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SL Chapter 135

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Chapter 135: The storm is to the west, today is peaceful

Translator: Tseirp


Roughly 1500 km to the west of Zoltan.

A steel warship was cruising through the ocean while expelling black smoke.

In the cabin, a young girl in a dress who only seemed to be in her teens was seated on the sofa.

She was Leonor‧Of‧Veronia.

As Veronia’s queen and with Geyserik reaching the end of his life expectancy, it was no exaggeration to claim that she had the greatest authority in Veronia at the moment.


“How is it? Has Sarius acted?”


The two princes seating in zen meditation positions responded to Leonor’s clear and beautiful voice and opened their eyes.

The princes both had blessed physiques close to two-meter tall and had beautifully honed bodies.

Unlike Sarius’s beauty which he inherited only slightly from the High-Elves, they had the beauty of humans and Asura.

Silverio and Uzuki, the two princes slowly opened their eyes and laughed, showing their white teeth to Leonor who was supposed to be their mother.


“Mother, Sarius has just attacked Zoltan.”

“I see, good work.”


Leonor hid her distorted smile behind a fan and laughed elegantly.

Of course, Leonor was not an Elf. Her age has already passed 60 and originally should have already entered old age.

Leonor used all kinds of medicinal products and magic to maintain the youthfulness of her body. Her flesh was maintained by investing an uncountable amount of gold.

However, it could only maintain her appearance. Even with Alchemy and magic, she didn’t know any method to extend her life.

If there was a method like that, there wouldn’t even be an issue with succession to begin with.


Leonor was old.

She was no longer as agile as before. Her limbs were numb and her fingertips no longer moved as she expected them to.

Unlike Misufia’s 『Archmage』, Leonor’s divine protection was 『Warrior』 and it was not a divine blessing that retained its strength even at old age.

Even though she appeared to be a young girl, Leonor’s body was even frailer than Misufia.


“With this, it is over for Ririnrara, Sarius, and Onee-sama.”


She has obtained the pretext to subdue Ririnrara’s faction.

Now, she had this Demon Lord warship Wendy Dart and 8 Galleon that she stripped command from the Veronia Navy and took over while Ririnrara was gone.

She banished the crew that didn’t obey off the ship and now mercenaries were working the ship.

It was an army that could easily destroy Zoltan.


“But does mother have a reason to do this yourself?”


Silverio’s words were a given.

Unlike Misufia, Leonor had no combat skills, no skills to command troops, no ability to steer a ship or read the weather.

Leonor had no role to play by being there.

However, Leonor shook her head.


“I am taking care of my health. After all, I wish to live longer than Onee-sama. Onee-sama will lead a life of disappointment while I lead a life of happiness. I want that time to be as long as possible. That was why I did not kill Onee-sama.”


Leonor touched her own side.


“It seems to be liver disease. I am currently suppressing it with medicine but I will probably follow after Geyserik.”


“You guys already know as well, right? It is impossible that the Veronian Princes capable of clairvoyance, able to see what is going on in the remote land, will fail to notice the illness of their mother who is right beside them.”

“Our clairvoyance can only catch a glimpse of the surroundings of the people we know their names and faces. We can only use it once a day. We won’t be able to see through visceral diseases.”

“Moreover, mother’s appearance is fixed. I didn’t see any signs of disease.”

“Hoho … let’s leave it at that.”


Humans and Elves and Demons will all die eventually.

Unlike the immortal Asura.


“That’s why I must see with my own eyes Onee-sama dying while suffering before I die.”


Leonor’s eyes still burned with the hatred for her real sister even now.

Because she realized her own impending death, Leonor’s heart was brimming with life force.


“Humans are interesting.”

“I agree.”


The two Asura, in the form of the two princes, recalled the figure of Geyserik.

Eroded by lung disease and frail to the point where it won’t be strange if he died at any moment, Geyserik still clung on to life as if waiting for something.

If it cost that much suffering and if enduring that suffering will only lead to the same death, the Asura wondered if they would be able to resist like Geyserik was doing.

