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SL Chapter 134

Chapter 134: Leonor

Translator: Tseirp


“Misufia, the conversation will continue for some time so I think it would be better if you take a seat.”


Misufia sat in front of the table just as I suggested while still having her head down.

Misufia, Ririnrara, and Prince Sarius all did not look at each other and only spent time in silence.

However …

There was no longer any hostile intent between the three of them.

Misufia was the first to break the silence.


“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“At that time, Geyserik needed the blood of royalty. If it was known that any child between you and Geyserik was hopeless, Veronia would probably be engulfed in internal strife once again … I believed that it was best to minimize the number of people who knew critical information … no, that’s an excuse too.”

” …….. ”

“No matter the reason, I had betrayed you. I was afraid of confessing the truth to you.”


Ririnrara clenched her fist so tightly that it turned white.

The race of High-Elves does not trust other races. They do not like to be expressive but if they put their minds to it, they can easily fake emotions and appear friendly.

The nobility of the High-Elf Kingdom of Kiramin was notorious for their sudden changes in attitude but in actual fact, they do not trust the other party at all nor do they feel anything for them.

However, once they truly form a relationship of trust, they will never betray it.

They will feel disappointed if they are betrayed but they will never betray the friendship.

To the High-Elves, that was an evil act that can’t be imagined using human values.

My once comrade Yarandorara was angry to the point of fighting with Ares who expelled me perhaps because, in the values of High-Elves, Ares’ act was unforgivable.


『You guys do not know me anymore.』


Yarandorara left with those parting words before exiting the party.

I thought I understood her but I never predicted that Yarandorara would do such a thing.

I wonder where was Yarandorara traveling now, after experiencing disappointment with us.

At the very least, I heard from the peddlers who travel to the Imperial Capital that she had not returned to the floral shop in the Imperial Capital.

I do wish to look for her but finding Yarandorara in this huge continent would be difficult.




Prince Sarius muttered with a trembling voice.

Ririnrara and Misufia both lifted their heads and looked in Prince Sarius’ direction.


“Regardless of the history … even if only ruin awaits, I am happy to be able to call mother, mother, and happy to meet mother whom I never thought I would be able to meet again. I only … wanted to convey that.”


There was no hatred on Prince Sarius’ face.

His expression was pure and it revealed the refreshing High-Elf features that he inherited.


“Perhaps we should vacate the seats.”



Ruti nodded to my words. This was a problem between the three of them.

Ririnrara who had her head down and had trembling shoulders. Misufia who caringly had her hand on Ririnrara’s shoulder.

It would probably take some time but I believe they would be able to resolve it if they slowly talked about it.




We moved to the neighboring room, leaving the three of them inside.

The inn was usually used by navigators but now the soldiers under Ririnrara’s command were using it to rest.

The room was well made and there was a chest with a key to place our luggage.

This was a high-quality inn located in the Harbor District among the other shacks that function as inns in the area.


“Now then.”


I turned around and looked at Ririnrara’s subordinates and the High-Elves.


“I didn’t expect such a secret.”

“Yeah, I’m happy for Head.”

“Anybody have a handkerchief? My tears can’t seem to stop.”

The three High-Elves were all in tears.

Although Ririnrara did not tell them the circumstances, they were apparently aware that Ririnrara was suffering because of something.

I felt sorry for them so I lent them handkerchiefs.


“I want to ask one thing though.”


It seemed as though the sun would set before they stopped crying so I forcibly advanced the discussion.


“What are the divine protections of Leonor’s sons, Prince Silverio and Prince Uzuku.”



The High-Elves stared at me blankly.


“I heard that both of them were 『Warriors』.”

“Have you seen them use skills?”


The High-Elves looked at each other.


“I have not seen it but the unique skill of a 『Warrior』 is to strengthen their abilities so it isn’t eye-catching.”

“They definitely have high physical ability. They were apparently unbeatable in wrestling in the Royal Palace.”

“My acquaintance had a wrestling match with them once but they really had amazing strength and skill.”


“But you have not seen them use skills or heard anything about it?”

“Ah, haha …”


The High-Elves were puzzled by my words.


“Red, what’s wrong? Did you realize something?”


I nodded to Lit’s question.


“Where did Prince Silverio and Prince Uzuku come from?”

“Ririnrara commented that perhaps Leonor possessed the antidote.”

“In the first place, where did Leonor acquire the ‘Concealed Progeny-Severing Poison’?”

“Misufia and Leonor’s father, the former King of Veronia, had the divine protection of 『Herbalist』 so perhaps it was among the medicine that the previous king collected?”

