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GC V9C308

(308) To Mount Landau

Translator: Tseirp


“As such, it would be perfect to make weapons in My World. Are you able to mine metals such as Orichalcum or Adamantite?”

In the men’s hot spring. I asked Pionia as she gave me a back massage saying that it was to replenish magical power.

I thought of creating a new mine just like how we made the silver mine.

“Unfortunately, the rarest metal that can be mined in a mine created using the World Creation Book is only gold ores.”

“I see — In that case, I guess I have to obtain it from outside My World.”

“If it’s Hihiirokane you seek, I have it desu!”

Sheena No.3 announced all of a sudden.

” — This is a male bath. Before that, as an Automata, will you be all right with entering a bath —”

I asked if she was fine but I had previously made her do salvaging activities on the seafloor so I guess her waterproofing was flawless.

So I decided to change the question.

“I know that you will be fine but do you even need to enter the bath?”

“Sheena No.3 is a self-cleansing model so there is no need desu!”

She stated it plainly. Also, she was probably using the self-cleansing term wrongly. (TL: The term here is used more toward self-purification etc)

“Sheena No.3, do you actually possess Hihiirokane? Hihiirokane should be a metal that is even more precious than Mithril.

Pionia asked.

“Yes desu! I do desu!”

“Really? In that case, please hand it over.”

“Here desu!”

I unexpectedly got my hands on a legendary metal.

That’s lucky.

“Since they are built into Sheena No.3’s parts, first disassemble —”

“So it is a part of you! There’s no way I’ll do that!”

Since she was already malfunctioning conspicuously, I obviously can’t cause her to become an even bigger piece of junk.

Well, even if she is a piece of junk, she is still an Automata (Ultra-High Performance Machine Doll) made by Miri. It wouldn’t be strange that she has one or two valuable parts.

… Now that I think about it.

“Hey, Sheena. You seem to possess some strange knowledge.”

“How rude to say that desu! Sheena No.3’s memory function has been input with all the information from how to make delicious tofu to how to make delicious natto desu.”

“Doesn’t that mean you’re filled with only knowledge on soybeans? You’ve never been a soybean lover from the beginning either.”

Is she actually working all right?

“Do you have any knowledge of where valuable metals can be mined?”

“No desu.”

“I’m disappointed with myself for expecting anything.”

I guess it isn’t so easy in reality.

“In Sheena No.3’s database, the valuable metals in the southern continent was mined by the arrogant Demon Lord and have been taken to the Demon Lord Castle except for a portion of it desu.”

“What about that portion?”

“There are records that an adult dragon stole the Adamantite 500 years ago desu.”

There’s no use talking about such old stories now.

Nevertheless, I guess dragons really love shiny objects.

Stealing gems, stealing metals. The difference would be ancient and adult dragon though.

… Hn?

I don’t know the lifespan of dragons but I imagine they live quite long?

Leviathan, that was sealed for hundreds of years, was still so lively after all.

If it was called an adult dragon 500 years ago, would it be called an ancient dragon now?

“Hey, Sheena. Do you know where does that dragon live?”

“I know desu! Mount Fujyaku.”

It’s completely different!

Oh well, I guess there won’t be such coincidences.

There’s no way the dragon that snatched the Adamantite would coincidentally be the same dragon that took the Job Snatching Gem —

“Mount Fujyaku — is now called Mount Landau.”

“There actually are such coincidences!”

All right, now there’s a chance!

There’s a chance to obtain both at once — the Job Snatching Gem and Adamantite.




Next morning.

After recovering the MP that Pionia sucked from me, I left the room and exited the country with Haru and Carol.

We’ll probably return soon so I didn’t exchange the Goats bill for coins.

“It’s been a long time since I felt this.”

Fuyun pulled the carriage, Haru sat at the driver seat holding the reins while Carol and I worked our side jobs in the carriage.

I used a hammer to convert sterling silver into silverwork to level up my blacksmithing job.

Carol was crushing the dried medicinal grass using a mortar and pestle.

She didn’t have any Herbalist recipes so she couldn’t compound managrass but the action of grinding medicinal grass could give slight amounts of experience points for Herbalist.

Normally it would take 3 days of 12 hours work to reach level 2 but Carol received【Acquired Experience x4】 and 【Required Experience 1/4】, lesser versions of my blessings so she could grow at 16 times the speed of a regular person.

As a result, after just 2 hours of work —

“Ichino-sama, my Herbalist level went up. I acquired the Compounding skill and Beginner Potion recipes.”

Carol announced. Just as she said, Carol’s job had changed to 【Herbalist: Lv2】.

“Congrats Carol.”

“Congratulations Carol.”

Haru and I congratulated Carol.

All right, I should level up my Blacksmith too.

I raised the hammer to the silver ring — when.

The carriage stopped.

“It is break time?”

“Monsters are approaching.”


I didn’t catch anything with my Presence Detection … ah, I see. This is downwind.

In that case, she probably caught the scent of monsters.

“Can you tell their numbers?”

“There are at least 5, if not about 10. The beast-type monsters are heading straight in this direction. They are quite fast. We probably won’t be able to escape them using the carriage.”

“No, there’s no need to. The chickens and Sugyu in My World have not increased enough for consumption yet. Let’s capture the beasts here and make it a souvenir for everyone.”

I actually wanted to buy meat in Goats Rocky but they were still facing a shortage of meat due to the effects of the Sugyu Disease and I would stand out if I purchase close to 50 people’s worth of meat alone.

I jumped off the carriage and saw the shadows of the monsters.

“That is — a herd of pigs?”

Seven Pigs two times the size of those I was familiar with were running toward us.

Two fangs not seen in ordinary pigs stood out. Ordinary people won’t stand a chance against them if they were bitten with those fangs.

