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SL Chapter 137

Chapter 137: Veronia soldiers are impressed by Zoltan cuisine

Translator: Tseirp

“Now then, I will focus on making oden as usual but what will Mr. Red do?”


For Oparara who pulls her cart along deals with customers coming one after another, a standing buffet with slightly over 100 soldiers probably wasn’t something that she would get worked up for.

Oparara conversed with me without stopping her preparations as she briskly prepared to cook.

Her attitude of going about her task regularly was truly reliable.


“I will be making onion soup, lettuce, tomato and cheese salad, garlic steak, french fries, and berry tart and custard trifle for dessert.”

“You’re planning quite a spread. Will you be able to cope on your own?”

“I’m all right because I am not alone.”


Lit and Ruti were helping with the peeling and cutting of vegetables over at one side.


“But those two don’t have the cooking skill?”


Oparara asked.

In this world, cooking with more than one person was not a simple task.

That was because the quality of the cooking depends on the skills obtained from the Chef divine blessing.

As such, cooking is usually divided into individual dishes. Otherwise, the quality of the dish cannot be maintained.


“Don’t worry, both of them are reliable partners.”

“Well, they are first-class in terms of fighting skill … ”


This time, I would be cooking while grasping the timing by utilizing a skill.

There would be no problems as long as I know which task to delegate and which task to do myself.


“Red! I’ve finished peeling!”

“I have finished cutting the meat for steak.”


And even though they don’t have the cooking skill, both of them had outstanding physical ability.

As long as they understand what to do, their speed when performing simple tasks would not be inferior to the best cooks.


“All right, then next would be …”


Under my instructions, Lit and Ruti completed the preparations smoothly and even Oparara was stunned as she stopped her own cooking.

I looked over at Oparara and laughed.


“They’re reliable, right?”

“Ah, yeah, you guys are incredible.”


The High-Elf raised both her hands in surrender.




The dishes were lined up on platters.

This time, it was a buffet-style where participants could take whatever they liked from the platters.

It seemed that Oparara and other cooks would be doing the replenishments while Zoltan authorities had prepared people to go around serving alcohol.

In other words, my job ended the moment the party started.

All I had to do was watch the Veronia soldiers’ reactions while eating Oparara’s oden.


“This steak is delicious. It’s totally different from the meat we ate onboard the ship.”

“It’s probably because of the different sauce. Moreover, these small garlic chips complement the taste.”

“The onion soup goes well with it too.”

“The rich colors from the white cheese, red tomato, and the green basil make the dish look delicious. Of course, it’s yummy too.”


The reviews were great.

All the Veronia soldiers had wide smiles on their tanned faces.


“Potatoes can be this delicious!?”

“These are not wilting vegetables! Amazing!”

“It’s not raw meat!”


… The reviews that I was happy to get actually had quite low standards for the evaluation but tasty food should still be tasty.


“There’s flavor in the food, amazinggggg!!!!”


I really held my head when I heard one soldier scream with emotion.


“Hahaha, sorry about that. He doesn’t mean any offense.”

“Prince Sarius!?”


When I turned around, I saw Prince Sarius laughing while holding a plate of steak and french fries.

He was in a ceremonial outfit but he was wearing it in quite a casual manner.


“Shouldn’t you be attending the diplomatic party at the Congress hall?”

“I left that side to Ririnrara. Everyone was talking about the legendary female High-Elf pirate captain. They actually bothered to play an orchestra of background music while speaking. It was interesting to see Ririnrara look shy and ask Mistome for help.”

“That’s kind of how it is.”

“And so I slipped out using the excuse that I wanted to see how the soldiers were doing. Although my true intention was to try your cooking that was highly acclaimed by the soldiers.”

“It’s nowhere near good enough to fit the palate of royalty.”

“So humble. Doesn’t the Logavia Princess praise your cooking highly?”


There were some dishes made by that Logavia Princess too.

He probably didn’t expect that.

That was funny in itself and I chuckled.


“Well then, please eat up.”

“I’ll do that.”


Prince Sarius took a bite of the steak and showed a brief moment of surprise before finishing it in no time.

He ate with gusto but perhaps due to his upbringing as royalty or his High-Elf blood, there was still an elegance to his manner of eating.


“It’s delicious. So much so that I want to invite you to become my ship’s cook.”

“I politely refuse.”


Prince Sarius laughed with his mouth wide open.

