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GC V9C301

(301) Pillow talk

Translator: Tseirp


“ … My World.”

Haurvatat chanted the spell with trepidation.

Upon doing so, an entrance smaller than the one that appears when Ichinojo uses the spell appeared.

“Carol … as expected, this is …”

“Yes, just as Haru-san thought, after Haru-san became Ichinojo-sama’s kin, you became able to use a portion of Ichinojo-sama’s skills.”

She gained the ability to use three skills.

Hikikomori, Lifestyle Magic and Drying.

Haurvatat had never seen Ichinojo use the skill Drying but Haurvatat had no recollection of acquiring that skill and given that it was listed beside the others skills from Kin, she concluded that it was probably a skill that Ichinojo learned recently.

“Well then, Carol. Let us try entering My World. I must report this to Master.”

“Please wait, Haru-san. Are you truly certain that beyond that entrance is the My World created by Ichinojo-sama? If My World is a skill meant to create a new world, this may lead to a different world which Haru-san created – – “

“I do not think so. I somewhat feel like I can smell Master’s scent beyond this entrance.”

Although the words ‘somewhat’, ‘like’, ‘feel’ were all words with uncertainly, Haru confidently entered My World.

Carol followed soon after.

“Is it a different place after all? My World did not have a forest like this.”

Carol said uneasily but Haurvatat was confident.

“No, Carol. This is, without a doubt, the My World we know. Ichinojo-sama’s scent lingers in this forest.”

Haurvatat’s tail was swaying slightly but now it stood straight.

“I see but in that case, why is Haru-san on alert?”

Her tail standing straight was proof that she was on alert.

“ … Because I detect scents from others apart from Ichinojo-sama. And multiple scents at that.”

“Not Pionia-san or Sheena-san?”

“Pionia-san has almost no scent. Sheena-san has a scent that differs from humans.”

At that time, a presence approached them.

Haurvatat took a stance to protect Carol and drew her Fire Dragon Fang and Short Sword.

“Carol, please support me if a fight breaks out.”

“Al-all right.”

Carol nodded and then suddenly.

Multiple shadows descended from atop the trees.

“Halt! Who are you!”

The people who appeared made Haurvatat even warier.

Dark Elves – – A race said to live exclusively in the Great Forest in the Southern Continent.

The Church claims that they are of the demon race but according to Famiris‧Raritei, they did not side with either the demon race or the Church during the war and are a race that dislikes fighting, deciding to remain neutral.

She had a ton of questions as to why those Dark Elves were in My World?

Furthermore, it was not just one or two of them.

A couple of them appeared in front of her but she detected dozens lurking in the forest hiding their presences. They were all skilled individuals.

It wasn’t as though Haurvatat couldn’t fight them on her own but she wondered if she could do so while protecting Carol.

Immediately after she had that thought.

“Wait a minute – – White Wolf Race and Half Mini-Hume … Could I hear your names?”

“ … Haurvatat.”


Immediately after they said their names.

The Dark Elves moved in a fashion opposite of what they had in mind.

All members dropped their weapons and knelt on the ground.

“Forgive us for our disrespect for not recognizing Ichinojo-sama’s trusted confidants Haurvatat-sama and Carol-sama.”

It seemed that they were not enemies.

Haurvatat thought to herself and kept her swords.

“I am terribly sorry but do you have any proof of identity?”

“Would Adventurer identifications suffice?”


Haurvatat showed her adventurer identification to the leader-like woman among the Dark Elves.

“Affirmative. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I am Rarael. I serve as the Chief for the Dark Elves. Ah, take this as a token of our friendship.”

“ … Thank you very much.”

Haurvatat received a cushion of a deformed Ichinojo.

She hugged the cushion and her tail wagged happily.

“It seems you have taken a liking for It, Haru-san.”

“ … Yes, this is a splendid item.”

“As expected of Haurvatat-sama, you understand it well.”

“Especially this texture. This was made to have the same texture as Master’s clothes?”

“Yes, you really can tell! We initially made it with silk but in order to resemble Ichinojo more, we tailored it again with the cotton fabric that Ichinojo-sama usually wears. The reviews from my companions were great.”

“I see … but I am troubled with using this cushion. I do not dare to use Master’s face as a pillow.”

“Yes, we all use them as a hug pillow.”

“Hug pillow? In that case, I can lie on my back and place it over my stomach. I will be able to sleep while having the sensation of Master rubbing my belly.”

“That sounds wonderful. As expected of Haurvatat-sama.”

The conversation between Haurvatat and Rarael on the cushion continued endlessly.

Carol thought to herself that now was not the time for such discussions but given that it has been a long time since she saw Haurvatat enjoying herself so much, Carol decided to gather information on her own.




Carol left Haurvatat and Rarael on their own and started gathering information from the Dark Elves who had lowered their guard.

As a result, she was able to accurately grasp why the Dark Elves were living in My World and the problem Ichinojo was currently facing in Goats rocky.

“Haru-san, I’ll look for Pionia.”

Since Haurvatat and Rarael were having a blast discussing the hug pillow, Carol asked the Dark Elf nearby called Ririana to pass a message and left to find Pionia on her own … but.

“Enemy presence detected desu! Transitioning to interception mode!”

When she left the forest, Sheena No.3 suddenly attacked.

With a deck brush.

“Calm down, Sheena No.3! It’s Carol! Didn’t we meet a couple of times!”

“Eh? Carol? … desu? But I sense enemy presence desu.”

“Are you broken again?”

Sheena No.3 touched both her index fingers together and thought to herself.

Her gestures were identical to that of a human.

If there wasn’t smoke coming out from her head …

“By the way, Sheena No.3. Where is Pionia-san?”

“Pionia-oneesan is currently in the mine!”

Another girl she has never seen before appeared and replied.

Of course, Carol already knew about that girl.

“Neete-san … right?”

“That means you are Master Carol! Yes, I am Neete! Nice to meet you.”

Neete held Carol’s hand with both her hands and shook it multiple times.

“Master is currently not around. But he came by just now and said that he would be staying a night at Goats Rocky so he should be back tomorrow.”

“I see … “

Ichinojo would be coming back.

It was a windfall for Carol to be able to meet Ichinojo after all this time but she didn’t look relieved.

“Erm, Neete-san. I have a skill I want to try but do you have time?”

“Anywhere is fine?”

“It would be better if it is in a sealed space.”

After Carol said that, Neete thought for a while and then,

“Beside the hot spring facility, there is a sauna – – a steam bath facility so that will probably be all right.”

Under Neete’s guidance, Carol entered that small room.

It was called a steam bath facility but it was currently not in use.

There was no heat or moisture.

“So then, Master Carol … ah, it’s a little hard to say so could I call you Carol?”

“Yeah, I don’t mind.”

“Then, Carol. What do you plan to do?”

“Well …”

Carol decided that it would be fine to tell Neete and she explained to her the skill she possesses.


Just like Haurvatat, she acquired three kin skills.

One among them was a skill that was the most memorable to Carol. It was the first step to Carol’s happiness. The Job Change skill.


“Job Change huh? Do you plan to change my job with that? But even Master is unable to change my job, you know?”

“No, that’s not what I want to do. In the first place, Job Change is only able to change your own or your party’s jobs.”


Carol said and changed her first job from Peddler.


… In the past, when she leveled up as a Temptress in Dakyat, a job she obtained which she couldn’t tell Ichinojo.



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