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GC V9C325

(325) Her sword

Translator: Tseirp


Now, back to the dungeon conquest this time.

I mostly only heard the messages for level-ups.

There was only one reason.

Most of my jobs were skewed towards production jobs.

Even if I did acquire skills, they were probably not skills useable in a labyrinth.

Specifically, my jobs before entering the dungeon were:

【Jobless Lv109, Advanced Blacksmith Lv1, Advanced Alchemist Lv13, Magic Blacksmith Lv1, Magic Journalist Lv7】

That was the situation.

I discussed with Pionia in advance that these jobs might be needed to fix Sheena No.3.

I had sufficient magical attack thanks to Advanced Alchemist and my status was high once Advanced Blacksmith and Magic Blacksmith level increased so there was no issue with conquering the dungeon.

And then, after conquering the dungeon it was like this.

【Jobless Lv110, Advanced Blacksmith Lv18, Advanced Alchemist Lv24, Magic Blacksmith Lv10, Magic Journalist Lv31】

As expected, quite a lot of experience points were needed for advanced jobs to level up.

But after reviewing the skills I obtained, they were quite decent.

Below is a summary.


【Ichinojo leveled up】

【Jobless skill: 「Kin Summoning」acquired】

【Advanced Blacksmith skill: 「Blacksmithing II」has skilled up to「Blacksmithing III」】

【Advanced Blacksmith skill: 「Remake」acquired】

【Advanced Blacksmith skill: 「Remake」has skilled up to「Remake  II」】

【Advanced Alchemist skill: 「One Eight Alchemy」acquired】

【Magic Blacksmith skill: 「Magic Blacksmithing」acquired】

【Magic Blacksmith skill: 「Blacksmith fusion」acquired】

【Magic Journalist skill: 「Quick Pen」acquired】

【Magic Journalist skill: 「Copy」acquired】

【Magic Journalist skill: 「Two sides of the same coin」acquired】

【Recipes acquired】


This time I still did not acquire the recipe to create equipment with mithril.

Among the recipes added on by Advanced Alchemist, I acquired the recipe to create magic metal by merging with magic stones but there was no recipe to merge Adamantine with magic stones so I’ll leave that skill alone for now.


Kin Summoning: Magic-type skill 【Jobless Lv110】

The ability to summon kin and others physically with the kin.


There was just one description line. But I could understand it well with just that.

But it was a pointless skill without the Kin Conversion skill.

I could not understand why that skill would be given.


Remake: Production-type skill 【Advanced Blacksmith Lv5】

Allows remaking a blacksmith product within one minute of completion. However, if work is interrupted halfway, the material used will be lost.

The number of Remake times depends on skill level.


It didn’t seem like a useful skill at a glance but it was good.

I have the Random skill to obtain a random effect from crafted items.

When bad or unnecessary effects appear, I could remake it without wasting materials. I currently have Remake II so I could remake an item twice.


One Eight Alchemy: Production-type skill 【Advanced Alchemist Lv20】

Adds failure and great success results to some recipes.

Failure and great success chance fluctuate according to luck stat.


This was another gambling-type skills. It was certainly make-or-break. (TL: Make-or-break is written as one or eight in Japanese.)

Now that I think about it, Miri mentioned that her Herbalist also had failure, great failure, and great success. Perhaps she had a one eight compounding skill as well.

This was worth considering so I’ll give it a try next time.

It fluctuates depending on the luck stat so I could make the stat value jump up with the Gambler and Philanderer jobs.

I might get a luck stat increase skill if I increase the Gambler job level further so that was a task for the future.


Magic Blacksmithing: Production-type skill 【Magic Blacksmith Lv2】

The ability to create magical equipment according to recipes.

Able to use in conjunction with Blacksmith skills.


A skill to create magical gear such as magic swords or magic armor. I could probably make something similar to my Aklapios staff.


Blacksmith Fusion: Production-type skill 【Magic Blacksmith Lv10】

The ability to create completely different magic equipment by using two types of recipes.

Recipes that can be made will be displayed in the recipe list.


When I checked my available recipes, there was a list of fusion recipes. The number was even larger than my regular recipes. I don’t believe all combinations are possible though.


