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GC V9C313

(313) Formidable foe

Translator: Tseirp


We advanced deeper into the cave with Centaur in front. The interior of the cave turned into a maze as just as I thought we were descending underground, we would then start climbing up. The path gradually narrowed as well.

“This is so complicated. I don’t remember the way at all.”

We may have to return by using Home return.

“Don’t worry, Carol remembers the path.”

“Me too, I won’t get lost since our scent will remain.”

— That’s right, my companions are very reliable.

That’s a relief.

Just as I had that thought.


I caught a single presence in my Presence Detection.

However, that presence was — from directly below!?

“Centaur, stop!”

I activated Hawk’s eye.

And I activated dark vision as well.

Hawk’s eye was usually used as a skill to survey the ground from the sky but that skill can be used to move my sight field up and down. In other words, I could move my sight down as well.

And then, I saw it.

A large space, and —

“It’s there, a dragon! It’s quite big!”

“Really!? But just how did it get there? I can’t imagine a dragon passing through this narrow path.”

Said Carol.

That’s true, the space was wide but the entrance to enter that space was barely wide enough for Centaur and us. On that note, even the entrance to this cave would not fit that enormous dragon.

Just where — I scrutinized the underground space and found it.

An underground lake.

“Underground lake … I see! Lake Landau! It comes in through there.”

“That was careless. Carol should have noticed.”

Carol was right.

Carol and I once discovered, in the uninhabited island, a secret path that led to the dungeon through the spring.

Recalling that case, I realized that Lake Landau was the only place large enough to serve as an entrance for a large monster such as a dragon.

“But Master. If the dragon enters and exits through Lake Landau, why doesn’t the Sugyu herd at the lake flee? If a dragon is seen plunging into the lake, men and beasts alike would flee.”

“It’s the Sugyu Disease.”

I finally recalled.

Sugyu Disease – – a disease prevalent in Goats Rocky which only infects Sugyu. The disease affects the brain of Sugyu who are infected, causing them to lose their sense of fear.

In such cases, even if the dragon appeared, or even when it bares its fangs in front of them, the Sugyu would not flee.

Under Centaur’s guidance, we dived even deeper underground.

“Ichino-sama, I believe you are aware.”

“Yeah, I can’t use Ancient Nova if we are so far below ground.”

If I utilized a spell that causes such a huge explosion in such a location, we would truly be buried alive. Of course, I could use Home Return to escape before we are buried alive but then Centaur, who is not registered in the party, would be left behind.

I did think to myself that it would probably be fine even if I left it behind but well, one can never be too sure.

“Are there accounts of dragon weak points such as piercing them with a sword between the eyes would kill them?”

“Most living beings will die if pieced with a sword between the eyes, not just dragons.”

“Carol is right.”

I replied and drew White Wolf Fang.

“Let’s go!”

I shouted and started off with a Slash.

Despite being a surprise attack and having a low headroom, the Dragon noticed and flew into the air to avoid it before flying straight at us.

It’s good!

The sharp claws of the dragon approached me.

“Stone & Shield.”

Numerous large stones appeared from the Earth Attribute Stone spell and by raising their defensive strength with a spell, I further raised the attack power of those stones drastically.

The dragon probably intended to slice through the regular stones but my magic rocks with raised attack power actually damaged the dragon’s claws and the remaining stones pierced the dragon.

The dragon shrieked loudly in pain but it was not a death throe. After landing, it flew into the air once again and attempted to flee through the underground lake.

“You’ve lived for centuries, don’t try to flee now!”

I said and chanted.

“Boost Diamond Dust!”

Enormous ice formed from the underground lake. It can’t flee now!

“All right, prepare yourself – – Ancient Dragon!”

I produced the Sword of Creation and held it in a dual-wield with my White Wolf Fang – – prepared to face the Ancient Dragon … eh?

The Ancient Dragon that had plunged into the lake had its face frozen.

“ …. Ah, oh well.”

Skill, Instant Kill! I increased my physical attack by three folds for one second. Then,

“Cross Slash!”