Silverio and Uzuku would probably give up and die. Even if it was their last life with no more reincarnation, the Asura would not endure pain when there is no hope.

Humans were interesting.

That was why these two chose to stay in Veronia and to take over the kingdom using a method that would take a long time.


Geyserik who has the rare divine blessing of 『Emperor』 and became a king as his divine protection wished for.

Ririnrara who was born to be a pirate with her divine protection of 『Pirate』 but chose to become a General for Geyserik’s sake.

And Leonor, with a common Warrior divine protection but managed to lead the three heroes by the nose through her schemes and was about to gain victory.


“It is not complete until we see the end.”

“Yeah, I look forward to seeing how mother dies.”


The Asura spoke as though they were enjoying a theatrical play as they laughed about the life of Leonor and the others.



Five days later. Zoltan Downtown.

I walked with a basket full of oranges.


“Red-oniichan, why are we gathering oranges? Are we going to make jam?”


Maybe because he had just eaten lunch, Tanta seemed to be in a good mood.


“No, do you know about the party for Prince Sarius and the upper echelon of Zoltan?”

“Yup, happening this evening, right? Mistome-san and Ruti-san somehow managed to make something work!”


Although the issue with Prince Sarius still remained, for now the problems that Zoltan was facing, the Church register, the attack on the Harbor District and Zoltan’s resident Mistome-shi’s life, were all resolved.

Prince Sarius paid compensation for the assault on the Harbor Distract as promised and withdrew his request for the Church register.

In order to help the prince of a great power save face, Zoltan proposed modest concessions, such as to replenish their supplies and allow their navy to enter the Harbor District, and an official signing ceremony that will also serve as a party would take place today from noon.


“And in a separate venue from where Prince Sarius and the others are, the regular navy will also be holding a buffet. I’m transporting these oranges there for their use.”

“But why is Red-oniichan doing it?”

“I wonder why too … actually, I’ll be making something as well.”



I tilted my head while smiling wryly.

I was the owner of an Apothecary though, not a Cook.


“But Red-oniichan’s cooking is delicious so everyone will definitely love it!”

“That would be great.”


Despite being healed by Tanta’s innocent smile, I couldn’t hide my unease from entering the unfamiliar territory of displaying my cooking to that many people.

My stomach hurt.


As to why it turned out this way … I’ll have to rewind the story a little.


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  1. Ascending Flame

    Omae wa mou shindeiru, Silverio, Uzuku.

  2. Not Important

    I don’t get Lenor’s motive here, Mitsfune was rather a kind sister all things considered. Even against their father’s warning allowing her to live (even after ruining her life the first time), is it that she if spiteful about being born with a more common and moslty worse DP then her? Is she supposed to be just that bad a person. As far as other motives go for different characters there is some semblance of reason. Ares had his DP and history had him want to posture himself to be more important, but couldn’t keep up with Gideon, The Asura demons are more or less the overarching antagonist (if you don’t count the worlds flawed systems of DPs) So most of their motivations are kept secret, but the individuals are given different motivations to seem more simple? (because it amuses me, and because I will become stronger by doing this) as immortal observers who see much more more whimsical reasons make more sense. Meanwhile Lenor’s just seem extreme and she doesn’t really have the DP argument as her impulses should be fairly weak (probably not fighting too much to gain lvls and being a common DP). This chapter also goes out of it’s way to say she was smart at leading the other three by the nose (she kinda did), but she made the same mistake Mistfune did (this is the 2nd time in fact) By not killing her. I’m probably looking too much into this but meh.

    • Chiu ChunLing

      Her motive is fairly clearly stated.

      She envies and hates her sister, and will stop at nothing to “win”. You’ve never met anyone like that?

    • I wanna sleep

      Sadly, people like Leonor exists in real life too.

      A person with an inferiority complex hating the “superior” sibling who can’t underdtand the inferiority complex and adding salt to the wound by being kind. Once that person manages to win, they will start to indulge in happiness by taking “revenge”.

      Leonor seems more human than Red in this regard.

  3. R2D2TS

    Thanks for the chapter.

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