Quick Pen: Production-type skill 【Magic Journalist Lv10】

Increases the speed of talisman creation. In addition, writing speed in daily life is increased as well.

Speed varies depending on skill level.


That skill would be golden for novelists and those who write for a living.

Ah, but lately the novelists write using their computers and not pens so having that skill would not mean anything.


Copy: Production-type skill 【Magic Journalist Lv20】

Create the same talisman as the talisman in front of the user’s eyes.

But the skill will fail when the Talisman Creation skill level is insufficient.


This is Talisman Counterfeit? No, it has the proper talisman function so it’s not a counterfeit but will probably be treated as a true object.


Two sides of the same coin: Production-type skill 【Magic Journalist Lv30】

The ability to write words on both sides of the talisman. The effect of the talisman will change depending on the combination of the words written. But the words must not be repeated.


That was a slightly interesting skill.

It was probably similar to the Magic Fusion that I normally use.

By writing the effect of fire attack on the front and the effect of wind attack on the back, it will make a talisman with stronger firepower ― probably.

My recipe list also grew with all sorts of entries.

Among the Magic Journalist recipes was the long-awaited recipe to create the talisman for setting a party ― there was one for party management too so I can use that.

Well, I would need time to verify the skill but the show was just starting.

I’ll create Haru’s equipment now.

While we were in the dungeon, the Adamantine Turtles had molted.

The shell would break into four when shedding ― I have no idea why Adamantine, something infinitely stronger than steel, will break when molting and it can be counted as one of the mysteries of life ― I’ll leave one for Sheena No.3’s repairs so I could freely use the remaining three.

And so I prepared my work in the work shed.

First, the main material for Haru’s weapon will be Adamantine, which is non-negotiable.

Next would be the sword hilt. It will have to be wood but the main wood source in My World was oak. In the past, Doxco mentioned that oak was not a suitable material for a sword hilt. That’s where I thought of the skill to change materials.

The skill to transform some type of blacksmithing materials.

I could test if I can transform wood with that and change the material for the hilt into metal or monster bones. I discussed with Pionia and,

“I recommend the cartilage of the ancient dragon.”

She replied.


That part which will be delicious when fried with batter?

That will work?

I thought to myself but Pionia went on to explain that dragon cartilage was stronger and more flexible than metal and was larger, making it the ideal material for a hilt.

It was in instances like these that Earth’s common knowledge did not apply.

Incidentally, I will let Carol appraise the final magic sword and remake it depending on the outcome.


“Sorry about this, Carol probably wants to rest.”

“No, master applied Stamina Heal so Carol is not tired at all.”

“Yes, I am not tired either.”


They were instead rather motivated.

Stamina Heal, the effect seemed mediocre but since a skill with similar effects does not exist, I might use it more frequently than Clean or Home Return.

And thus I began work.

I prepared an anvil and a hammer.

But I didn’t plan to jump right into crafting Haru’s dagger.


“Hammer recipe open.”

I checked the hammer recipe.

There it is, Adamantine Hammer.

The materials needed were Adamantine and wood but I swapped the wood for dragon cartilage.

Then, I started making the hammer using my steel hammer.

I performed Fighting Spirit Injection and swung the steel hammer down on Adamantine.


( ― What fearsome repulsive force!?)


Adamantine. It was not a lie to call it the legendary metal.

It was completely different from steel or tamahagane.

I felt as though all the strength I put into it was being pushed back.

Furthermore, was that dragon’s aura I felt from the cartilage?

Even though it was for a split second and it was just a cartilage portion, sensing the power of the dragon, known as the strongest race, was not a trifling matter.

Although I could complete weapons in a single go, the item in front of me was still unfinished.

But ― I was not defeated either.


“One more time!”


I swung down hard once more.

At the same time ― I activated the skill Random.

After doing that, the Adamantine mass joined with the dragon cartilage and turned into a hammer that was glowing black.


“Carol, please Appraise this.”


This was done using normal Blacksmithing but I activated the spell Random so it should be treated as a magic item. So Carol’s appraisal should work as well.


” …… ”


“Ye-yes! Sorry.”


Perhaps she was overwhelmed by my blacksmithing but Carol pulled herself back from her daze and used appraisal.

