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GC V9C310

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(310) Umyu

Translator: Tseirp


I recalled about Jofre and Elize whom I totally forgot.

I told Haru and Carol about them.

“”Jofre-san and Elize-san are in that village?””

Haru and Carol’s voices aligned.

… I was the one to call them idiots but it was also amazing that I could describe them so well.

“No, well, they certainly were headed for that village but that was a couple of days ago and it is them so I can’t tell if they actually directly traveled to the village. They even forgot about the map as well.”

Now that I recall, the map I held was the map that Jofre and Elize forgot. It was probably a map Daijiro-san prepared for them.

I have no idea how she prepared the map for them though.

“For now, I guess I should return it to them.”

I said as I took out a piece of paper and used two skills concurrently.

Art Magic.

My magical power turned into paint and the paint became an illustration of the map …


“What’s wrong, Master?”

“N-nothing’s wrong.”

It wasn’t a map that was drawn. This time it was a picture of Elize wearing a sensational swimsuit. I hurriedly incinerated that illustration that was terrifyingly imaginative with Petite Fire which I produced in my hand.

For the sake of argument, naughty illustrations of Carol and Haru would be acceptable.

But imagining illustrations of other people would be bad … shit.

I fear it is a spell that — draws up a naughty illustration of the most recent woman I think of.

What a stupid spell. As expected of a Philanderer skill. There’s almost no use for it.


There’s no helping it, I just have to draw it manually.

As such, we would not head to the village that day but stay a night in My World instead and only stop by the village the next day before we head for Mount Landau.

During that time, I drew the map in my room.

“All right, it’s done.”

I looked at the completed map and nodded with satisfaction.

“You’re already done drawing it?”

Haru asked as she laid in wait on the bed.

Today Haru was in my room.

Haru and Carol discussed and decided that they would take turns to sleep with me apart from the days I wish to be alone or want to sleep with both of them.

I was not called for that discussion but I’m glad that I wasn’t.

A day I wish to sleep with both of them? It probably won’t come. Even if it did, it would probably be a day that I don’t need Philanderer.

“I feel that not even three minutes have passed.”

Haru stood behind me and looked at the maps as if staring into them.

Thinly-dressed Haru — Her breast shook slightly beside my face.

I thought to myself that the sound effect would absolutely be ‘Poyon’.

“Master, the maps looks exactly the same —”

“It’s completely different. Haru probably can tell, right?”

“I … ah!”

Haru remembered and probably used her skill.

“That’s true. This is the map that Master drew.”

“Correct! I used the Counterfeit Creation skill.”

Using Counterfeit Creation, it was as though I became a copier machine as I drew the map.

However, even if the completed product seems the same, I guess it will still be revealed under Counterfeit Appraisal.

“Perhaps those counterfeit bills were created using Counterfeit Creation as well.”

“That’s true — strangely, the texture of the paper and even the smell is totally the same. If I did not have the Counterfeit Appraisal skill, I would probably not be able to differentiate them.”

“I see, if Haru says so then it must be true.”

Counterfeit Creation is so incredible.

In actual fact, I only remembered the Counterfeit Creation skill two minutes after I started drawing. In fact, copying the map only took around 10 seconds.

My hand moved like a machine. Moreover, I was using a black pen so it became a black and white copy but apart from that, it was reproduced perfectly.

It was no wonder that Haru couldn’t differentiate them.

(Counterfeit Creation — so terrifying.)

But thanks to that I understood one thing.

Haru’s Counterfeit Appraisal — is a lot more important than I imagined.

Items created using Counterfeit Creation are reproduced faithfully.

But as long as there are such skills, there is also the possibility of skills capable of making fake documents, orders and other things accurately, indistinguishable from the real item.

I am, regardless of being a happy-go-lucky one, a quasi-noble. And during the time of war between the Shiraraki Kingdom and the Principality of Nicplan, I could tell that my combat strength influenced the outcome of the war quite drastically.

I couldn’t care less about the war. I only joined that war in order to save the Dark Elves, that was an exception.

However, I will probably oblige to some extent if Earl Paul requests me to do something. I have taken a liking to that Earl.

Even though he is a noble, he is not self-centered at all and he is endeared by his residents. Miri was in his care as well. More importantly, he’s a fellow eel lover.

However, what I fear most is a fake letter from Earl Paul. I fear to be used by a counterfeit order letter.

But with Haru around, she can probably see through any fake order letters.

“I’m really glad Haru is here.”

” … ? I am glad to hear that.”

Now then, since my work is done —

“Master. I have something I have been keeping to myself for a long time.”

Haru said shyly.

Ah, I understand how you feel. I have been holding back for a long time too.

“Yes, I understand your feelings. Then, let’s quickly —”

“Yes, then —”

Haru smiled and held it out to me.

A small barrel of Japanese sake.


“Master ordered me to only train to drink alcohol when together with Master.”

“Ah … I see.”

That’s what she meant — I was a little disappointed.

But —



Looking at Haru, with her bright red face and cat-like sounds using my lap as a pillow, I thought to myself that this was all right too.

This was perfection of the gap moe.

Incidentally, Haru recovers from her drunk state very quickly so,

【Ichinojo leveled up】

I enjoyed raising the level of Philanderer.


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