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GC V9C326

(326) The dragon core was all that remained

Translator: Tseirp


Incidentally, as for the proper way of obtaining Nectar, there will be a set probability of obtaining it after clearing a dungeon managed by her (but must be intermediate rank and above). The probability varies depending on the luck stat but even at its highest, it was still less than 1 in 10,000. I’m truly glad that I obtained it the way I did.

I took the chance to ask Minerva-sama regarding the Philosopher’s Stone and Dragon Core.

The Goddesses apparently do not have a Philosopher’s Stone. But Libra-sama might have the recipe to it. However, recipes acquired as a dungeon clear bonus by clearing Libra-sama’s dungeon can never be acquired through any other means. She mentioned that I wouldn’t be able to get it even if I asked her personally.

By the way, the chance of acquiring the recipe was even lower than that of acquiring Nectar. As expected, it would be more realistic to find Daijiro-san.

Also, I recall Neete mentioning in the past that Goddesses are prohibited from bestowing personal gifts.

I actually did consider asking if I could have it but I guess I won’t do that.

I’ll put her in an embarrassing position when she has to say that she can’t give it to me because it is forbidden.

This time I obtained the Nectar so all that remained was the Dragon Core.

I will have all the ingredients for a Philosopher’s Stone once I have that.

Although I have to travel to the Eastern Continent to acquire the Dragon Core, if I found Daijiro-san, I could easily travel to the other continents by asking her to let me ride the flying ship. Or rather, once I find Miri, this might all be done in a jiffy.

“Master, can I have a moment?”

“What is it?”

“I was thinking of making Sheena No.3’s exterior.”


I didn’t really understand but it seemed necessary for Sheena No.3 so I followed Pionia.

She brought me to what seemed to be clay?

There was a large lump of white earth (?) placed there.

“I thought Automata were made of metal?”

“I have determined that Sheena No.3’s skin is made of a special type of resin clay. Master, please hand-cut some clay and round it.”

“All right.”

I did as I was told, portioning a bit of the resin clay and making it into a ball.

It probably weighed about the same as water?

And it was soft.

“Master, please add magical power to that resin clay.”

“Hn? Ah …… “

I channeled magical power into the resin clay as I was asked.

Upon doing so – – I felt the property of the clay change to possess elasticity. The sensation certainly resembled that of skin.

I see, so this was how Sheena No.3’s skin was made.

“Master – – we will prepare Sheena No.3’s foundation here.”

She brought out a robot frame that resembled those human skeletal frames.

She had already constructed it to this stage huh?

“Hey, if we transfer Sheena No.3’s Philosopher’s Stone to this frame, won’t we settle her malfunctions due to parts deterioration?”

“Master, unfortunately this is still incomplete. The essential memory portion is still not complete. Also, the Philosopher Stone has begun deteriorating as well so it is already too late to do so.”

“ … I see.  So what should I do? I will … make the exterior?”

“I want Master to make Sheena No.3’s exterior – – In other words, the flesh portion of the body.”

“Can flesh be made so easily?”

“Affirmative. It is possible if master uses your Counterfeit skill.”

Ah, I see.

The Counterfeit skill will make something look and feel exactly the same as the original.

I imagined Sheena No.3 as I smeared the resin clay onto the skeletal frame. Then, I moved to the finer details. I completed something simple for now. As expected of Counterfeit, hair, eyebrows and even eyelashes were formed from the resin clay. But the color was a little off.

Ahh … that’s right.

I used the Illusion Magic. It was a spell that was not supposed to be used to draw naked females from memory but this time was different.

The ink I magically created colored the resin clay beautifully.

“Will this suffice?”

“It is slightly different from the real Sheena No.3.”

“Cut me some slack for that. I had never looked intently at the real person naked.”

I don’t have to specify which portion of the color is different.

Unlike Counterfeit, Illusion Magic was dependent on my imagination.

… Nevertheless, Counterfeit and Illusion Magic were amazing.

Does that mean that with these, I could make any figurines I liked? I didn’t have any interest in that field but if I sold it in the upcoming Doujinshi event at Mallegory – I might earn quite a sum.

“Pionia. So all you need now is the Philosopher’s Stone?”

“Affirmative but with one correction.”


“After investigating Sheena No.3’s body once again, I determined that, even without the Philosopher’s Stone, it is possible to clear the current issue by making an inferior replacement using the ingredients for the Philosopher’s Stone, Adamantine, Nectar and Dragon Core.”

“In other words, even without the Philosopher’s Stone, if we have the Dragon Core, Sheena won’t breakdown although it will be a downgrade. However, even if we did repair her, won’t the issue still remain in terms of her magical power resupply if she does not remain in a place with miasma?”

“Affirmative. However, I have an ingenious idea regarding that aspect.”

Ingenious idea?

Pionia was probably thinking of something that I won’t understand.

“All right – – I’ll trust you.”

As long as I obtain the Dragon Core.

It will be a lot easier once I clear that.

Now the issue was how do I reach the Eastern Continent?

Are there no conveniently dropped ancient military transfer device?


According to Carol, the proper way to travel to the Eastern Continent was to take a boat from the eastern end of this continent. And Carol did not know of any ancient military transfer devices.

A pity.


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GC V9C325


Update 13 Feb 2020


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