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GC V9C300

(300) Proof of kin

Translator: Tseirp


Haurvatat and Carol continued to dive into the Belasra dungeon.

I wonder how many days it has been?

“Swift Speed!”

Haurvatat used her Beast Swordsman skill to instantly close in on the minotaur and burnt the minotaur’s neck carotid artery with her Flame Dragon’s Fang.

She would head to the next minotaur before the sound of that minotaur roaring in agony before its death stopped.

During that time, Carol picked up the drop item and magic stones that the minotaur dropped.

They were mostly beef, magic stones, and bull horns so it would be nice if the item they were aiming for dropped within defeating a hundred of them.

This time, it only dropped mino meat (high-grade item).

“Haru-san, I am done collecting the drop item. It is about time the King Minotaur appears on the lowest floor.”

“Thank you very much Carol. Let’s head to the lowest floor then.”

Haurvatat and Carol descended the stairs and moved toward the lowest floor.

The boss room door was tightly shut and the King Minotaur seemed to have respawned as Carol mentioned.

The thick door opened noisily and a King Minotaur breathing fiercely stood inside.

“Carol, you remember the strategy, right?”

“Yes, don’t worry.”

After confirming, the two of them entered the boss room.

Carol moved as soon as the back door opened.


The spell she cast charmed the King Minotaur.

Bosses are resistant to mental spells but it would make them confused when attacking. The King Minotaur was at a loss as to what to do with the axe it raised up. Haru wouldn’t miss the chance born from that instant.


Just like how she fought together with Ichinojo in the past, she sliced the King Minotaur’s foot and approached it as it was about to lose balance. The King Minotaur swung it’s long tail like a whip as Haurvatat closed in but she easily jumped over it and came close enough to reach with her sword.

“Wolf Fang!”

With two daggers, it was a sandwich attack from the left and right just like a beast’s fang.

Like a wolf’s fang, it gouged into the head of the King Minotaur.

Even though the blood dyed Haurvatat’s pure white hair red, that blood disappeared because the King Minotaur died.

“Great job, Haru-san! Are you stronger than before?”

“Thanks Carol. I certainly seem to have leveled up. It’s strange but I receive more experience points fighting here as compared to when I was with Master.”

“That shouldn’t be possible though.”

Carol tilted her head.

In the past, Haurvatat and Ichinojo formed a party to come to this dungeon. When Ichinojo defeated enemies, one-fourth of those experience points would go to Haurvatat.

However, due to Ichinojo’s 20 times experience points gain divine blessing, the actual experience points should be five times higher than when fighting solo.

Currently, she was in a party with Carol so she should only receive 75% of her usual experience points if she was running solo.

Because of that, it shouldn’t be possible that she found leveling to be easier now.

“But my Beast Swordsman leveled up and my second job Swordsman reached its upper limit in level as well.”

“Now that you mention it, Carol feels that her Peddler and Harvester levels are rising quickly. Peddler has reached its level limit and unlocked the Merchant job while Harvester leveled up and unlocked the Herbalist job.”

Carol’s Peddler and Harvester jobs were lower-ranked jobs so leveling up would be easy.

However, it was mostly Haurvatat who dealt the finishing blow when fighting with monsters. The experience points from such cases would only be 25% of the usual.

No matter how much power leveling was taking place, she now realized how abnormal that rise was.

She didn’t realize until now because Haurvatat’s speed in defeating monsters was abnormal.

With her sense of smell, she could instantly tell where monsters will spring out from.

Thus she could hunt monsters effectively even without the Temptress skill.

That efficiency caused her to not notice the abnormality in the speed of leveling up.

More important, having been with Ichinojo all this time, they were probably too accustomed to that leveling up speed.

“Nevertheless, it’s troubling that we can’t change our second job.”

Ichinojo’s Job Changing skill was needed to change their second job.

The church won’t be able to do so.

After all, the concept of a second job itself only existed among Ichinojo and his companions.

“However, I was surprised that we could continue to use our second job after moving so far away from Ichinojo-sama.”

“I wasn’t that surprised. Once, I was far away from Master so I could confirm that.”

“Now that you mention it, I heard about it from Malina-san. Haru-san was quite distraught when Ichino-sama was not around.”

” … That’s a secret.”

Haurvatat’s tail turned bright red as she replied.

“Secret? That’s a pity. Carol wanted to see it too but … ah! Haru-san! Look, the item we are looking for is there.”

Carol said and picked up the large ball before quickly storing it in the item bag.

It was by no means dirty but she didn’t want to hold it for long.

Since that was the King Minotaur’s testicle.

Quince’s requested material was one hundred minotaur testicles. Incidentally, King Minotaur testicles are worth ten minotaurs equivalent so they were actively hunting it.

After all, by gathering these testicles, they will be able to make a medicine that can relieve the charm from Succubus.

“Haru-san. Let’s return to Quince-san. I worked up a little sweat.”

“That’s true.”

Haurvatat and Carol returned to the surface.

If Ichinojo was around, they could easily become clean with the Clean spell or they could enter the hot springs whenever they liked in My World but those conveniences weren’t usually available.

In the first place, one could only enter a hot bath in luxury inns in Belasra that could cost over 10,000 Sense for a night for two. The amount needed to pay for a night in a luxury inn was the same amount needed to stay for a week in a regular inn.

Even wiping your sweat is hard in a dungeon with monsters.

Neither Haurvatat nor Carol wasn’t particularly fussy on keeping clean either way.

Or rather, over their education as slaves, they received training to endure unsanitary environments.

However, when traveling with Ichinojo, Ichinojo hopes that they maintain cleanliness so keeping clean had become a natural duty for them.

Along the way, they defeated a few monsters that they can make a good profit from before they returned to the surface.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

“Heys, good job.”

