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GC V9C314

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(314) Unwanted gem

Translator: Tseirp


And so, with seven carrots as the final price, Centaur would probably meet up with Jofre and Elize safely.

I carried the defeated dragon to My World. After all, I couldn’t carry it out of the cave.

“Master. I don’t see any dragon treasure.”

“You’re right. But I can imagine where the treasures are hidden.”

I said and looked up at the frozen underground lake.

That’s right, the underground lake — the bottom of Lake Landau.

I felt that the treasure would be there.

“I’ll dive into the lake once we exit.”

“No, there is no need for that. We have somebody who is great with salvaging so we can just leave it to them.”


True to their words, Haru and Carol led the way back and we returned to the surface without a hitch.

I had Haru and Carol carry the dragon horns and run to the village.

That should ease the fear that the villagers had.

While we went on to treasure hunting.

There were a large number of Sugyu in the shallows of Lake Landau but the center portion was deeper so there wasn’t a single Sugyu there. We rode on a boat that Pionia made in My World and moved to the center of the lake.

Like before, I used Hawk’s Eye and searched the Lake depths — and found a hole to the side.

“Now it is Sheena No.3’s turn to shine desu!”

“Yeah, salvaging is your forte! I leave it to you, Sheena No.3! Find those treasures.”

“Leave it to me desu! I will become the pirate king desu!”

She said incomprehensible things as usual.

This was a lake, not a sea.

Well, it’s good that she’s fired up.

Sheena No.3 jumped into the lake with a rope tied around her.

Then — I felt the signal and pulled her back in.

“I caught it desu! Master, there is plenty of shellfish here desu!”

Sheena No.3 proudly showed me a ton of rock oyster-like shellfishes.

” … Aren’t you supposed to be looking for treasure?”

“Treasure …. ? Ah, I only heard half of the first letter.”

“Half of the first letter certainly meant shellfish but that can’t be understood without writing it out. At least listen to the words.”

I definitely can’t have such a conversation with Haru or Carol.

I unconsciously felt some slight joy in wordplay using Japanese like that.

For now, I’ll try farming those oysters in My World.

Since they are freshwater oysters, should I raise them in the spring?

“Now, look for treasures.”

“Understood desu!”

Sheena No.3 dived into the lake.

Then, this time it took her 5 minutes before I received the signal.

I pulled the rope.

And hoisted her up.

“I caught it desu! Master, what is this desu?”

Sheena No.3 said as she showed me — a right hand!?

Are there pieces of corpses in the lake!?

“Eh? That’s mechanical — isn’t that just your hand?”

“Yes, I picked it up.”

“Why is it your hand that you pick up! Here, I’ll fix it back so stay still.”

I fit Sheena No.3’s right hand back. I made sure it fit properly.

“Are you all right? I’ll dive if you aren’t feeling well.”

“Leave it to me desu! Impossible is not in Sheena No.3’s dictionary!”

“It seems that your dictionary is missing quite some words.”

I’ll leave it to her since she asked me to.

Sheena No.3 dived down once again.

Then, after five minutes passed.

“I caught it desu!”

“Hey, can’t you come up without saying that every single time?”

“Master, what about this desu!”

“That’s — a turtle! We’re not looking for turtles! You better cut it —”

“An Adamantium Turtle desu!”

“Out — Adamantium Turtle!?”

I used Metal Appraisal to look at the black turtle’s shell.


… Yup that shell was unmistakably made of adamantium.

I wonder if Orichalcum would appear as well …

Either way, I acquired one of my goals.

“All right, let’s go back!”

Just as I was saying that.

I noticed a green gem lodged within a crack on the adamantium shell.

I appraised that gem using Gem Appraisal.

Job Snatching Gem

By saying the target’s name, you will steal the target’s job and make it your own.

You will be able to use the skills of the job you stole.

The gem will break once the person you stole from dies.


… That was it.

Haa, it would have been good if we didn’t find it.


After that, Sheena No.3 dived down into the lake a couple more times to investigate.

In the end, she found bags stuffed with gold and gems but did not find another Job Snatching Gem.

If only I had multiple Job Snatching Gems, I would be able to quit Jobless whenever I wanted to.


“Fufufu, Sheena No.3 played a big role desu!”


Sheena No.3 pushed out her chest in pride. Although it was doubtful if she knew what I was feeling.


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GC V9C313


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      Also, they’re going to have to steal Jobless from a young child. So let’s not talk as though there’s latitude for experiments that require the kid to die.

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