“They are Flock Boars. They are dangerous monsters that rampage in a group and is a monster recommended for subjugation. If you bring the fangs to the Adventurers Guild, you would get a small amount of reward. Their meat is delicious.”

“Can they be domesticated?”

“Flock Boars are said to be unfit for domestication using regular methods. It might be possible with the abilities of a Monster-user but it would be impossible for the Dark Elves.”

Recommended for subjugation, can’t be domesticated and yet their meat is delicious.

That’s nothing but a hassle.

The Flock Boars split into two as I was thinking.

“Haru, I leave the left side 3 to you. Carol, support Haru! Also, Haru, if you are able to, please avoid using attribute attacks with the Fire Dragon Fang.”

We got our hands on rare fresh meat. It would be a waste to burn it.


“Please leave it to us.”

Even though giant boars were heading this way, Fuyun was gracefully standing on the spot. I guess I don’t have to worry that it will flee in panic.

“All right, I guess I’ll go too —”

I ran toward the four boars on the right side.

My Slash won’t reach from this distance. Tornado Slash would shred the Flock Boars. In that case, I’ll start with magic.

“Petite Wind.”

The wind blade that was generated from my hand beheaded one of the approaching Flock Boars.

Angered by the murder of their companion, the Flock Boars raised their speed and snorted as they charged toward me. They didn’t look like they will flee. They seem to be reckless in nature.

That’s good for me.

I didn’t expect to down one with Petite Wind. Since I was working on Blacksmith just now, my current jobs were physical occupations including Blacksmith. Was it because of Magic Strengthening (Emperor)?

Haru probably won’t lag behind if they are only at this level. In that case, I don’t have to rush.

Maybe I can test out my skills a little.

I took out three copper coins from my item bag.

Then, I shot those copper coins using a flick of my finger.

Coin toss — a skill that literally uses throwing money as a weapon.

I thought that it would be convenient when I don’t have a bow and arrow.

” … Eh?”

It flew several times faster than a stone thrown with the throwing skill and it traveled in a straight line as though an arrow released from a bow —

” … Geh.”

The Flock Boars became pieces of meat.

I intended to defeat them with minimal injuries to their body but they encountered a nasty end.

I guess we won’t be eating those three.

【Ichinojo leveled up】

… Hn?

It seemed that Haru and Carol finished their side as well.

Unlike the torn up pieces of meat on my side, they beautifully defeated the Flock Boars.

【Samurai General skill: 「Katana Equip」has skilled up to「Katana Equip II」】

【Samurai skill: 「Cross Slash」acquired】

【Alchemist skill: 「Alchemy Initialization」acquired】

【There are no further levels for Alchemist】

【Title: Peak of Alchemist acquired】

【Job: Advanced Alchemist is now available】

【Recipes acquired】

Ou, my level went up.

I did not learn any Blacksmith skills but I seem to have more recipes now.

And Alchemist recipes too.

“Recipe open.”

I checked the added recipes.

… What a coincidence.

Blacksmith and Alchemist recipes for rare metals were added.

It was for Hihiirokane and Adamantite.

Also, when I reached the peak of Alchemist, I gained the ability to smelt Mithril but I did not get any recipes to create equipment from Mithril.

As expected, working with Mithril was tricky.

Although in games, Hihiirokane and Adamantite were more precious compared to Mithril.

For now, I applied Clean on the minced up Flock Boars.

“Haru, please wait a bit.”

I said and opened the door to My World to bring Desert Runner over.

And let Desert Runner eat the minced meat.

Even with its large appetite, consuming three entire boars was impossible so I left the remaining as feed for it.

And then, I sent the remaining boar with its head cleanly taken off as well as the three defeated by Haru and Carol to My World without dismantling them.

I’ll let Rarael and the other dismantle it on the other side. Rarael had raised her level as Hunter so she should have the dismantling skill.

It should be fine leaving it to them.

” — Master, wonderfully done. I never knew it was possible to defeat Flock Boars with a single copper coin. I must work harder.”

” ….. ”

Haru praised me exaggeratedly as usual but Carol complexion wasn’t good.

I could tell the reason why.

“Sorry, Carol. Are you angry because I used copper coins as weapons?”

As a Peddler, Carol would not praise me for using coins as weapon — that was what I thought.

“Sorry. I am not angry. Using an arrow would incur the same cost as well. The used coin can be used after collecting it so it is the same.

… You plan to use it?

I have a feeling it would have been bent and useless after that impact.

“Then, what’s wrong?”

“My Herbalist level went up … it’s level 5 now.”

“Congratulations, Carol.”

“Ah … so it’s because of that.”

Haru gave her honest congratulations.

But I understood what Carol was saying.

… Yup, it’s tough.

She spent over 2 hours slowly grinding medicinal grass to finally level up once but just defeating Flock Boars raised her level by three times. It’s tough to think of leveling up diligently that way.

” … Well, life is like that. There are people who work ordinarily and earn 2000 sense and there are people who defeat a monster and earn 10000 sense in reward. That said, you don’t believe the people who work ordinarily are stupid, right?”

“It’s as Ichino-sama said … sorry. I ended up thinking there was no need to put in diligent work.”

“Yup, well, I thought of it many times as well but doing so will reduce the risk of getting injured from battles, right?”

I once told myself that and diligently raised my Alchemist job. But in the end, I collapsed due to magical power depletion though.

“That’s right … Thank you.”

Carol once again convinced herself of my words.

Yeah, no action is useless in this world.

As we came to that conclusion, Haru said to me with a sorry tone.

“Master. My second job Swordsman reached the peak but I forgot to have the job changed.”

… Ah, that’s a waste of experience points.


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