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GC V9C311

(311) I want to eat dragon steak

Translator: Tseirp


The next morning. I had to supply magical power to Neete before departing.

I massaged her topless back.

Neete had quite a tired look on her face.

It didn’t seem … to be because her magical power was low.

“What’s wrong? This doesn’t seem like you, given your only merit is to be energetic.”

“No, of course, I am still energetic. I made this face because I wanted Master to ask me about it.”

So she showed it to me intentionally. What a cunning homunculus.

Well, it seemed that there was actually some issue so I didn’t mind asking her.

“So what’s the issue?”

“It’s Sheena No.3. That girl plays anime songs loudly in the middle of the night.”

“Anime songs … ? Ah, among the things Miri brought was the DVD for Nyapiece. And a DVD player as well.”

Sheena No.3 loves that manga. If there an anime as well, she would definitely watch it.

And that opening song is an unforgettable song. And it was not only during the opening scene, but that song would also play when the show reaches a climactic moment so just listening to that song would bring a sense of excitement.

Even I have hummed the tune to myself when I enter the bath.

“Well, forgive her for that. It’s not like you sleep in the same room, right?”

Pionia, Neete and Sheena No.3. The three of them slept in the same home.

Of course, all three of them didn’t need to sleep.

Sheena No.3 is an automaton so that was natural but Neete and Pionia have the skill 【Abnormal Status Invalidation】. That 【Abnormal Status Invalidation】was common in games which not only invalidates poison and paralysis but even sickness and sleepiness.

Pioneer in particular hardly seems to return to the room.

“Don’t tell me Sheena No.3’s anime song is hugely tone deaf?”

“No, it’s the opposite. Sheena No.3’s anime song is a perfect copy. Even the volume is normal. Well, there is no sound-proofing so I hear somewhat like background music in a stylish restaurant.”

“Then isn’t that fine? You can think of it as actual background music.”

” — Like a bad DJ.”


“If I put it into other words, it’s a broken CD. Sometimes, she would repeat the same phrase. I’m bothered because it’s like a bad replay.”

Ah, so that’s the issue. It would certainly be annoying if the replay is bad and sometimes the lyrics are mistaken, skipped or interrupted. It would definitely wear down a person if they hear it for an entire night.

“That’s tough — Well, if it continues, get Pionia to talk to her. Her educator is Pionia.”

I gave up on educating her.

Her actual parent is Miri and my relationship should be like her uncle. I wonder how she would think if her uncle educates her … but thinking of Sheena No.3 as a niece was strange too so I put aside my current thoughts.

“Understood … ah, Master. That is enough for today. You might fight with the Ancient Dragon today, right? In that case, you should keep some extra MP.”

“Hm? Well, it’s rumored that it is no longer there. But it’s true that MP is needed just in case.”

I applied Clean on yesterday’s clothes and wore them.

Thinking back about it, I should have listened more intently to Neete’s story at that time.



As the slope got steeper as we neared the mountain, we turned to travel with the three of us seated on Nanawat. Carol sat in front of me while Haru sat behind me.

It was somewhat cramped riding with three people but thanks to Nanawat’s gluttony, he had enough power to run while carrying the three of us.

And while it was still morning, we arrived at the village famous for ginger — but.


” … Eh?”

The entire village seemed extremely tired.

Just like how Neete looked just now. It wasn’t absolute but it didn’t seem to be an atmosphere where I could purchase ginger seeds or seedlings.

Should we just not have anything to do with this village and not enter it at all?

The thought crossed my mind but a passer-by old lady spoke to us.

“Oya, are you travelers?”

“Ye … yeah. We wish to buy ginger seeds or seedlings but … did something happen?”

— did something happen?

The moment those words left my lips, I knew I had dragged myself into the matter.

“Eeh … travelers. I won’t talk about bad happenings. I’ll sell the ginger seeds so you should turn back now.”

“Did nearby mountain bandits appear?”

“Mountain bandits … it was not something like that.”

To Haru’s question,

“It was a dragon that appeared.”

“Dragon!? Eh, by any chance is it the ancient dragon said to dwell in Mount Landau?”

“That’s right. The dragon attacked and the village fields are completely ruined. There is no way for us to live anymore.”

No way, so it still lived.

Furthermore, it appeared at this timing and attacked the village.

“The Swordsman-sama and Monster-user-sama who went to subjugate the dragon are not returning either.”

“The Swordsman-sama and Monster-user-sama who went to subjugate the dragon!? Were they a red-haired man and a blue-haired girl?”

“Yes — were they your acquaintances?”

That’s definitely Jofre and Elize.

So those two came to this village after all. And got involved in the incident.

“When was that?”

“It was yesterday afternoon.”

Yesterday afternoon — that is way too late if they had come directly.

Sure enough, they were probably lost. Although it would have been better if they didn’t arrive.

“Old lady, could you please prepare the ginger seeds?”

“All right.”

“During that time, we’ll quickly defeat the ancient dragon.”

When I said that, the old lady’s eyes changed color.

“No way, travelers. Do you intend to challenge the dragon too?”

“Well, it’s actually not my first time fighting a dragon. I fought with a dragon once in the past and won after a tough battle but as expected, I can’t feel satisfied unless I win with an overwhelming victory.”

Moreover, even if it is an ancient dragon, there shouldn’t be a dragon stronger than Leviathan or Salamander. Now my magical attack stat was far greater than before.

I don’t believe I would lose.

I came here anticipating the possibility of fighting the ancient dragon from the very beginning.

Furthermore, if worse comes to worst, we still have the trump card of escaping to My World. The smartest thing to do in a tight situation is to retreat.

“Ah, right. If you still have any gingers remaining, please prepare those as well. Let’s all enjoy dragon steak together.”

I said with a smile and made eye contact with Haru and Carol before I urged Nanawat to run. Nanawat seemed to be motivated as well. Desert Runners are actually distantly related to the dragon species but it looked like it wanted to eat dragon steak too.


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