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GC V9C323

(323) I hate being a hypocrite

Translator: Tseirp


I resigned myself to spin the roulette for the three of us in order to get the dungeon clear bonus.

The ball fell into the slot for skills for all three of us.

Probably thanks to my jobs set as Philanderer, Gambler, Hunter and Elf-Bowman.

Gambler had 40 luck, Philanderer 30 luck, while Hunter and Elf-Bowman had 20 luck each.

Adding in the 10 luck from Jobless, my total luck was 120. Twelve times that of a regular person.

I was actually hoping to acquire the recipe for the Philosopher’s Stone but it didn’t happen even with 12 times of luck.

【Title: 「Labyrinth Conqueror VI」has ranked up to「Labyrinth Conqueror VII」】

【Clear reward skill: 「Lifestyle Magic IV」has skilled up to「Lifestyle Magic V」】

Was my affinity with Lifestyle Magic a blessing or a curse?

That said, this time I was responsible for spinning it and Lifestyle Magic was really useful so I didn’t really mind.

Incidentally, the spell I learned was Stamina Heal.

Unlike Heal that recovers injuries, that spell was unable to heal wounds but instead capable of recovering lowered physical stamina.

I see. That was probably a spell convenient for daily life.

But … I can only think of it as a spell for that particular need.

Before I realize, we were back in the Goddess Statue room.

“I acquired a skill called Fisheye.”

“Fisheye … ? That’s a terrible name for a skill.”

“But it is a convenient skill. It broadens my field of view and I can see places that are originally at my dead angle. But I feel that it would difficult getting used to it.”

Was it somewhat like looking through a fisheye lens?

If that was the case, it would really be tough getting accustomed to it.

“Ichino-sama, Carol acquired a skill called Magic Tool Appraisal.”

That sounded like a convenient skill too.

In particular, my Magic Blacksmith leveled up smoothly during this dungeon run so I could let Carol appraise.

“I received Lifestyle Magic once again. A spell called Stamina Heal. Let me try it.”

I applied Stamina Heal on Haru and Carol.

“So … this is Stamina Heal.”

Haru noticed the changes in herself and commented.

“Yeah, isn’t it convenient?”

“I could fight eternally if I had that.”

And Haru made an outrageous comment.

It might be a joyous suggestion to Haru as a battle junkie but I would hate that. I don’t wish to fight that much.

The door at the back opened as I was thinking.

A large snake was waiting for us.

I see, so we must return by the proper path.

But this large snake had no special abilities other than shooting venom so I safely cut it in two with a single slash.

The item drop was … a wine jar? It seemed to have viper wine in it.

Somehow it seems that the bosses only drop alcohol-related items.

I wonder if it is because Minerva is called the Goddess of Medicine and alcohol is known as the best medicine?

“All right, let’s go home! Home Return!”

I called out and I was transferred to My World with Haru and Carol.

I had not used the Hikikomori skill once since leaving Goats Rocky.

In other words, if I open the door from My World, the door would appear in Goats Rocky.

I could save 100% of the time required to return.

How’s that, the request would be completed just like that.

The Mercenary Guild guild master would probably be surprised after hearing how quickly we complete the request.


“What’s the matter, Carol?”

“Sorry, I forgot. It’s already night outside – – The Mercenary Guild would be closed at this timing.”

… Ahh.

Shit, I didn’t think that far.

Since there was no other option, we rested in My World for today.

We went to the Dark Elves’ place and ate together.

The menu was improved dragon steak.

The meat of the dragon we defeated the other day was tenderized by marinating it in ginger juice and grilled.

It tasted reminiscent of grilled ginger pork but it was a lot tastier than when we ate it in the village near Mount Landau. Haru was a little disappointed though.

“I’ve been having delicious food ever since coming to this world. I might grow fat at this rate.”

Rarael said as Ririana and Carol commented on her larger swaying breasts.

“ … I want to grow fat.”

“I wish to be fat.”

… Well, it’s not that I don’t understand their sentiments but being flat-chested is a status too. Furthermore, it wasn’t as though Ririana’s ones were that small and Carol would make hers larger with magic. Although it would only be an illusion.

“By the way, Ririana. Did you complete the ink?”

I had passed her gallic and iron sulphide and tasked her to make ink for Magic Journalist.

“Ye-yes, I have!”

Ririana handed four square bottles of ink to me.

“I had Pionia-san make the glass bottles.”

“I see. Thank you, Ririana. I will thank Pionia later.”

“It’s ok … there’s no need to thank me.”

Ririana said while looking embarrassed.

With this, I could request Rurina to make the Magic Journalist talisman and then I could change my party freely.

Well, I don’t need it right away though.


As for dessert, I made ice cream this time.

Using the familiar method of adding salt to magically-created ice.

I used milk, eggs and maltose.

“If possible, I would have preferred to make it with fresh cream but …. “

“Sheena No.3 can make it desu.”

“You can?”

“Sheena No.3 can make anything desu.”

Sheena No.3 said before pouring milk from Sugyu into her mouth. Then, she proceeded to rotate her head at high speed.

“Wait, why are you even here!”


Sheena poured out fresh cream from her mouth.

What a production process.

… But it really was proper fresh cream.

“I shall expel the remaining milk from my breasts desu.”

“Don’t. Expel it from your mouth.”

“Understood desu.”

Sheena No.3 expelled fat-free milk into a separate container from the fresh cream.

“My sleep mode has ended desu! 100% energy desu!”

“Lies! Your head is 7 degrees off.”

I grabbed Sheena No.3’s head and turned it lightly.

Her head was secured with a click.

“Go back to sleep mode. I’ll wake you after I complete the Philosopher’s Stone.”

“ … Sheena wants to play with master too desu. To cook together desu. I can’t sleep alone desu.”

I held my head after hearing Sheena No.3’s lonely tone.

“We’ll take a rest after we’re done.”

“Yes desu.”

Even though I decided that it would be better for Sheena No.3 to rest, I still tolerated her selfishness.

I hate being a hypocrite.


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GC V9C324


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