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GC V9C317

(317) Interlude: Miri and Daijiro at that time

Translator: Tseirp


“Hey, Daijiro. What did you ask Jofre and Elize to do?”

A test flight was being carried out after the maintenance at the Mallegory dock was complete.

That said, it was not being done by Daijiro or Miri so they had time for idle talk.

“What is it?”

Daijiro asked as she poured wine into a champagne glass with ice.

Miri didn’t want to complain about why she was using a champagne glass instead of a wine glass by now and she didn’t want to talk about old topics on how ice shouldn’t be put into wine.

For cheaper wines drunk at home, it may be easier to chill them with ice after all.

That said, she wanted her to stop putting ice into high-class wine that cost 50,000 sense of a bottle. That was blasphemy to the craftsman.


She was a little annoyed but complaining now would stir up a hornet’s nest so she focused on listening to Daijiro’s reply.

“I asked them to retrieve the horn of a lizard.”

“Horn of a lizard?”

On Earth, there were horned lizards as well. They were called Horned Lizards too. And in this world, there were lizard monsters with splendid horns as well.

But those horns were relatively cheap to purchase and it was not precious enough to warrant asking them to set off to buy it. They could even get it in Mallegory.

“That sounds like a novice errand ― but those two seem to have failed. Perhaps they picked up something outrageous.”

Her relationship with Jofre and Elize was shallow but Miri accurately analyzed the two of them and predicted the results.

“Famiris’ intuition is still sharp. But that’s exactly the reason why I chose the two of them.”

“Hmph. But I don’t know about that. If you ask them for a lizard horn, they might come back with a rabbit horn.”

A rabbit horn was significantly cheaper than a lizard horn and its utility value was lower as well.

“I am waiting for the other opposite of that. Furthermore, don’t worry. Those two are loved by the gods.”

“Gods … huh.”

Miri said with annoyance.

She had only heard a little about Jofre and Elize’s journey until now.

From the hidden dungeon between Belasra and Florence, arriving at the Goddess statue room through luck alone, and escaping the infinitely appearing group of monsters in Ferruit without any injuries.

Even though the church released a wanted poster of them, they escaped without intentionally escaping and became the hero’s companion Daijiro’s subordinate just based on the fact that they were nearby.

They could certainly be said to be loved by the gods but thinking about the six Goddesses made Miri sigh a little.

Then, she looked down from the sky at the ground to the west.

Kyupilas Hill ― and the dominion of the Shiraraki Kingdom beyond it.

She could not shout out. She could not convey anything.

Even if she did, it would definitely not reach the person it is intended for.

” …… ”

Daijiro wordlessly smiled and tilted the champagne glass that only had ice remaining. The melted smaller chunks of ice clinked against the glass.


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GC V9C318


  1. thejadmaster

    An unfortunately short look at the Hero and the Demon Lord… but thank you very much for the chapter anyway! :)

  2. Filip Dinca

    Yeah, those two idiots were making a lot of problems, so this was the “reason” used to make them leave. This Daijiro is still quite enigmatic.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

    • ChunLing

      Well, I think Daijiro is attempting to take advantage of those two’s idiotic luck. Basically, they’ll come back with something much more valuable than an ordinary lizard horn and somehow cause confusion to the enemy while they’re at it.

      It’s rather irresponsible, since they’ll also cause confusion to everyone else they meet, but Daijiro isn’t particularly keen on responsibility.

  3. terror100

    a dam to short xD

  4. rooislangwtf


  5. SFcipher


  6. Cursed Lich

    It was a weird and really short chapter. Was the author in a slump when he wrote this arc?

  7. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

  8. Daijiro is such an horrible troll. HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO WINE, YOU SWINE

    • ChunLing

      Daijiro should have been pretty young when she was isekaied, and she doesn’t seem to be deeply vested in acquiring or following common sense. Wine is a very flavorful drink, maybe she simply likes it being slightly watered down (especially at the end).

  9. Thank you for this chapter! :)

  10. Vashta

    ok im now certain this is light novel as the part of the idiot couple being wanted was not in the web novel that happened in the manga and light novel so translator-sama should double check that either the author is truly working on the web novel and hasnt stopped or that they didn’t accidentally start translating the light novel instead of the web novel! could also be the author is mixing the two up

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