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(296) Pancake

Translator: Tseirp


My Jeweller examinations passing celebration was over.

The turtle rice soup was really delicious.

“Right, I’ll make something as thanks.”

I said and asked everyone to wait for a while as I prepared the ingredients in the log house.

After preparing flour, sugar, milk, butter, and egg, I started cooking.

“Master, I will help with making the meringue.”

“Ah, thanks.”

Sheena No.3 made meringue from the egg white.

I imagined and would tolerate a chaotic cooking method by transforming her hand into a whisk but that Sheena No.3 actually poured all the egg white into her mouth and started shaking her head at a high speed.

“What in blazes are you doing?”


She had her mouth shut so I couldn’t tell what she was trying to say at all but Sheena No.3 spat out perfectly made meringue from her mouth.

Whisking in her mouth … well, the inside of her mouth was a machine as well and she washed herself every day so it was probably clean.

… I hope nobody saw it?

I guess I’ll use it after applying Clean.

Then, I mixed the remaining ingredients in appropriate amounts.


Then, I brought the power generator and a hot plate to everyone.

“Ichinojo-sama, what is this?”

“This is a tool to heat the metal plate ― Oil Create.”

I applied oil on the hot plate with Oil Create and poured the dough I made.

“Is this bread?”

“Similar but different. It’s pancake.”

I answered Rarael’s question as I made pancakes to treat them.


“! It’s so tasty! It’s delicious, Ichinojo-sama.”

Rarael ate following Pionia and Neete and she commented sincerely.

“I see. They are made entirely from ingredients from My World so I’ll teach you girls the way to make it next time. It’s very simple after all.”

I didn’t use baking powder because I didn’t know how to make baking powder from what I could gather in My World.

Although I might be able to if I carefully read through the cooking book that Miri brought from Japan.

“Such a delicious item can be made easily?”

Yeah, it’s easy … ?.

But it would take a large number of eggs to make for the number of people we have and the chickens we have now would probably be insufficient.

Making butter from Sugyu milk would be laborious too.

“Sorry, preparing the ingredients might be difficult.”

“No, it isn’t too much trouble if it can be made with the ingredients from this world. We hope that we can let Ichinojo-sama taste the pancake we make one day.”


I thanked them and made a large number of pancakes for them.

Regardless of whether they are Dark-Elves or Hume, it seemed that girls always will love pancakes.


Incidentally, I only recalled that I swapped my Outdoor Chef job to Jeweller after I finished making pancakes for everyone.


Thus, the turtle stew party meant to celebrate my passing ended. There were a few pancakes left but there weren’t many and I left them with Pionia so it won’t turn into a quarrel.

Given her interest in food, she would probably deal with it secretly.


I volunteered to wash the dishes as well. The Dark-Elves said that they would do it but I could finish in an instant with Clean so I did it in the end. Neete helped to clean up. Because she still had to serve punishment for the hug pillow case.

Incidentally, she was wearing the maid uniform which was the first attire she wore after she was born.

She normally wore maid attire for everyday wear but this was probably her most proper use of her attire so far.

As we were about to finish cleaning up, Pionia came back after burying the rubbish in the fields.

“Master, my task is complete.”

“Good work. Clean.”

She didn’t look dirty at a glance but I cleaned her entire body with Clean.

Pionia bowed to me with her expressionless face.

Although they have the same expressionless face, I could tell when Haru was happy from her swinging tail but I truly didn’t know what Pionia was thinking.

“May I borrow Neete for a while?”

“Hn? Are there any other tasks?”

“Affirmative. To attend to our visitor.”

“Visitor? Who?”

“Goddess Minerva has come to visit.”


I left the dishes and cleaned Neete and my body before heading to where Minerva-sama was.

A long black-haired beautiful woman was pouring something into a washbasin.

“Waaa! Minerva-sama, stop stop! What are you planning to do?”

” … Do you know there will be poisonous gas produced when you mix two types of detergents? I wonder if I can die comfortably with that.”

Minerva-sama seemed to have taken detergent from my item box on her own accord and poured two types of detergents into the washbasin.

But …

“Erm, I don’t think any poisonous gas will be produced if you mix the same type of detergent.”

I wasn’t very sure but I believe poisonous gas is only produced when you mix with chlorinated bleach.

And either way, even if poisonous gas is produced, we were outdoors so it wouldn’t be dangerous.

Perhaps she read my mind (Goddess-samas can really read minds), Minerva-sama smoothly stopped doing what she was doing.

“I guess I was mistaken.”

No, you weren’t mistaken.

She was the Goddess of Medicine after all.

“Ara? I am a failure as the Goddess of Medicine.”

… I knew they could read minds. Please stop reading my mind.

“Even in professional baseball, there are fourth batters who don’t get a home run at all, right? It is the same.”

Please don’t use that example. There are too many baseball players who I can think fit that description.

“Minerva-sama, we have prepared tea and sweets over there. Please ―”

Pionia said and gestured to the terrace beside the log house which she prepared without me noticing ― seriously when did she prepare that!? It wasn’t there this morning! All right, I led Minerva-sama over.


Pancake was served with the tea.

“It’s tasty … I’m not allowed to make my own food so I can only have others cook for me like this.”

I thought to myself that it was as I expect from Minerva-sama to not be allowed to make food instead of not being able to make food.

Neete silently poured the tea.

I was just thinking that she was doing work that suited her attire but now she updated my impression in just a few minutes.

“Did Pionia-chan make this pancake?”

“Negative. This pancake was made by Master.”

“Eh? Is that so, Suke-kun?”

“Suke-kun!? Eh? Ah, yes.”

That was the first time I was called Suke-kun.

“The curry was good, the pancake is good too, Suke-kun likes cooking? Do you want to become my private chef?”

“I respectfully decline.”

I would be troubled if she tries to commit suicide every time she fails her cooking — I would normally be honored to do so but I declined her invitation.


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GC V9C295


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    The stuff was a huge problem because as well as being easily accessible it caused a common issue where the gas would still linger when first responders arrived or it’d leak from the room of an apartment building and get the neighbors too.

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