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GC V9C303

(303) Illusion Transformation

Translator: Tseirp


The mysterious beauty that appeared was actually Carol.

Furthermore, Carol’s job became 「Succubus Queen」.

“What was with your appearance just now?”

“That was —”

Carol stood up from the bed.

Then, her body rapidly grew and she quickly transformed into the beautiful girl just moments ago.

” … A transformation?”

“Not transformation but illusion.”

“Illusion? But the sensation just now from Carol’s breast was real —”

Soft — I kept silent and didn’t end my sentence.

If I said that, it would be synonymous as saying Carol’s breast was not soft normally. That said, it was already too late once I started that sentence.

” … It’s true that Carol’s breast doesn’t shake even when jumping — that’s right, to make it easier to explain, Ichino-sama, please place your hand on my head.”

“Hm, okay.”

Her current height was similar to Haru. So I pat Carol’s head just like how I rubbed Haru’s ears.

Her face quickly turned red.

“I asked Ichino-sama to place your hand on my head but I didn’t ask you to pet me.”

“Ah, sorry.”

“It’s okay, I’m happy. Now, close your eyes and don’t move your hand — to be accurate, keep your arm still and your hand on Carol’s head.”

Close my eyes and keep my arm there?

I didn’t know what it would prove but I followed her words.

“All right.”

I didn’t peek.

I decided to just enjoy the sensation of Carol’s soft hair without moving my hand. The sensation of Carol’s long hair wasn’t bad. Rather, it felt quite nice.

I liked Haru’s hair too so does that mean I have a fetish for hair?

In that case, I was in bliss right now.

“Please open your eyes.”

The moment of bliss ended in an instant.

When I opened my eye, Carol had returned to her original appearance.

Nothing else changed.

“Did you notice?”

“Hmm, I noticed that when Carol has an adult or a child appearance — your hair is still as smooth as always.”

“Not that, Ichino-sama, I asked you to not move your arm.”

She did. So I didn’t move my arm as told — wait.

Currently, Carol’s head was quite a bit lower. Naturally, my hand position was lowered as well. If I maintained my arm position, my hand position shouldn’t have changed.

“Did I move my arm unconsciously?”

“No, that’s not the case. Ichino-sama has been touching Carol’s head at that position from the beginning.”

This was the position from the beginning?

But Carol’s height just now meant that my hand was above my shoulders, no if that was an illusion and I felt her hair, this should be the actual circumstance.

In other words, although I intended to raise my arm, my arm actually lowered.

So the illusion made me mistake raising my own arm.

” … Amazing — it doesn’t only change what I see, that’s even more impressive than regular transformations.”

It doesn’t only change what is seen but also changes recognition.

It makes the target think it is there.

A skill that replaces the mental state of the target.

I thought to myself but — thinking about it, the skill she used when she was a Temptress — wasn’t it also a skill that manipulates the monster’s favor toward her?

“That skill can be used from level 1?”

“Yes. It is the effect of the unique skill of the Succubus Queen. Succubus Queen has two unique skills that can be used from level 1. Yesterday, I appeared before Master using Dream Crossing — a skill that can apply transfer magic to people in their drowsy stage immediately before sleeping — in other words, to people with hazy consciousness. It can’t transfer to just anybody, now I am only able to transfer to Ichino-sama. Whereas the current skill is called Fascinating Transformation.”

“Unique skill …”

In the past, Carol suffered from her Temptress unique skill, Captivating Fragrance of the Moon.

Now, she has been freed from that binding but it didn’t mean that the past would have been forgotten.

“Um, are you okay?”

“Yes. These two may be unique skills but they are not passive skills. I only get a slight ecchi feel when I activate the effects. Just now when you pat my head, I felt slightly strange too.”

Carol had taken my hand on her own and placed it on her breast.

That action was very bold for the current Carol but so it was the influence of her skill huh … wait. Carol has had bold moments where she entered the bath with me. At the very least, I felt that she did not voluntarily dispel her spell in order to explain it.

” … Erm, it doesn’t have an effect where — it charms the target, right?”

“No. If I level up, I might acquire such a job. By the way, Ichino-sama — what do you think of Carol’s appearance just now?”

” … Ah, you were very beautiful. Of course, Carol is normally cute too but it was very attractive.”

“I see, that’s great. In that case —”

Carol said and used the skill once again, become an adult.

“Ichino-sama, would you take Carol’s first time with this appearance?”

“Be-before that, Haru, Carol sudden disappearance. Should be worried.”

I stumbled for words due to my nerves. It couldn’t be helped.

I meant to say “Haru should be worried that Carol suddenly disappeared.”

Adult Carol inflated her cheeks angrily. It was an expression she showed sometimes but the adult version with that expression had a gap so it was even cuter.

Carol returned to her original appearance and showed a slightly grumpy face for an instant before she immediately returned to her smile.

“Then let’s go to My World.”

“Ah, before that —”

I went to one knee and kissed Carol.

I would be lying if I didn’t do so with the intent to please her and apologize for just now but I did purely want to do so as well.

Carol opened her eyes wide in surprise but she didn’t move away and naturally closed her eyes.

It probably didn’t last more than 10 seconds.

“I’m back, Carol.”

“Welcome home, Ichino-sama.’

Carol replied with a shy smile.


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GC V9C302


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