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(309) Nanawat

Translator: Tseirp


For now, I switched Haru’s second job to Sword Saint.

And as traveling via the highway would actually be quite a detour, Carol led the way and led us off the highway.

However, it would have been difficult traveling on a carriage on unpaved paths.

As such, rather than use the carriage, we traveled on horseback instead. Haru rode on Fuyun while Carol and I rode on Desert Runner so we sped up even more.

We couldn’t work on our Blacksmith and Herbalist side jobs but our traveling speed was much faster.

“Haru, are you fine without reins?”

“Yes, there’s no problem. Fuyun is an excellent horse.”

I see. Fuyun seemed somewhat delighted too. That female loving horse is seriously hopeless.

“Ichino-sama, a little to the left — okay, that direction please.”

“Thanks for leading the way — but I don’t understand. There are no landmarks at all.”

“There are a lot more landmarks compared to the sea.”

“Well, that’s certainly true.”

“Moreover, Ichino-sama prepared a good map.”

Carol said with a smile as she looked at the map.

She was referring to a map that looked like one of those that the military use when planning strategies and I was surprised as well that I had it.

However, I couldn’t recall where I got it from.

“By the way, Ichino-sama. Have you thought of a name for this Desert Runner?”

“Yeah, I do have candidates.”

I was troubled with what to choose.


It’s a Desert Runner so in short, 『Derun』.

It’s a big eater so 『Gluttony』, with the meaning of overeating.

It’s not had a name until now so 『Noname(Nanashi)』.


The best candidate so far is 『Noname』 after all.

All right.

“It’s name will be Nana … wat.”

The Desert Runner suddenly jumped over a rock so I unconsciously exclaimed.

“Nanawat huh? That’s a good name.”

… Eh?

Carol readily accepted the name I gave it.

No no, it’s not the lastest power consumption of the recent LED bulbs, seven watts. (TL: Nana = 7)

“I think it’s a good name too. Nanawat.”

Haru agreed as well. Seriously? Is Nanawat the final decision?

The current atmosphere made it hard to say that it was a mistake.

Okay then. It sounds easy to call anyway.

“You are Nanawat from now on. Okay?”

The Desert Runner, now called Nanawat, didn’t reply as it focused on running straight ahead. I guess this guy is happy as long as he gets to eat delicious food.

“Carol. How long will it take for us to reach Mount Landau at this rate?”

“Let me see. I believe we will arrive by evening but there is a small village in front that I thought of spending a night in — ah, it might be better to rest in My World.”

“That’s true. We probably can’t expect much of the bed quality in a small village. Incidentally, what is the specialty of that village?”

If the small village had its local delicacy, I definitely want to buy some. I believe that is also part of the fun during travels.

“The specialty of the next village is ginger.”

“Ginger huh. I would like to buy spices if possible.”

“The neighboring village is apparently famous for green onion.”

“Green onion — ginger and green onion huh. They would go well for stew — no, at this season, it would go well with somen too.”

I wonder if there are any among the Japan food Miri brought with her.

It would be good if any of us catches a cold too.

Since illness such as colds can’t be cured using the Detoxification spell.

“… Eh?”

“What’s the matter?”

“Ginger and green onion … I recall hearing about it somewhere.”

I can’t seem to remember even if I try — or rather, I don’t want to remember.

I wonder why?

“Speaking of which, I heard that meat will become more tender if it is marinated in ginger juice.”

Carol added on with something that sounded like it came from a grandma’s bag of wisdom — but I won’t use that for reference. Haru would be a little disappointed if I did that.

She loved tough meat after all.

“Even if we don’t wish to soften it, ginger and spring onion might be a good combination to remove the stink from the boar meat.”

Nanawat happily snorted after hearing the word meat. Even though I let it eat that much just now, it still wants to eat?

He’s really a glutton.

Just like —

“Ah! I remember!”

I remembered after thinking that Nanawat was just like Centaur.

Ah, so I heard about these villages at that time.

After that, I resolved myself to forget about the two of them so I really did forget all about it.

“There are idiots in that village.”


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