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GC V9C316

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(316) Beach volleyball

Translator: Tseirp


“Rarael-sama, you can do it~”

“The ball went that way.”

“Ah, almost!”

Currently, beach volleyball has become a great fad in My World.

My World had little entertainment options. They could buy books, research on making delicious food but the Dark-Elves were more suited to playing by moving their bodies (A certain someone preferred to remain indoors and read books but she was an exception).

Because of that, I built a table tennis space beside the hot spring facility and a beach volleyball court on the beach. Pionia and Neete made them. If I used the Book of Creation, I could make the facilities in exchange for MP but lately, I have been using the Book of Creation to promote the growth of crops or to ferment food.

The ginger and leek could be harvested from the seeds in just one hour.

Incidentally, the ball was made of beast skin and we bought it from Goats Rocky.

I watched the beach volleyball game from the shade within the beach villa build on the beach.

A volleyball scene with beautiful brunettes dressed in swimsuits.

” … One ball, two balls …”

When Rarael jumped, her ball-like large breasts swayed conspicuously.

“Master, there’s only one ball.”

Haru, who was preparing to cook behind me, spoke up and I unconsciously sat straighter.

“Ah, well, beach volleyball is so popular here so I was thinking if I should buy another ball.”

“I see. Ah, this time Sheena-san seems to be participating.”

As Haru said, the match Rarael and the others were having ended and now they were switching members.

Sheena No.3 pointed at the opponents with the ball held her hand.

“The beach volleyball match has nine-outs, now the match extends to injury-time desu!”

… She’s mixed up all kinds of terminologies. Furthermore, isn’t that said at the start of a match instead? That’s probably some offhand knowledge she acquired from Japanese manga. Since she does nothing but reading manga or watches anime when she has free time.

“Well then, it’s about time I put the finishing touches.”

I loaded the vegetables that Haru chopped up into a frying pan and,

“Petite Fire.”

I cast a weakened Petite Fire into the stove.

Lately, I have gotten used to using magic this way.

My proficiency in magic has improved quite significantly. I was now at a proficiency level that was hard to feel any further benefit but there was no harm in raising it further.

More importantly, I should focus on cooking.

Pork, vegetables, noodles, salt and pepper, mixed into a semi-sweet sauce. Yeah, that smells good. If we talk about beachside villas, yakisoba is the first thought to come to mind.

I didn’t have red plum vinegar to make red ginger so I used pickled ginger instead. It would be fine to use the red ginger that Miri brought on its own but I wanted to use this chance to use the gingers grown in My World which I went through so much trouble to acquire.

“Master, be careful!”

“― Eh!”

I naturally turned around to Haru’s voice and I caught the thing that came flying out of the court.

“Don’t let the ball fly in this direction … eh?”

When I looked at the court, I noticed the Dark-Elves staring at me with stunned looks. Then, the ball fell into the court.

Eh? I recall that there was only one ball.

In addition, Sheena was lying in the sand without her head …?

“You’re mistaken desu.”


I raised my voice in shock when I heard a voice from my hand.

For some reason, the thing I mistakenly caught thinking it was the ball turned out to be Sheena’s head.

“Are you all right? This seems to be a scene from a gag-anime in the past but are you sure you’re not broken?”

“It’s fine desu. This is a daily event desu.”

“I didn’t know that you take your head off during teatime and meal times.” (TL: Daily event is written as daily tea and meal times in Japanese.)

Nevertheless, I took care to not snag any of her long hair as I fix her head back. She didn’t move for a moment but just when I noticed her finger twitch, she stood up on her own feet.

“Reboot complete desu. Voice playback function, recording function, memory function, visual function, self-destruct function, hearing function, transcendent massage function are all working fine desu.”

“That’s great … hn? Wait a minute, I heard something that I can’t overlook!”

“There’s a massage function?”

Haru asked. Were her shoulders stiff? Even if that was the case, I could massage them for her.

