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GC V9C324

Did a small edit in Ch322, added the final paragraph that I missed out, thanks to Teivel in Discord for letting me know.

(324) A gift from Minerva

Translator: Tseirp


I made ice cream with Sheena.

Ice cream for 50 people turned out to be quite an amount.

“If we combine the stickiness of natto into the ice cream we can make it similar to Turkish ice cream.”

“We don’t need to do that. In the first place, how do you know about Turkish ice cream even though you don’t even know about Turkey.”

“I know desu. It is the place to mine turquoise desu.”

“You can’t mine turquoise in Turkey.”

Her knowledge about Earth is unexpected.

Also, judging by her suggestion to use the stickiness of natto, was she still maintaining her previous soybean-loving character?

“The ice cream is done so you should sleep now.”

“Understood desu. Could you princess carry me desu?”

“ … You came here by walking. You can go back with your own feet too.”

I replied and brought Sheena No.3 back to her own room.

It seems that she can enter sleep mode on her own without having to hit her head.

“Make sure to sleep.”

I said and turned off the room lights.

“Understood desu, entering sleep mode desu … ah, can I sleep while listening to Nyapiece opening song?”

“Sleep quietly.”

“Understood desu.”

Sheena No.3 replied and closed her eyes.

She was an automata so she wouldn’t have a sleep breathing pattern.

I gently brushed her head. Her hair felt exactly the same as human hair.

… I’ll definitely help her.

I told myself and left the room.


I returned carrying the completed ice cream.

An hour has passed since the dragon steak party but everyone was still waiting while chatting.

“Suke-kun. What are you making today?”

“Today is ice cream …”

I realized after I placed the ice cream into a cup and passed it to her.

“… Why are you here?”

The woman I asked was not Haru nor Carol nor Pionia nor Neete nor the Dark-Elves nor Sheena No.3 who was currently sleeping.

It was the Goddess-sama who left a note to not look for her and went missing – – Minerva-sama.

I naturally handed the ice cream to Minerva-sama.

“Did you come to verify if I returned to Jobless? I’ve used the Job snatching gem and regained Jobless so no need to worry.”

“No, that’s not it. Today I am looking for a place to die.”

Minerva-sama said something outrageous.

Now that I think about it, she did write that in her letter.

“But being able to eat such delicious food is happiness.”

In other words, it was her usual excuse to not die … and she found a new excuse. That’s good.

But I would prefer if she doesn’t visit so often.

Haru, Carol and the Dark Elves were all having trouble deciding on how to receive her.

She added something to her ice cream.


“This is not syrup.”

My inner mind was read.

If she was going to read my mind, I’d prefer if she replies to my thought of not visiting us so often.

What was it if it was not syrup?

“This is alcohol.”

“Ah, alcohol huh.”

I’ve heard of the practice of eating ice cream with liquor.

Torerul-sama was the same. Are all Goddesses alcohol-lovers?

“Tet and Libra don’t really drink. Setolance loves to but don’t let her drink too much. She becomes belligerent whenever she drinks. Koshmar mentioned that she likes to drink alone. And it is natural for me to love alcohol. I am the Goddess of Medicine after all.”

“Ah, because alcohol is the best medicine?”

“Exactly. Suke-kun, why not become a Brewer? You can change job after you level up your Apothecary job.”

“I have two excellent Apothecary here so I will proceed down a different path”

I said and looked at Carol and Ririana.

If the two of them are working hard on that field, there was no reason for me to walk that path.

“I see … I was looking forward to whether the alcohol Suke-kun makes is tastier than the one I made.”

“Minerva-sama’s alcohol – – I definitely want to try.”

I don’t really drink but I was interested in alcohol made by a Goddess.

“You want it? Here.”

Minerva-sama smiled as she took out 10 small vials from the valley of her breasts.

Just how much stuff does she have hidden there?

It was still slightly warm – – this is Minerva-sama’s body warmth.

Ah, I’m thinking of unnecessary things.

“Thank you very much. What alcohol is this?”


“Ah, so this is Nectar.”

I see.

It’s called the Goddess’ alcohol after all.

It’s not strange for a real Goddess-sama to have it.

“Wait, eeeeehhhh!?”

I didn’t expect to obtain Nectar.

Or rather, I obtained way too much.

Not only do I have enough for the old book shopkeeper, I even have enough to gift to Doxco.


I should be overjoyed but I still want to say.

What was the point of me working so hard this time?


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GC V9C323


SL Chapter SS2.3


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