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GC V9C320

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(320) Information on the Philosopher’s Stone 

Translator: Tseirp


Unfortunately, there was nobody with information on the ingredients for the Philosopher’s Stone

However, according to Carol, it was possible to obtain information from a knowledgeable old man in Goats Rocky so I headed to the home of that old man.

Speaking of an old man, perhaps ―


“So it’s the old man who owns this book shop.”


I muttered deeply.

The old man’s job was Samurai, he was a master of the sword draw and he was a fan of Famiris‧Raritei.

Now that I think about it, I have not touched most of the books I bought from him.

I entered the book shop on my own.


“Hey, you’re back.”

“Yes, there’s something I wish to ask you.”


I placed a small bottle of wine on the counter.

Carol taught me that this old man was quite an alcoholic.


“Something to ask huh? So you’re not here to purchase books?”


The old man said that but his expression eased a little. It was probably the effect of the alcohol.


“So what do you want to know?”

“If possible, about the Philosopher’s Stone. If not, the ingredients for a Philospher’s Stone and the location of its recipe. Otherwise, I am fine with the whereabouts of an Advanced Alchemist who has the recipe for the Philosopher’s Stone as well. I wish to obtain one as soon as possible.”


I could see a shadow over the old man’s expression after I asked.


“Philosopher’s Stone huh? You brought the name of another great item. You may be aware but the recipe for the Philosopher’s Stone is a recipe that any Alchemist desires. It is not that easy to acquire.”

” … I am aware of that.”

“Sorry but I do not know the whereabouts of the recipe book. I am not sure if it even exists.”


I was prepared for that.

As expected, it wouldn’t be so easy.


“But I have a clue as to a person who can create a Philosopher’s Stone.”

“Really!? Who is it!?”

“The Hero’s companion, Daijiro.”


Said the old man.


“Daijiro … san.”

“Yeah. This is nothing more than a rumor but the Hero Alesio’s companion, Daijiro, is said to have the Inventor job ― capable of inventing all kinds of items by possessing the highest possible skills available to an Alchemist. By increasing the level of that job, it is possible to acquire all Alchemist recipes that exist in the world. It is possible that she is capable of creating a Philosopher’s Stone.”


What a turn of events.

The journey until now has taught me that Daijiro-san isn’t that easy to locate.

If I could do that, I would have helped rescue Miri a long time ago.


“Furthermore, many rare materials are required.”

“Do you know the materials needed to craft a Philosopher’s Stone?”

“Yes. First, you need ― the legendary metal called Adamantite.”



What a coincidence, I just obtained that.

If I already have the rest of the materials or if I can find them quickly ―


“And the mass of magic, Dragon Core.”

“Dragon Core ― Would the heart of an Ancient Dragon suffice?”

“No, the Dragon Core is a material dropped by the legendary dragon called the Demon Lord Dragon. It is said to be the boss of the deepest dungeon in the world ― the Infinite Labyrinth in the Eastern Continent.”


Although it was called the Infinite Labyrinth, it has a lowest level that was apparently a thousand floors below ground.

The boss that appears on that floor was apparently the Demon Lord Dragon.

After defeating the Demon Lord Dragon, there was a low chance of it dropping the Demon Lord Dragon’s heart, called the Dragon Core.

That is quite a high difficulty item to obtain.


“Last would be Nectar.”


“Yes, an alcohol, also known as the Goddess’ wine.”


That was also an item that I didn’t know.

In the end, I only had one of the three items required.

Furthermore, I must travel to the Eastern Continent to obtain the Dragon Core.

I had to find Daijiro, travel to the Eastern Continent and find the Nectar which I don’t know where it may be.

Would Sheena No.3 be fine until then?

I’ll try asking Pionia if there was any way to extend Sheena No.3’s operation time. It will be great if she has something like a sleep mode.


“By the way, there is a person who knows the way to obtain Nectar.”

“A person!? Who?”

“The guildmaster of the Mercenary Guild ― The representative of Goats Rocky as well as the representative of many regional Mercenary Guilds including the Shiraraki Kingdom. Their power is comparable to a king. It might be useless ― no, it’s most probably useless but I’ll write a letter of introduction.”

“It’s useless … ?”

“Yeah, that person will only trust a person they see with their own eyes. Nevertheless, having something is better than nothing.”

The old man wrote a letter of introduction for me.


“Thank you so much. For writing this letter as well.”

“I just felt like it. I don’t need your gratitude. However, if you get more than two Nectars, please give me one.”

“All right, I will definitely do so.”


I thanked the old man and left the shop.


I walked to the Mercenary Guild and showed the introduction letter from the old man to the receptionist.


“Haaa ….”


She sighed for some reason.

Then ―


“I’ll apologize first. Sorry.”


She apologized for some reason.

The receptionist took the introduction letter and went to the back.

I had a bad feeling. No, that was not just a bad feeling.

The old man said it would be useless as well.

And then, I was right.

The receptionist came back immediately.

Holding the introduction letter torn into two.


“Ichinojo-san ― I am terribly sorry.”

“It’s okay, I was prepared … eh? How do you know my name?”

“I confirmed the contents before it was torn. There is a message from guildmaster. 『If you wish to meet me, do some mercenary work』. It seems that the guildmaster will see you if you achieve some tasks.”


The ability first principle. It’s just as the old man said.


“All right. However, I don’t have much time so please give me a task that I can finish in a few days.”

“Okay, a task that can prove your ability. There is a dungeon to the south of here ― defeat the boss there and return with proof. The reward is 70,000 Goats. You will be able to see the master the quicker you fulfill the request.”

“Understood ― this isn’t that different from an Adventurer Guild request.”


I received the request and commented.


“Yes, that is correct. The Adventurer Guild was set up to foster cooperation between adventurers while the Mercenary Guild was set up to create work for the soldiers who lose their places to go after the war ends. Some militias have production jobs so as compared to the Adventurers Guild where everyone has combat jobs, the difference in the Mercenary Guild would be that anybody could enter.”

Anybody could enter huh?

“Normally there would be a test but we judge that there is no problem with Ichinojo-sama’s ability, having defeated the demons at the royal castle.”

“Ah, there’s that too.”

I had confirmed at the Principality of Nicplan that there was an exam for the Mercenary Guild.

More importantly, the Mercenary Guild at that time was at war with the Shiraraki Kingdom so it was another organization although it had the same name.

The guilds were being unified since the war is over but I wonder if Kikkori and the others were working here ― eh?

Does that mean I passed the test with just my name?

I wonder if I can call myself a mercenary instead of jobless?

“Well, a personage like Ichinojo-sama probably has work elsewhere and the work in the Mercenary Guild is mostly skewed toward day labor but after meeting guildmaster, please feel free to come looking for work as well.”

“Ah … okay.”


Day labor ― that’s similar to part-time jobs, right?

As expected, I’m still far from the road to becoming a regular employee.

But such things don’t matter at the moment.

Gathering materials to fix Sheena No.3 is more important.


Author’s note:

The bookshop old man is kind to Ichinojo not because he is a tsundere, but because he wants to repay him, a person from the parallel world … that’s my selfish thought (See Volume 9).

Actually, this has nothing to do with foreshadowing.


TL note:

No idea what the author’s note means but it’s likely to happen in the Light Novel … not sure if it will happen in the Web Novel.


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GC V9C319


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