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GC V9C302

(302) Mysterious beauty

Translator: Tseirp


I rested on my own in my room in Mill’s Inn.

The bed in My World was of better quality but it was easier to calm down on this side when I have things I wish to think about on my own.

“In the end, I have to return to Jobless … as expected, I am fated to not be able to stop being jobless.”

The Jobless skills have helped me quite a bit so far.

However, the fact that my job is Jobless also leads to my own lack of confidence.

If I was a guy with overflowing confidence, I probably would have made My World into a harem.

… I can’t even imagine myself doing that.

I smiled wryly.

“Before that, I have to take responsibility.”

I love Haru. Now that she was longer a slave, I should at least think of marriage.

But at the same time, I think dearly of Carol.

I considered her a child until before but I believe our relationship changed a little after we were alone on the abandoned island. Her complexion of a woman, rather than that of a girl, which she occasionally showed made my heart pound a little.

” … I need to take responsibility by the time I meet Carol again.”

Just as I had that thought.

Suddenly, a light appeared in front of my eyes.

This is — a transfer circle!?

Somebody was coming — I thought so intuitively.

And I was not wrong.


A shadow appeared just as abruptly.

It was a girl in a black dress whom I had never seen before.

Her hair was purple-ish and her eyes seemed to suck me in.

“Wh … who are you … ?”

Looking at the beautiful girl who I had never seen before … I felt that it was a bad situation.

I have to escape as soon as possible —

“Ichino-sama, please come this way.”

When she said that, the will I had left me and just her smile alone seemed to grab my heart.

I could at least tell that this was abnormal.

However, I understood one fact.

This was not charm magic.


I held affection for her.


But why did I have affection for a girl I had never met before.

The reason that she was beautiful was not sufficient, there must be something about her.


She grabbed my hand and I immediately relaxed.

“Please do not be afraid, Ichino-sama. You can do anything you want. Anything you desire.”

She said and brought my hand to her bountiful breast.

… It was soft. So very soft.


It felt just like a dream … eh?

The soft sensation immediately disappeared. No, it was soft but somehow it felt as though the volume was overwhelmingly insufficient.


” … Eh?”


I doubted my own eyes.

I was, right, supposed to be touching breast the grade of Japan’s highest mountain Mount Fuji but I was now touching Japan lowest … eh? Was Japan’s lowest mountain Mount Tempo? Did it change? No, get a hold of myself, stop getting confused! In any case, I was touching something that was close to flat.

And then, standing in front of me was …


” … Eh?”


The girl who resembled but, at the same time, didn’t resemble the beauty just now was in front of me, no, she clearly did have vestiges of the beauty.

To be more correct —


“The magic was dispelled … when Ichino-sama touched my breast.”

” … Eh? Why …”


Carol stood in front of me.




“Carol … san?”

“Yes, it’s Carol.”


“Yes, really.”


I couldn’t believe it and hit Carol’s cheek lightly. It was bouncy and felt good.


“Yeah, the feeling of this soft cheek, it’s without a doubt Carol.”

“Ichino-sama, I do not recall you having such deep memories of Carol’s cheeks.”


That calm retort was also characteristic of Carol. Or rather, the moment she called me Ichino-sama, I should have realized that the beauty was Carol … no, of course that’s impossible!

They’re complete different.


“Carol, how did you come here?”

“Erm … before I explain in detail, could you take a look at Carol’s job?”



Carol’s job was Peddler, right? And her second job was Harvester?

Job Appraisal can only see the first job but I’ll try and take a look.


【Succubus Queen: Lv1】


… I saw a job that I didn’t know.

Dream Demon? What is Dream Demon? (TL: The job was written in Kanji, literal translation is Dream Demon, also means Succubus/Incubus and he didn’t know how to read it.)

I’d prefer if the skill shows me more words that I know.

Perhaps that wish got through as Carol told me with words that were easy for me to understand.


“Ichino-sama. It seems that Carol has become a Succubus Queen.”


… But explaining it in the words I knew didn’t mean that it would be words that I wish for.


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SL Chapter 138


GC V9C303


  1. Reverse

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  2. zioming

    Damn you really short chapters, 800 words, might be a new low score. Still, thanks for translating it. It remains one of my top 3 favourite novels.

  3. Felipe

    Ok, so far his harem is composed of a tribe of black elfs, a demon lord (Miri) a member of the Wolf tribe (haru) a street performer (malina) and now a succubus queen (carol), (I didn’t include norn, “Margaret” and that noble girl because they didn’t stay with him) does that means that either malina or the black elf chief is going to become a devil or that he will encounter a member of the divil race later?

    • Kaelty

      pretty sure it’s “dark” elfs not “black” elfs.

      And he allready knows one right? I do think that Kanon was something along those lines? It’s been so long since we saw her status that i’m not really sure anymore though.

  4. Tetratea

    Wait wut?

    A legal loli become a suckcubbus?

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    Ah, dreaming of bountiful sizes, only for the magic to vanish, and then get arrested by the FBI, poor Ichinojo. What can I say, I didn’t even consider that Carol might be a succubus, even partially, or able to get this ‘job’ before the last 2-3 chapters. Oh well, now we know why Ichi will have to crush the church, or whatever it is called.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  8. DBAV

    The flag planted a few chapters before bloomed into an adult Carol, good!

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    Ok while the queen part caught me by surprise i can’t be the only one who expected her to be a succubus. I mean we learned the race vanished my merging with others and that the temptress class evolved within a short time frame. Rather clear foreshadowing.
    Also ouch. He was rather resistant to the spell but she didn’t know how to imitate the feeling of large breasts, this means two things, one he has enough experience with large breasts to know how they feel to the point there feel was even more of a “oh somthing is wrong” than a girl teleporting into his room. And two that hers are both small enough for that to be the least believable part of the spell and that she just doesn’t know what they feel like, kind of suprised she hasn’t felt up haru’s. Though he may have recognized the feel of haru’s.
    That would suck if she mimicked haru’s chests feel and he then said haru’s name.

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