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GC V9C307

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(307) This and that before dinner, Guardian Sword

Translator: Tseirp


“Ichino-sama, I have purchased a set. Also, I bought gallnut and iron sulfide!”

“Ah, right, she needed iron sulfide as well. I forgot about that.”

Gallnut left too strong an impression.

“Leaving that aside, you managed to buy quite a lot. Did you have enough money?”

“Yes, I still have around half remaining.”


I looked at the shop owner old lady and saw that she was quite tired.

It seemed that Carol negotiated quite excessively.

“It’s okay, I made sure to calculate that the store retains a profit. After all, I didn’t wish to drive a deal that would cause hate.”

In other words, she would be able to get a further discount if she was prepared to be hated.

So frightening.


I felt bad for the old lady so I secretly bought the seeds of a few medicinal grasses such as managrass without Carol knowing.

With those, I have the option to cultivate medicinal plants such as managrass in My World.


“『Drying』. This skill is a lot more useful than expected. I was sure that I would only use it to dry meat or rations or dry my clothes and shoes that are wet from a rainy day.”

Before dinner. In my room in the log house in My World, I was using Drying on the medicinal grass that I had artificially hastened their growth.

Normally they would have to be dried over a couple of days but I could easily be done with the drying process with the Drying skill.

Haru seemed to have acquired the same skill as well so I could probably ask her to help with this task the next time.

I heard a knock on the door just as I had that thought.

“You can come in.”

I knew even if I didn’t ask who it was.

After hearing my reply, Carol opened the door and entered.

Instead of her usual clothes, she was in her underwear that was similar to a negligee.

“Thank you for waiting. Ichino-sama.”

“Sorry for making you wait.”

“No. I would be lying if I said I didn’t wait but Ichino-sama had to wait too. Carol is happy knowing that Ichino-sama waited for me.”

Carol smiled at me. That smile was not the smile of a young girl but a smile from a 17-year-old maiden.

“Pardon me.”

Carol’s appearance changed as she said that.

She turned into her adult version.

” … Ichino-sama —”

“Carol —”

I led Carol to the bed, sat beside her and touched Carol’s breast as I was invited.

It felt extremely good and soft. My heart was beating loudly.

But —

“It feels different after all.”

“What’s different?”

“I like Carol. But the Carol I like is not the Carol you are now.”

I hugged her and requested.

“Please return to your usual appearance.”

“That’s unfair, Ichino-sama. You will always think of Carol as a kid when I am in this form.”

Carol returned to her original form.

My heart started pounding again.

“Sorry. But I realized. The Carol I like, the Carol that makes my heart beat is this Carol after all.”

“Carol is still Carol no matter what my outer appearance is.”

“That is true. But I guess I am worse than I thought. I like the Carol you are now more than any other form you have.”

” …… That’s really unfair … Ichino-sama.”

Carol whispered into my ear and bit my ear playfully.


【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Philanderer skill: 「Art Magic」acquired】

【Job: Gambler is now available】



That day after dinner, I tried using the magic I learned from Philanderer — Art Magic.

My magical power mutated into something similar to ink and I rushed to take out paper and drip the ink on it. Upon doing so, that ink freely moved as I willed it to.

(Does this mean this spell lets me draw whatever I picture in my head?)

It was a skill that was extremely wasted on Philanderer and I felt that it should be acquired by the Artist job.

Of course, that was the dream magic for manga artists — the drawing was done while I was lost in thought and I immediately tore the drawing in two. I prayed that the ink won’t flow and make a mess — actually no, please make a mess of the drawing.

Why did I paint Carol’s nude body — well actually I knew the reason why.

The first time with Haru was quite tough but comparatively, although the first time with Carol was not so bad that it was miserable but it was hard. I’ll leave it up to your imagination as to how it was hard.

… It wasn’t because we did it before dinner.

Carol probably can’t walk today. I offered to apply healing magic but she refused so I guess I’ll at least bring her dinner to her room.

Despite that experience, I realized that it made me more happy than embarrassed.

As I was thinking —

“Master, do you have a minute?”

I heard Haru’s voice.

“Ah, please wait — yup, okay.”

I threw the painting that was torn in two into my item bag and invited Haru in.

“Master, actually I wanted to talk.”

Haru said and asked me for advice.

It wasn’t regarding Carol. Haru had congratulated me before I could even tell her. Apparently, she could smell Carol on me. I didn’t know where the scent could linger even after I had applied Clean to clean myself.

Leaving that aside, now I should focus on Haru.

I listened to her.

“It’s certainly quite worn out.”

She has been using a short sword and the Fire Dragon Fang until now and that short sword was the issue. It was maintained regularly but it was quite worn by now and the blade seemed dull.

I was curious how she could wear the blade down in such a short span of time but well, it’s Haru we’re talking about. She probably fought in quite a reckless manner.

“All right. Then tomorrow, before we leave let’s get a new one from a weapon shop.”

“Er … if possible, I would like Master to make one.”


“The sword on Master’s waist — Master made that, right?”

She said and pointed at the katana on my waist.

“This is actually not a sword but a katana (blade).”

I corrected her and drew the sword.

It was a beautiful katana made in the image of Haru.

“Yeah, I made it. In the dwarf village.”

“It’s a very pretty blade.”

“Yeah, it’s a work I’m proud of. But I’m surprised you can tell that I made it.”

“Do I call it … soul? I feel such power emanating from it.”

I wonder if that was from the inscription?

The blade was inscribed with the name 「White Wolf Fang」.

A blade made in the image of Haru. Its name carried the meaning that it would never break.

Well, the katana certainly contained my thoughts or something like a soul.

Haru did not have any skill or a particular perception of such things. She probably felt it with her heart.

I’ll interpret it as such.

“But it has to do with the materials.”

For metals, I only have the silver mined from My World. And perhaps the mithril that the Dark Elves have. A weapon made of silver will probably not satisfy her needs and I will need more Alchemist levels in order to smelt mithril from its ore. And I do not have enough Blacksmith level to work with mithril either.

Even if I have tamahagane, a katana (blade) is out of the question.

She doesn’t have the Katana (Blade) Equip skill.

” … All right. But I have to gather the materials so I can’t get it done immediately.”

I said and took out the set of blacksmithing tools I prepared when I made the steel sword in the past and instantly made a steel dagger.

In the end, I made an inscription.

Although it was makeshift, that sword was a sword that would protect Haru’s life.

I didn’t make the sword half-heartedly.

“Haru, use this.”

“This —”

Haru examined the steel dagger.

“Master, I sense a strange force from this sword.”

“It’s name is 【Guardian sword】. A sword that protects Haru and my life.”

“A sword that protects Master’s life —”

Haru looked at the sword and tears swelled in her eyes.

… Eh?

Wait, why is she crying?

“Master has become much stronger than I had imagined. I was uneasy. If Master actually needed me. But Master has given me this sword and asked me to protect your life. That makes me happy.”

“Haru, you’re exaggerating. It is stronger than regular steel swords due to the inscription but it is really just a makeshift sword so I would be troubled if you treat it as something so impressive.”

” — That is not true. This sword will be my family heirloom and when I fail to protect Master, I am prepared to take my own life with this sword.”

“You’re exaggerating way too much! Or rather, please don’t take your own life with a sword meant to protect life.”

Also, please don’t make it a family heirloom.

Once I marry Haru, I don’t want a sword that I made in a minute to become a family heirloom.

— Sigh, maybe this was a failure.

I have to make a new sword for Haru as soon as possible.


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