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GC V9C304

(304) Massaging flat chest

Translator: Tseirp


“Master! I missed you.”

After entering My World, perhaps she noticed my scent, Haru appeared in front of me with surprising speed.

“I missed you too. It really feels like it has been a long time. Although we have not been separated for even a month, it feels like I have not met you for a couple of years.”

I hugged Haru and exchanged a kiss but because of the gazes from Carol behind me and the Dark-Elves behind Haru, I refrained from doing anything else and cleared my throat with a cough.

“Cough, sorry, I didn’t ask for Haru and Carol’s opinion on the Dark-Elves even though this is your home as much as it is mine.”

“No, this place is Master’s world. Furthermore, we heard of the situation from Rarael-san. I believe what Master did was very noble.”

“I presumed upon your acceptance but I believed that Haru and Carol would definitely agree. By the way, how did you come to My World? I don’t think — Haru trained Lifestyle Magic until level IV and acquired Home Return?”

” —? Didn’t Master do it? I became your kin and become able to use a portion of the skills Master possesses.”

A portion of the skill I possess?

When I asked for the details, apparently Haru could use the three skills ‘Lifestyle Magic’, ‘Hikikomori’, and ‘Dry’. However, she could only use Clean from Lifestyle Magic, the door she opens using the Hikikomori skill can only stay open for a certain amount of time and would automatically disappear after the time limit elapses. Neither I nor Haru had tried the Dry skill yet so we didn’t know what the difference was.

Similarly, Carol’s kin skills were ‘Lifestyle Magic’, ‘Job Change’, and ‘Preservation’. Although she had the same Lifestyle Magic as Haru, she couldn’t use Clean like her but instead Home Return. Job Change seemed to only be effective on herself.

“This is Carol’s conjecture but Carol believes that the kin skill obtained depends on the skill we unconsciously wish for the most. Haru-san has commented that the Clean spell was convenient and wished to enter My World where Master could be found. Dry …”

“I thought it would be useful to have such a skill to make dried meat.”

Haru continued when Carol was having trouble saying it.

A skill for her appetite huh?

And then, Carol commented on how the skills were meant for her.

Home Return and Preservation were both useful for the Peddler job. And the Job Change skill — this was not a useful skill for Peddler but it was a skill that saved her.

I see, I believe Carol’s guess was correct.


After that, we moved to the log cabin and we exchanged information.

That said, most of my information was already known by the Dark-Elves and Pionia and Neete so I received information one-sidedly.

“The Demon Lord Army is aiming for Miri and the Three Great Demon Lord’s — Devil Race, Dream Demon Race, and Black Wolf Race’s descendants … and a sealed Succubus Queen huh? I only wanted to drag my younger sister back but it has become an outrageously huge matter. By the way, the Dream Demons refer to Succubus, right?”

Insep loved Succubus and talked a lot about them during camp.

“The males are called Incubus but yes, you are correct.”

“In that case, why is Carol’s job Succubus Queen?”

“That …”

Carol hesitated slightly but gradually started speaking.

“Apparently … Succubus true nature was the Mini-Hume.”

” … Huh?”

I inadvertently raised my voice.

Succubus true identity was the Mini-Hume?

That’s completely wrong. Or rather, it was an exact opposite existence.

“Mini-Hume are, as their name implies, a petite human race. Pure breed Mini-Hume found living in towns with other Hume difficult and they could not resist monsters. Because of that, the Mini-Hume must take in some Hume blood to thin the Mini-Hume blood but most Hume do not wish to enter night activities with Mini-Hume.”

Well, that’s to be expected. Since they appear to be elementary school age, just that alone could be called a crime. Even legal loli has its limits.

“So the ancient Mini-Hume elders prayed to the Goddess-sama at that era and acquired the ability of the Succubus. Although painful training was necessary for that.”

“In other words, Succubus is not a race but an Illusion Skill?”

That was completely different from the succubus that appears in stories on Earth.

In that case, I could imagine the reason why Succubus disappeared.

Probably because they were no longer needed.

Because more men and women fell in love with Mini-Hume just like Carol’s father.

Probably because the people started to recognize all kinds of love.

“Erm, Master. What do you mean by Succubus Queen and Succubus?”

… Eh?

Haru didn’t know?

“It’s because I changed job after verifying the skill with just Neete-san. Only Neete-san has seen be transform with her own eyes.”

I see, I guess Carol transferred immediately after she became kin.

Probably not much time has passed since she changed job to Succubus Queen and verified her skill.

In that case, it would be faster if Carol just showed her skill here.

I glanced at Haru.

I wonder what kind of reaction would Haru show when she sees Carol’s bewitching adult form.

Well, we won’t know until we try it.

“Carol, could you show everyone?”

“Yes, understood.”

She replied and her form transformed into her adult version.

“Her smell … remains the same as Carol.”

“I’m surprised. To be able to use Transformation magic, she is indeed a companion of Ichinojo-sama.”

Haru and Rarael opened their eyes in surprise and gave their thoughts.

It’s not as though she can transform because she is my companion.

I explained to Haru about the kin, Succubus Queen, and Fascinating Transformation.

” … If Carol is the Succubus Queen, does that mean the Demon Lord Army’s target is Carol …?”

Rarael asked.

The Demon Lord Army’s target was the Three Great Demon Lord — Succubus Queen’s descendant. She probably thought that as a Succubus Queen, there was a possibility that they were targeting Carol.

“No, Carol just only became a Succubus Queen. There is no chance that the Demon Lord Army knows of Carol’s — !”

I lost my words when I looked at Carol.

Haru was massaging adult Carol’s breast with a serious expression.

It was a scene that would be depicted in manga with a spurting nose bleed.

“So this is an illusion … I wouldn’t be able to tell at all. The clothes design changed as well.”

“Er-erm, Haru-san … Erm, now I … am sensitive so please don’t touch so much … sorry! Dispel.”

She transformed back to her child version the same time she cried out.

Then, Haru was stooping and massaging Carol’s flat chest.

Haru probably didn’t know when she started stooping. I didn’t know either.

Well, putting aside Carol’s growth (?), I was glad to safely meet up with Haru and Carol.

“Then the only ones missing are Norn-san, Malina, and Kanon.”

“Ah, Ichino-sama, due to monster activity in Florence, Norn-san would be concentrating on her vigilante corps work for awhile. Also, Malina-san and Kanon seem to have found something interesting in the Capital City of Arundel so they will not be able to meet up in time. I sent mail to both of them.

Something interesting … huh?

Once their business was over, both groups planned to contact via the Adventurer’s Guild.

I was worried about the monster activity.

I should have helped out and raise Norn-san’s level more.

Kanon and Malina were probably fine.

So everyone can’t join up as planned?

Well, it can’t be helped that they have other tasks …


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GC V9C305


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