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GC V9C297

(297) Bright red tail

Translator: Tseirp


Minerva-sama exclaiming that she wants to kill herself because I refused her invitation to become her chef … didn’t happen.

She was eating the pancake and seemed to be enjoying it very much.

If judged only by this scene, she would seem more like a beautiful young lady rather than a Goddess. Well, she normally doesn’t appear to be a Goddess that always wants to kill herself either.

Oops, it will be bad if my mind gets read so I better stop having unnecessary thoughts.


I shall free my mind. I will now reach enlightenment … there’s no way I can do that.

Having any more unnecessary thoughts will only serve to tighten a noose around my neck so I decided to speak first.


“Minerva-sama, did you grace us today to taste the pancakes? If so I can make a few more.”

“No, that’s not it. I am here today to pass Suke-kun this.”


Minerva-sama took out a beautiful jewel from her own cleavage and passed it to me. It was still slightly warm.

No, I should stop. Don’t think about unnecessary things.


“Ah, what is this? I can’t tell even with Jewel Appraisal so … I guess it is not a jewel.”

“That is a skill book.”

“Skill book?”


Now that I think about it, I received one from Miri before and used it. If I remember correctly, I will acquire the skill if I place the stone on my forehead.


“Yup, it is the same as the one Kaguya-chan passed to you. Suke-kun, use it use it.”



I probably have no right to refuse.

Miri would probably be angry if she knew that she was called Kaguya again — I ended up thinking about unnecessary things while I used the skill book.


【Skill book skill: Kin Conversion】


— Eh!?

Wasn’t this the skill I would receive as a reward for returning to Jobless?


“We’re giving you the reward in advance. Treasure it well. Make sure to return to Jobless.”

“Thank you very much. I understand, I will properly return to Jobless.”


It felt wrong to promise that I would properly return to being Jobless but I gave up worrying about it.

Since I received the reward, going back on my word and quitting would be even worse than being Jobless.

That was the responsibility of being a member of society.

Leaving that aside, what kind of skill is this Kin Conversion?

I looked at the skill description.


Skill Description: Kin Conversion 【Skill Book skill】

Able to convert the target into the user’s kin if the target satisfies the conditions.

The target’s consent is required for Kin Conversion.


… That didn’t help at all.


“Minerva-sama, how do I use this Kin Conversion skill —”


When I turned around to where Minerva-sama was, she was no longer there.


” … Pionia, Neete, where is Minerva-sama?”

“She returned with the pancakes.”

“She went back with the pancakes.”


… I would prefer it if she gave a proper explanation before she left.

Please hold some responsibility as a member of society — wait, Goddess can’t be said to be members of society though.


Sigh, seriously how do I use this skill?


※ Carol’s point-of-view ※


Town of Belasra.

It was an entertainment town located in the southern part of the Kingdom of Arundel and the second town Ichinojo visited when he came to this world.

And it was the town where he met Carol.

Haurvatat and Carol were visiting that town together.

Malina, Kanon, and Norn were acting separately so they were not there.

“Good morning, guard-san.”

Carol greeted the lookout standing at the entrance to the town with a smile.

He was a familiar guard that she met countless times when she was used as a hunting tool and he was one of the people he always cared for her.

“Carol-san. It’s been a long time. You are, if I remember correctly, the person who helped Carol-san in the past.”

“It’s been some time.”

Unlike Carol, Haurvatat didn’t recall the guard’s face completely.

However, she did recall a thankful guard when she returned Carol to town so she bowed thinking this was most likely him.

The guard looked at Carol’s face and the corners of his lips raised slightly. It was far from a smiling face but nonetheless, he was probably feeling happy that Carol was healthy.

Haurvatat paid the town entry tax (Carol was a peddler so she paid only half) and entered the town.

“Let’s go to Quince-sama’s place first. After that, we must head to the gambling house where people congregate to gather information.”

“Gambling house…”

” … Does Haru-san like to gamble?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Your tail is wagging a little.”

Haurvatat’s expression was a perfect poker face. She won’t show any expressions, just like great gamblers.