His actions seemed more like a prodigal aristocrat with his dressed-down attire rather than the royalty that he was.

“Hn, are you curious?”


Prince Sarius noticed my gaze and pulled on his clothes.


“It is customary for High-Elves to decorate with new clothes on special occasions but I did not inherit that temperament. It’s insufferably formal.”

“Weren’t there many such opportunities in the Veronia Royal Palace?”

“I always liked to wear clothes that were easy to move about in. Mother … Ririnrara always scolded me for that.”


Prince Sarius replied with a slightly embarrassed smile.


“I probably resemble my father more in that aspect, father always troubled his entourage as well.”


Pirate Geyserik with the divine protection of 『Emperor』.

He was both a hero and a man who derailed the lives of many.

As a citizen of a foreign country, in my home country of Avalonia Kingdom, Geyserik’s reputation was that of a pirate who sneakily stole the crown with a coup before the invasion of the Demon Lord Army.

After the invasion of the Demon Lord Army, he was seen as a senile, timid king who sat on the fence.

That was a terrible thing.

He did not receive such slander directly but … even if his actions can be explained by the urges from his divine protection, I do not think he is not guilty of what he did.


“You guys are good people.”


“Your facial expressions changed slightly when I spoke about father. You tried to cover your expressions for my sake.”

“Well, as you surmised, negative thoughts did come to mind.”

“Father’s divine protection holds immeasurable power. It can’t be helped.”


But beside me was Ruti who houses the divine protection of『Hero』.

Even though Ruti was bound by such strong impulses, she still could function as Ruti.

So I was dissatisfied with the explanation that it can’t be helped because he had the divine protection of 『Emperor』.

Seeing my look, Prince Sarius’ eyes narrowed.


“It seems we have caused quite some annoyance to you people.”

“Well, this was an unprecedented uproar for Zoltan.”

“Even so, you still worked hard to make these dishes.”

“Because I was requested to.”


I could refuse as an Adventurer but I couldn’t refuse if I was asked as Red from Red & Lit Apothecary.

Because I like this town called Zoltan.


“Zoltan’s people are all like that. In other countries, matters wouldn’t be settled just because the party who started the violence apologized. I imagined one or two citizens would throw stones.”

“It wouldn’t have been this calm if a war did actually break out.”

“The simplicity is dazzling for me as I grew up in the Veronia Royal Palace where conspiracies swirl … Is it true that the authority in Zoltan is decided by seniority?”



Prince Sarius was surprised.


“If my country practiced that as well, the issue with succession would be easily solved.”

“A large country like Veronia would quickly collapse if it utilized such a method.”

“That is true but it may work unexpectedly? It’s fine if the top is just a decoration, the ones who run the country are the people.”

“Should a son of a 『Emperor』 be saying such words?”

“Because my divine protection is not『Emperor』. It is the common 『Arcane Archer』 divine protection.”


『Arcane Archer』 is a magic warrior type divine blessing capable of injecting magic into their bow and arrows.

As a superior divine protection, there aren’t as many people with it to be called commonplace but most divine protections can be said to be common if compared to 『Emperor』.

『Emperor』is a divine protection equally rare as 『Hero』.


“Wouldn’t it be strange if an archer like me becomes king?”

“Didn’t Prince just mention it yourself?”

“Hm? What did I say?”

“It is the people who run the country. Not the divine protection.”


Prince Sarius for stunned for a while before smiling wryly.


“That’s troubling. I truly want to scout you.”

“I will refuse though.”

“Just who exactly are you, I feel that I have seen you before … but I guess it is boorish to pry.”


Prince Sarius stopped a boy who was walking nearby and passed him the tableware that he had used after he finished.


“It’s about time I return. The remaining arbitration will probably end in less than half a month. We sent a messenger to Veronia but I did consider staying in some other country without returning. I thought of fleeing east and abandoning everything but … I can’t endure seeing my country become a vessel state for the Demon Lord Army under Leonor.”

“Are you going to war?”

“As long as the blood of an Emperor flows in my body, I have the great cause to liberate Veronia.”


Prince Sarius and Ririnrara seemed to have chosen to fight.

I smiled and shook hands with Prince Sarius.


“May the fortunes of war be with you.”

“Thank you. It is nice to hear words of encouragement that do not have self-interest behind it.”


It would probably be a bitter war as their home country will become their enemy.

But at least for this moment, Prince Sarius had a refreshing smile on his face.


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