No no, Haru-san. I am certainly curious about the transcendent massage function but that’s not the issue?

“You have a self-destruct function?”

“Yes desu.”

Sheena No.3 nodded while acting proud for some reason.

This isn’t the secret base of a monster so why does she have something like that?

It might be a safety switch just in case she goes out of control but it is still a self-destruct function. I should at least remove it when I was with her the other time.

“Sheena No.3 head houses a Philosopher’s stone so the self-destruct power is even stronger than Master’s magic desu.”

“The Philosopher’s stone is an item that can only be made by an Alchemist when they reach the peak level. What a waste …”

Well, even with Japan’s state-of-the-art technology, we still fail to create artificial intelligence. And she even has a soul. If I think about it that way, it’s totally natural to have items such as Philosopher’s stone in her? Well, her creator was Miri (Or to be accurate, Miri’s previous life Famiris‧Raritei) so I wouldn’t be surprised if she could spend two or three Philosopher’s stone, as expected of my younger sister.

“That’s a terrible thing to say desu! Sheena No.3 powered by a Philosopher’s stone is invincible desu! I can even solve 5-digit multiplications in 2 seconds desu!”

I can solve that with a calculator bought from a hundred yen shop as well. With just one battery.

The Philosopher’s stone was wasted after all.

“That’s yakisoba … the fragrance of the sauce, you used many kinds of spices, vegetables, and fruit juices huh. It smells excellent.”

Rarael praised the fragrance of the sauce but the sauce was a commercial product. I wonder if it’s possible to make the sauce on our own?

After getting the oysters, I realized that we could make oyster sauce though.

I wonder if the seeds of the spices needed are among the items that Miri brought?

I could make wasabi if I get my hands on dogwood. Speaking of which, I bought pepper in Belasra in the past.

“Carol, I have a question.”


“We bought pepper before but are pepper seeds easy to come by? Or perhaps, will it sprout if we plant the peppers we bought that time?”

“The ones that can be purchased from traders are black peppers. Black peppers are made by drying the flesh of its unripe fruit so it has no germination ability. In addition, in the Arundel Kingdom, permission from the country is required for the cultivation of spices so it is impossible for ordinary people to acquire seeds.”

I see, so I can’t get them.

But isn’t there a backdoor method to acquire some?

Like finding wild pepper seeds or if that’s impossible, I could ask Gorza who seems to be connected to nobles.

” … Wait, if I plan to make my own sauces, I seriously don’t know where will I be heading to.”

“No, even if you don’t make sauces, you still don’t know where you are heading to.”

Neete said as she ate the yakisoba skillfully with chopsticks.

“By the way, are the Adamantium Turtles okay? The Gem Turtles we’ve had until now were sea turtles but the Adamantium Turtles are freshwater turtles right? Are they fine being put into the sea?”

“Negative. Those are tortoises so we are nurturing them on the beach.”

This time, it was Pionia who replied as she ate the yakisoba.

“Is there any need to nurture them? We have the eggs too so can’t we just dismantle the adult turtles now?”

“Negative. Adamantium Turtles molt regularly. The current Adamantium Turtles will molt in a few days so Master can use those molted turtle shells to create gear for Master Haurvatat.”

I see, so they will molt.

In that case, it would really be a waste to kill them.

“Leaving that aside, Master. I am not worried about the Adamantium Turtles but about Sheena No.3.”

“Hn? Are you bothered by Sheena No.3’s anime again? Pionia, sorry but please warn Sheena No.3.”

“No, that’s fine. I’d rather let her sing.”

” ― ? That’s awfully kind of you.”

What caused her change in heart?

Well, it’s all good if that solved the issue.

Love and peace are important after all.

“Eh? Then what are you worried about Sheena No.3 for?”

I asked.

Pionia’s reply was extremely straightforward and simple.

“Sheena No.3 will stop running in a month.”


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GC V9C315


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