However in contrast, her tail was full of emotions so Haurvatat would never be able to win in card games.

Her swaying tail probably meant that she was eager to go to the gambling house.

“Yes, I wish to have another match with Gorza-san.”

“Eh? Gorza-sama?”

Gorza was the name of the owner of the town’s gambling house. He originally made a name for himself in this town as a skilled gambler.

“Yes. I wish to confirm if I am able to see through his exquisite skill with the roulette now. Also, I want to know if I can win without relying on cheats.”

” … It sounds to me that you’re not going there to gamble but to test your skill. I’ll make an appointment with him if he’s available. Since that guy is an information broker as well.”

Carol replied as they walked through the town.


Before heading to Quince’s Slave Dealership, they stopped to pay respects to Torerul’s Goddess Statue found in the plaza directly after the town entrance and they pooled 10 Sense to donate into the offertory box. They had plenty of money from the pocket money that Ichinojo gave them.

As Haurvatat prayed, she asked a question that suddenly came to mind.

“Carol. Instead of playing the money in the offertory box, isn’t it more meaningful to pass the money to Torerul-sama directly?”

It was a dialogue that would normally be inconceivable but Torerul would drop by Ichinojo’s My World during her free time.

They could actually pass her the money directly.

“I can’t imagine Torerul-sama having any use for money. I believe this money serves as donations to the Church or for the maintenance of the Goddess Statues. Ichinojo-sama will definitely dedicate something like wine to Torerul-sama so let’s stick to offering money like this.”

Obeying Carol’s words, Haurvatat prayed.

Then, she raised her head and looked at her surroundings.

There were many others praying apart from them.

The faith was profound.

” … By the way, Carol. How did Torerul-sama become known as the Goddess of Laziness?”

In the past, Haurvatat explained Torerul to Ichinojo but she was a Setolance believer so she only had very shallow knowledge regarding Torerul.

“The reason seemed to be because Torerul-sama introduced herself that way to the people who transmigrated. According to the scriptures, she originally gathered faith as the Goddess of the Night.”

“Goddess of the Night?”

“Yes. As night is related to sleep, she was also called the Goddess of Sleep and combined with her personality and speech, she became known as the Goddess of Laziness — that’s what I heard.”

“Goddess of Sleep. Then I must pray one more time.”

“Is Haru-san having trouble sleeping?”

Carol asked with a surprised expression.

“No, I wanted to pray to be with Master even if it is in my dreams during sleep.”

” … Haru-san is amazing to be able to say that so boldly … Carol will pray once more as well.”

Carol shuddered a little from Haurvatat’s innocence as she put her hands together to face Torerul’s Goddess Statue.

After praying, Haurvatat spoke as the thought came to mind while they were walking down the street.

“Speaking of dreams, it seemed that there was a race called Succubus in the past.”

It was something she heard from Famiris‧Raritei.

Succubus. A race called the Dream Demons. Their appearance was more similar to that of the demon race.

They were said to absorb spirit from men and use it as sustenance.

“Did you hear about them from that person?

Carol asked. She was referring to Famiris‧Raritei. She paid attention to not announce their connection to the Demon Lord in front of others.

Incidentally, that Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei was currently known as Kusunoki Miri and was reincarnated as Ichinojo’s younger sister. The details of that were not known to Haurvatat and the others, including Ichinojo.

“Yeah. I heard about it when I was a child so I not sure about the details but apparently the race of Succubus is able to enter the dreams of others. Having that ability would make it possible to see any dream I want.”

“The ability to cross dreams. Showing the target lewd dreams to absorb spirit from them so it does seem likely that you would be able to see the dream you want.”

Hearing Carol’s explanation, Haurvatat recalled the dream she had ten days ago.

The dream of the first night with Ichinojo in Florence.

“Carol, I might have been targeted by a Succubus.”

” !? Haru-san, your expression is the same as always but your tail is bright red!”

Carol suspected if the change to Haurvatat’s tail peeking out from her skirt that she had never seen before was due to a disease.


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