“If it was a normal poison then that would be possible. But the poison used was a Dark Continent poison that even the High-Elves could not cure. Even if Leonor is royalty, I do not believe she has a way to acquire such a rare poison on the Avalon Continent. Somebody from the Dark Continent prepared the poison and plan and enacted it using Leonor.”


I have read about the ‘Concealed Progeny-Severing Poison’ from books.

There were other secret drugs that would alter a person’s constitution and produce poison but they all have one thing in common, which is converting the altered constitution back would not be easy.

It’s a different matter if we include the 『Hero』’s miracle-like ‘Healing Hands’ but these can’t be cured immediately with magic or medicine.

If Leonor drank the poison and infected Geyserik with the poison using her body, both Geyserik and Leonor will have to be treated.

If she planned to treat Geyserik, it would need long term treatment and would be impossible that Geyserik or Ririnrara would fail to notice.


“So it is impossible that she cured the poison.”

“Hmm, does that mean she brought another person’s child?”

“That is strange too.”

” … Because there are two, right?”


It would be strange if Ririnrara failed to grasp all the information but it was also strange that the princes are brothers.

It goes without saying that swapping princes is a dangerous act.

If information about it leaks anywhere, Leonor will certainly be ruined.

That’s why normally isn’t it best to only swap one prince to minimize the risk?

There shouldn’t be any reason to cross a dangerous bridge if there is no need to.


“Of course, if there was no risk of it coming to light, as a queen Leonor will benefit the more princes she has. I believe Ririnrara thought that they have the antidote which even High-Elves can’t create because the story fits if the princes are actually Geyserik’s sons.”


However, from my knowledge, I find it impossible that there would be an antidote.


“In other words, to Leonor, the second prince, Prince Uzuku, was not a risk.”


Leonor was confident that nothing can be exposed.


” … If my speculations are correct, Leonor is an even more terrifying monster than we know.”


Among the characters in Geyserik’s story that Misufia told, there were exactly two people who disappeared.

The Asura Demons Gashasura and Chugara who accompanied Geyserik when they snatched the Demon Lord’s ship.

They came to Veronia together with Geyserik and assisted Geyserik during the assault on Duke of Oslo but after that, they left Geyserik’s side and disappeared from Veronia’s history.


I recalled the figure of Shisandan who had transformed into Byuui.

The people of Zoltan did not realize that Byuui was an Asura Demon and even I couldn’t tell just by looking.

Because Byuui’s appearance was perfect. Byuui was the very image of human.

Byuui cut his hair when it grew and his nails grew the same as humans.

In that case, will Asura Demons that transform into babies grow the same way as humans?

The baby’s appearances will definitely resemble Geyserik and Leonor’s child so there was no worry of it getting exposed.


“But is she capable of going that far for ambition?”


Compared to the monsters that I have encountered to date, it was more appropriate to call Leonor’s turbid black heart a monster.


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  1. Felipe

    Sooo the theory is that both Leonor and her “son” are actually asura demons disguised?….. I actually never believed that Leonor had an antidote (there is no way a poison or drug rare powerful enough to change a body like that can be treated that easily) and I did wondered what happened to the asura demons they had contact with… but I didn’t expect that

    • Inkyblacksite

      Not lenor, just her son. Red called Leonor a monster because of her cold, calculating, unethical, and ambitious nature.

    • Am I UnDead Yet?

      No, she’s human. It’s both the sons that are the demons.

  2. ChunLing

    Hahahaha, looks like plan “Kill them all” is a go!

    After all, it’s not like there is any other way to definitely uncover an Asura demon who does not wish to be revealed.

  3. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    So both of Leonor’s son are demons?

  4. GNT32

    Kind of weird that Red says that Yarandorara left the party when Red was still on the party when at the beginning of the novel Yarandorara leaves the party to look for Red when Red leaves the party becuase of Ares scheme. I am missing something?

    • She did leave after Red was expelled from the party. Perhaps my wording was a bit too ambiguous.

      • Ascending Flame

        I think some of the information Red knows came from Ruti and Tise’s account of the events after he left. Or, at least from Ruti.

    • Deadlurk

      I assumed that Red heard about it from Danan or Theodora when they were around.

  5. R2D2TS

    Thanks for the chapter.

  6. Jeff

    Thank you for the chapter!
    So Leonor willingly got herself poisoned to screw over both Geyserik and Misufia, then blackmailed her own sister into exile AGAIN then installed demons as the legitimate heirs? Are we sure that she’s NOT the demon lord?

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    Holy!! The plot twist is getting more and more amazing, the plot of this arc is something you wouldn’t expect for a novel with a title of Slow Life

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