With the high-speed Cross Slash, the long life of the Ancient Dragon ended without it putting up much of a fight.

【Blacksmith skill: 「Wild Dream」acquired】

【There are no further levels for Blacksmith】

【Title: Peak of Blacksmith acquired】

【Job: Advanced Blacksmith is now available】

【Job: Magic Blacksmith is now available】

【Samurai General skill: 「Quickdraw」has skilled up to「Quickdraw II」】

【Samurai General skill: 「Flash」has skilled up to「Flash II」】

【Samurai skill: 「Finishing touch」acquired】

【There are no further levels for Samurai】

【Title: Peak of Samurai acquired】

【Advanced Alchemist skill: 「Decompose」has skilled up to「Decompose II」】

【Recipes acquired】


I acquired multiple skills again.


Wild Dream: Production skill 【Blacksmith Lv60】

By consuming half MP, randomly apply an effect on the produced item.

The more MP consumed, the easier it is to affix good effects.


That is good.

As expected of the Blacksmith’s pinnacle skill.

However, the statement that it will be easier to apply a good effect means that it will not always apply a good effect. If by any chance it applies a bad effect – – I might end up with a cursed sword.


Finishing Touch: Combat skill 【Samurai Lv60】

When the opponent’s HP is less than 20%,

You are able to deal twice the normal damage.


Is this a skill to deal the final blow?

If I use it along with Instant Kill, I would be able to deal six times the damage.

I probably don’t have a foe I can’t defeat with that combo.

“Hmm, Instant Kill — it’s more practical than imagined. Although I have to take note of the 72 hours cooldown time.”

I dispelled the sword made by Sword Creation and sheathed White Wolf Fang.

I unlocked two other jobs as well.

Advanced Blacksmith could be said to be an extension of the Blacksmith job but Magic Blacksmith was probably slightly different.

Even though it was blacksmithing as well, it was a job capable of producing magic weapons and armor such as magic swords and was the job that Kanon had reached the peak for.

Now, even I could make a magic sword like the Excalisur that she made. However, I still have no idea how to make a magic sword that can change the weight of the opponent it slices which Miri saw.

Incidentally, I heard from Carol that the Magic Blacksmith job was unlocked by reaching the peak for Blacksmith, Alchemist and Magician. I see, so that’s why it unlocked now.

Leaving that aside, I looked at the deceased ancient dragon.

The fight felt somewhat disappointing.

I thought the fight would have lasted a little longer.

“Master, splendidly done. I was only able to injure the wing of the dragon as it tried to evade Master’s spell.”

“Carol used Charm as well but encountered severe resistance and was only able to dull it’s movements slightly.”


Looking closely, I saw a fresh wound on one part of the dragon’s wing.

I see, I did not defeat it on my own.

— In fact, I felt a little happier after knowing that.

“Thank you Centaur. Here, as promised.”

I said as I gave it 20 tomatoes.

“Master, what do we do with Centaur?”

“Hmm, we can’t leave it like this — Erm, Centaur. Do you know where Jofre and Elize are? Nod twice if you know.”

Centaur nodded twice when I asked.

I see, so it knows.

“In that case, as a special reward, I will give you five carrots so meet up with Jofre and Elize and descend the mountain. All right? Nod once if you understand.”

Centaur didn’t nod.

Does it hate carrots? I thought to myself as I used Thought Trace to verify the reason why Centaur didn’t nod.

It seemed that it wasn’t because it didn’t want the carrots.

It was telling me that it wanted more.

” … Carol, I leave the negotiations to you.”

“This would be the first time I negotiate with an animal.”

It won’t be good to spoil it too much so I let Carol deal with the negotiations.

It lasted for over 10 minutes.

I couldn’t tell what kind of negotiation was taking place but in the end, the negotiation was settled with seven carrots.

After the negotiations ended, Carol’s head was bowed.

” … That was the first time Carol had to give concessions during negotiations.”

Centaur, what a fearsome creature.


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