The result was ―


“I have appraised it! It is a magic hammer.”

“It’s effect!?”

“The weapons created using this hammer ―”


Oh, isn’t that a blacksmithing effect?

That’s a stroke of good luck.


“All the weapon will turn into the shape of a cat’s paw.”



I don’t need cat equip!

In fact, if it is for Haru the equipment shouldn’t be cat paw but dog paw.

And so I finished the second Remake.

The appraisal result was ―


“The armor created by this hammer will be invisible to all fools.”

“Is this the Emperor’s New Clothes!?”


But having an armor only I could see would not be so bad. In fact, armor is usually worn above clothing so I won’t be naked either. But, well, Remake.

This was the last chance.

If this fails, I won’t have a chance to Remake it anymore.

I could have just finished it without using Random but a man shouldn’t take the coward’s path.


“Let’s go, this is the end!”


My MP was almost depleted by Fighting Spirit Injection but I swung down with the last of my strength.

The result was 【MP x Kilogram】 (Maximum 100 Kilogram), a hammer that can temporarily increase in weight by spending MP. A hammer with an effect that seemed easy to utilize.

I’ll name it 【Lucky Hammer】.

It didn’t actually raise my luck or was a particularly rare effect.

But I was about to create Haru’s weapon so it was a name with the hope for a good effect on her weapon.


“Ichino-sama, here, mana potion.”

“Ah, thank you.”


I accepted the mana potion from Carol and finished three at once.

Then, I raised Lucky Hammer.


” … It’s easy to hold ― and this is certainly a good hammer.”


I swung the hammer down to test.

When it struck, it bent in a good way to absorb the shock that would go to me.

That would probably help to minimize the burden on the body.


“Carol, do you have any more mana potions?”


My MP had only recovered to about 70%.

Considering the effect of Lucky Hammer and Remake, I would prefer to have my MP full.


“In that case, Ichino-sama, use Carol’s MP.”

“Carol’s MP.”

“After leveling up as the Succubus Queen, I received the skill Energy Transfer. Using that skill, I am able to transfer MP through mucus membranes.”


Carol said as she used her Captivating Transformation to become adult Carol.


“Ichino-sama might have spent all the energy you received from Stamina Heal in Blacksmithing, Carol only watched so Carol is full to the brim.”

“Wai-wait, Carol ―”


Now was a bad time. Even I still had the effect of Stamina Heal remaining.


“It’s okay, I will retrain myself to kissing today.”


… Was I actually receiving MP?

Well, I confirmed with my status that I was receiving MP but in exchange, I feel that my energy was being sucked away.

It’s probably my imagination that Carol’s skin looked shinier.


“Well then, Ichino-sama. Please continue.

“Ah, yeah.”


Discard all thoughts. Discard all thoughts.

I cleansed my thoughts before repeating my task just now, just that I worked to create a sword this time. This time, I used the magic sword recipe.

By using Emerald, I could grant it the effect of the wind.

Using it together with the Fire Dragon’s Fang would strengthen its effect.

It was similar to a Wind Sword but magic equipment made by Magic Blacksmith did not require magical power. It can be used by Haru as well.


“And finally, Random!”


I released Random with all my wishes channeled into it.

The resulting equipment effect was ―


“The opponent slashed by this sword … will suffer the abnormal status of lewdness.”


My thoughts must have been pulled to the kiss earlier.


Naturally, I used Remake.

The result was a safe effect that granted quicker magical power recovery for the sword.

I inscribed it as ‘Gale Blade’. Perhaps as an effect of the inscription, it evolved into a weapon that would increase speed slightly when equipped.


“Thank you very much, master. Thank you for lending me such a wonderful sword.”


Haru looked at Gale Blade and seemed overjoyed.


“No, I am not lending it, that belongs to Haru.”

“What belongs to me belongs to master after all.”


… In other words, it would be the same if I lent it to Haru or gave it to her as a present?

And since Guardian Sword has completed its duty, I asked to safe keep it in my item bag but Haru asked to hold onto it.

Rather than use it like some three-blade style pirate swordsman, she probably plans to use them flexibly depending on the battlefield.


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GC V9C326


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