They have been diving into the dungeon daily so they were already familiar with the guards.

In the past, when Carol entered the dungeon, a large number of wool worms from outside town were attracted here. Because of that incident, he anxiously stopped Carol when she tried to enter the first time but after explaining the situation to him properly, it didn’t bring about any further trouble.

“Quince-sama, we’re back. Today we obtained seven minotaur testicles and one King Minotaur testicle.”

After confirming that there were no customers, Carol reported today’s results.

“Good job. You probably earned quite a number of magic stones? How about it? Do you want to buy a slave? I’ll make it cheap.”

“Sorry — I have to ask Ichino-sama for such matters.”

“Isn’t it fine, you girls are no longer slaves after all.”

Quince said and looked at Carol and Haurvatat’s necks.

Quince contacted the Florence slave dealer, Matthias, and completed the procedure so Haurvatat was also released from slavery.

Carol traced the item currently around her neck.

There was a black choker around her neck but it was not a slave collar. She had the slave collar that was removed remodeled into an accessory.

To Carol, that black collar was proof of binding and also a connection with Ichinojo.

“Quince-sama, we wish to wipe our bodies so could we borrow the center courtyard?”

“Sure, I don’t mind. I’d be grateful if you draw the water as well.”

“Yes. We will do at least that much in return.”

That was cheap considering the accommodation they had so Haurvatat went all out to offer her help.

“Ah, Haru-san. Carol will help too.”

“Carol, please wait a while. I have something to discuss with you.”

Quince stopped Carol.

Although she was curious, Haurvatat felt that it would be boorish of her to enter a conversation between the two of them that were like parent and daughter so she went to the center courtyard to wipe her body on her own.




It was a location that was hidden from the outside so after drawing water once, Haurvatat took off her clothes on her upper body and started wiping her body.

< … It became bigger again.>

She sighed to herself as she wiped the sweat that accumulated under her breast.

For Haurvatat whose greatest weapon was her speed, large breasts were nothing but a hindrance. She would gouge out her chest like an Amazoness to fight for Ichinojo’s sake — that was her true feelings.

However, Haurvatat knew.

That Ichinojo liked her breast.

At night, Ichinojo’s gesture of hesitating whether to touch or not to touch and finally deciding to gently massage it in the end. Since Haurvatat liked having her stomach stroked the most and the chest is an extension of the abdomen, she could say that it was enjoyable to her.

She couldn’t stand losing that source of joy.

She thought to herself as she muttered in jest.


It was a magical chant that shouldn’t cause anything to happen.

However, a faint light wrapped around Haurvatat’s hair.

Then, her hair became neat and organized in an instant.

” … Eh? Haru-san, what was that spell?”

Carol had just arrived at that moment and asked Haurvatat regarding the spell.

“Carol, you saw? I don’t know how but it appears that I can use Lifestyle Magic.”

“Are you surprised?”

“Yes, I am terribly surprised. Carol, have you completed your matters with Quince-sama?”

“Ah … yes. I heard from Quince-sama that our work is done as of today. So she asked to keep the reporting documents. More importantly, Haru-san. Have you checked your status?”

“Check … I guess I should do that.”

Haurvatat checked her own status which she had not done recently.


Name:HaurvatatRace:White Wolf
Job:Beast Swordsman Lv64

Swordsman Lv60★

HP:1008/1010 (590+420)MP:92/92 (40+52)
Phy Atk:890 (530+360)Phy Def:675 (421+254)
Mag Atk:42 (0+42)Mag Def:100 (51+49)
Speed:2003 (1501+320) x1.1Luck:30 (20+10)
Fire Dragon FangShort SwordSilk DressLeather Shoes
ScarfWind Brooch
「Stone Throw」「Bow Equip」「Dismantling」「Sword Equip III」「Slash II」「Rotational Slash II」「Bow and Arrow Equip」「Swordsmanship Strengthening (Medium)」「Speed UP (Small)」「Dual Wield」「Experience Point Distribution」「Olfactory Strengthening」「Forgery Appraisal」「Beast Blood II」「Tornado Cutter」「Sky-shattering Punch」「Swift Speed」「Setolance’s Blessing」「Three-part Spear」「Wolf Fang」
【Acquired Titles】
「Labyrinth Conqueror III」 「Party Leader」「Ichinojo’s Kin」
【Possible Job Changes】
Commoner Lv15Farmer Lv1Hunter Lv5Lumberjack Lv1
Apprentice Swordsman Lv25Swordsman Lv60★Beast Swordsman Lv64Pugilist Lv1
Sword Saint Lv1Beast Sword Saint Lv1
Kin skills: 【Hikikomori (Dependant) 】 【Lifestyle Magic (Dependant)】 【Drying (Dependant)】
Kin Divine Blessing: 4x experience point acquisition, 1/4 required experience points


Kin skills and Kin Divine Blessing.

That was no mistaking it.

Haurvatat was experiencing increased acquired experience values and reduced required experience for leveling up because she became Ichinojo’s kin.

” … Hikikomori … ?”

She thought about the skill that she never heard of before.

However, Haurvatat derived the answer to that from her own memory.


『Sorry for making you worry. It seems that among the skills I acquired, there is a skill that will allow me to create my own world.』

『Your own world!? I have never heard of such skill … Is it a kind of Space-Time Magic? What is the name of the skill?』

『Hikiko — It’s called My World.』


The conversation between Ichinojo and Carol when he acquired the My World skill.

At that time, did Ichinojo want to say 「Hikikomori」 instead?

“Carol, actually I have just checked my status.”

And she explained the situation to Carol.

About Kin Divine Blessing and Kin skill.

And about the skill called Hikikomori.

Then, Haurvatat told her.

“When I opened my magic list, it was there. The spell called My World (Dependant).”


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GC V9C299


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