shed where Rurina was.

“Rurina, I brought what you requested!”

“Well done, Ichinojo-sama. Then, I shall start the Jeweller examinations at once.”

As a Manager, she could conduct job examinations like an Instructor.

Under national legislation, a national permit was required to conduct the test however, My World was naturally considered extraterritorial so it didn’t matter.

“I will now reveal the contents of the test to Ichinojo-sama.”

The content of the examination depends on the gem that the examinee brought.

Cheating and fraud were strictly prohibited. Rurina could not choose the content of the examinations. Instead, it was automatically decided when she used her skill and she could only relay the content.

“The content of the examination is to create a ruby ring. Please make a standard ruby ring.”


I immediately took out pure silver than I made with Alchemy from my item bag and started work.

First, I struck the pure silver with a hammer and created countless silver rings (with their own pedestals) in an instant.

Then, from the Ruby Turtle’s shell, I removed the parts with a lot of impurities and when the beautiful portion left could fit the palm of my hand, I started work.

The method was simple, I similarly used the Blacksmithing skill.

In Blacksmithing, I could create a fire sword.

The raw material needed were only ruby and magic stones.

I created a fire short sword.

A pinky-sized short sword. And the handle portion fit the ring just nicely.

Then, I grinded the short sword blade a little ―

“All right, done!”


“That was fast!? Eh? Why? This is an excellent item! Even though it is a ring ―”

A red heat ray came out from the ring and pulverized a rock that was in the corner of the room.

“It can be used to attack as well.”

“Why, Ichinojo-sama? That is a fire ring, it is no longer a ruby ring. Well, the firepower is certainly first-class. It is linked to Ichinojo-sama’s magic attack stat.”

“Guh … one more time. But what should I do?”

“Em, Ichinojo-sama, I have already prepared the equipment to make gems normally so using those ―”

“By changing the material used for blacksmithing ― no, that is just introducing additional materials, it won’t become a ruby ring. Why isn’t there ruby ring listed in the accessory list?”

“Like I said Ichinojo-sama, normally ―”

“Hn? That’s right, I can use this instead!”

I picked up the ruby which had plenty of impurities that I was thinking of discarding.

Then, I removed the impurities using alchemy.

“All right, I acquired a spherical ruby. Next, if I inlay this … Rurina, I’m done!”

I showed Rurina the completed ruby ring.

“Pa … passed. Although I heard that it is extremely difficult to remove impurities from gems using alchemy.”

It certainly did consume quite a lot of MP but this amount was far easier compared to using Boost Ancient Nova.

“Don’t worry about it. So I can become a Jeweller with this?”

“Yes, you just need to pass the written examinations.”

“Wr … written examinations?”

Are you serious … well, I can’t turn back now.

“Rurina, I leave it to you!”

“Yes, please wait for a moment.”

Rurina replied and went somewhere before returning.

For some reason, she changed into a black suit and a tight skirt along with fake glasses.

“What is with that getup?”

“I was taught that all the female Instructors in Ichinojo-sama’s world dress like this when they teach! I heard about it from Neete.”

“All right, I won’t retort on the small matters. Let’s get started.”

I decided to not comment on anything else and worked hard to learn from Rurina in order to become a Jeweller.

I concentrated for roughly five hours to study things like the method to distinguish Jewel Turtle gems from regular gems or ways to make imitation gems.

I probably had not studied that hard ever since the day before high school examinations.

Then, the written examinations began.

The difficult questions kept coming.

Eh? Which gem has the most reserves in the Ariga island, lapis lazuli or aquamarine?

Although I was a little confused for some questions, I finished the examinations before time was up.

Rurina scored it immediately on the spot.

“Jeweller examinations. The passing mark is 75 points. Ichinojo’s score is …”

It was time … the wait was bad for the heart.

“87 points!”

“All right!”

I naturally took a guts pose.

The thrill was comparable to defeating a strong foe like the Leviathan.

【Job: Jeweller is now available】

I switched Outdoor Chef to Jeweller.

Then, I headed to the beach.

From behind, was it celebrations for my passing grade? There were fireworks shooting into the sky.


~Ichinojo-sama, congratulations for passing the Jeweller examinations~

There was a banner over the venue for the turtle stew party.

What were they going to do if I failed the examinations?

Ah, I see. Rurina shot the fireworks to notify them that I passed.

“Ichinojo-sama, the preparations are done.”

Rarael brought an Emerald Turtle confined inside an iron cage.

“Sorry … but I won’t hesitate to kill livestock.”

They were turtles raised to be killed from the beginning.

I can’t blame them if they held a grudge but I pierced the Emerald Turtle’s forehead with White Wolf Fang.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Samurai skill: 「Tossed coin」acquired】

【Jeweller skill: 「Polish」acquired】

【Jeweller skill: 「Ornament Appraisal」acquired】

It seemed like I acquired the Ornament Appraisal skill.

Strangely it didn’t seem to integrate with the other Appraisal skills.

Perhaps there was a difference between raw materials and finished products?

“I learned the skill I was aiming for!”

With this, I could appraise the Job Stealing Gem.

“Ou, Neete are you ready … wait, what’s with that eye-catching getup?”

“This is the best attire to sneak into enemy territory to steal the gem.”

Red jacket, blue shirt, yellow tie and white pants … it stands out no matter how I look at it.

I can see a future where she gets chased by certain police.

“Ichinojo-sama, I have prepared these as well.”

Rarael passed me a set of simple disguise outfit in black along with a mask to hide my mouth.

That might help if I plan to sneak into a person’s mansion but everyday clothes should suffice if I am sneaking into a dragon’s nest.

“Master, the turtle stew is ready-desu.”

” … Ah, all right. Thanks.”

I accepted the turtle stew that Sheena No.3 had been yearning for and brought it to my mouth.

” … It’s tasty. It is well seasoned with salt.”

I heard that eating green turtles would hurt your stomach but the ruby turtles were sea turtles. I did hear someone mention that sea turtles were tasty.

There were talks that sea turtle soup was becoming a problem so it was probably because it was delicious.

“That’s great. That was the first time I cooked turtle so I was a little uneasy.”

“Rarael made it?”

It seemed like Rarael could cook well.

Haru and the others were bad at cooking after all.

“Village Leader, that’s sly. We all made it together.”

“That’s right! Or rather, Rarael-sama threw away the broth by mistake!”

“I worked the hardest by removing lye from the soup.”

The Dark-Elves announced their own work.

“Yeah, this is thanks to everyone’s effort. Thank you. Now, everyone eat up as well.”

I thanked the Dark-Elves and we ate the delicious meal until the final serving of turtle rice soup.


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