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GC V9C315

(315) Return to Jobless

Translator: Tseirp


When I returned to the village, two old men greeted me with leek and ginger seeds.

One of the old men was apparently the village elder of the village I visited, the other was the village elder of the neighboring village.


“Esteemed traveler, thank you for everything. Please take this.”


All right, I acquired the Job Snatching Gem, Adamantium Turtle, and leek and ginger seed. Having acquired more than what I set out to acquire, I could say it was a great success.


“But we didn’t expect to be offered the dragon materials.”

“I didn’t say a word about offering those though.”


I replied instantly.


“Well, without the dragon materials, because the crops were wiped out, this village would perish.”


Is that blackmail? Is he blackmailing me?

Well, I’m not very hung up on the dragon materials but I had scruples with being asked to hand over the materials so blatantly.

Aren’t they grateful for their benefactor or have the spirit to resolve the remaining problems on their own?


“Er, erm, Ichino-sama. Can I have a moment?”


Carol beckoned and called for me.


Was it about providing them the materials?

Well, even if we provide them enough such that the village doesn’t perish ―


“The crops of these villages were not burned down by the dragon but apparently completely consumed overnight. Both the gingers and the leeks. The Sugyu did not leave the lake so rumors spread that it must have been the dragon.”

“I see ― well, it has to eat at least that much to maintain such a large body.”


Was it a vegetarian dragon?

Or perhaps it ate them as a snack after eating the Sugyu?


” … And so Carol looked at the crops but there were no traces of a dragon. Instead ― there were tracks left by a slow donkey.”

” … Eh?”

“I had Haru-san investigate as well and she noted that Centaur’s scent still lingered.”


… Ah, so that’s what happened …

So the villagers mistook that it was a dragon that did it.

And it wasn’t as though Centaur was my pet donkey, and it wasn’t even a donkey, but.

I head to the village elders to speak.


“I’ll provide ― the dragon materials.”


As such, I gave them about half of the ancient dragon materials and I shared the promised dragon steak with everyone.

I used the portion that I gave the village for the dragon steak so I at least ate a belly-full of it.


After returning Sheena No.3 to My World first, the remaining three of us returned near to Goats Rocky.

Then, we moved My World from the shadow of a rock.

I told Neete, who happened to be nearby, that I would be using the Job Snatching Gem.


“The Job Snatching Gem is quite an amazing magic tool. To be able to snatch the opponent’s job. It can be said to be the strongest tool if used correctly?”

“It is restricted to only human opponents though.”

“… Hey Neete. If you use this, would you change from God’s Homunculus to Jobless?”


Neete and Pionia were both under the skill effects of 「God’s Homunculus Lv0」 which gave them various benefits but they had all kinds of restrictions imposed on them as well.

I wondered if they changed from God’s Homunculus to Jobless, could they live a normal life instead?

Of course, that was if they wished for it.


“No, I have the unique skill 【Unable to Change Job】 so I can’t utilize the Job Snatching Gem. Master, how about you give up?”

“But this can be said to be the strongest weapon. Or maybe even humanity’s treasure. By stealing the opponents’ job, even if the opponent is the Hero or the Demon Lord, won’t it be able to weaken them?”


I told Haru the thoughts that came to mind.


“Master. The Church once tried to use the Job Snatching Gem on Demon Lord-sama and they failed.”

” … Is that so? Ah, so that’s how it is.”


I wondered for a moment before realizing it.

Miri told me about it once.

Famiris‧Raritei was the name of the previous Demon Lord but her real name was Kaguya.

But that name did not travel to this world. Or rather, perhaps only the Goddess-samas like Minerva-sama knew about it.

Because of that, it would naturally not activate since the condition to use the Job Snatching Gem was to call the opponent’s 「True Name」.

We once talked about True Names back at Port Kobe.

I see, so she was wary of this sort of items so she hid her real name.


“Well, with all things said, Master. You plan to have your job snatched in order to become Jobless, right?”

“Ye … yeah. Right, What happens to the job that is replaced?”

“It will be sealed in the gem. You would not be able to use the skills either. And in exchange, a person holding the gem can use the skills.”

“In other words, it would be better to choose a job that I will unlikely use. Or maybe a job that I want others to use.”

“No, even if the job is replaced, once the Gem is destroyed, you will be able to job change to that job while remaining as Jobless. So the Commoner job will be enough.”

“I can’t re-use the Job Snatching Gem without breaking it?”

“No, you can’t.”

That’s such a waste.

But nothing will change if I keep going on and on like this.


“All right, I’ve decided! Make me Jobless!”


I said and held out the Job Snatching Gem.


” … That’s quite an outrageous thing to say if I take that sentence out of context.”


Neete said with half-closed eyes. I had the same thought as well.


“Well then, while presumptuous of me, I will be using it.”


Haru took the Job Snatching Gem.

Then, she raised that gem.




… My heart skipped a little as Haru called my name.

But if possible, I rather she called me Ichinosuke instead.

Eh? But nothing is happening?

Checking my status, I saw that nothing changed.


“Haurvatat-san, please call Master without the honorary suffix. It might have recognized -sama as part of his True Name.”


Neete explained the reason for the lack of activation.

That’s a broken AI level of recognition.


“Without the honorary suffix … that’s difficult.”


Haru was seriously troubled.

No no, it’s totally not hard.

In fact, I preferred that instead.


“Haru-san, shall Carol take over?”

“No, this is for Master’s sake. Then ―”


Once again, Haru raised the gem.


“Ichinojo ……… sama.”


Ah, she still ended with -sama.

… I thought but,


【Job: Commoner has been snatched.】


It seemed that it worked this time.

The Job Snatching Gem that Haru held floated and emitted a faint light.

Upon checking my status, my first Job has returned to 【Jobless: Lv109】.

I knew you would always be following me … haa, I guess can only quit Jobless in the truest sense after I reach the peak for it.

Thanks to the Limit Breaking Drug from Miri, I could grow until Lv 1000 so there was still a long way to go.


“Thank you. Oh right, I have just one more request for Haru and Carol, is that all right?”

“Yes, if it is Master’s request.”

“Of course, please say if it is something Carol is capable of.”


The two of them already said okay without even hearing the request.

Well, it wasn’t anything difficult.


“If only just for today, could you call me Ichinosuke without the honorifics?”


It would be impossible to change immediately but it would be good to practice.

I can’t have them continue to refer to me the same way as when we had a slave and master relationship.


” … That is … a little difficult.”

” … Ichinosuke-sama, is not okay?”


Even though they both replied okay just now, the two of them refused to call me without honorifics.

Even though they would let me touch their breasts just by asking … why?


After that, we shattered the Job Snatching Gem and my【Commoner】 job returned to me.


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